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Without further ado here's the second chapter of "Marriage"

I wake up in Cato's arms, in our bed and I actually smile. Last night was...magical...and awkward but come on I barely know the guy give me some slack! My eyes start to flutter closed again when I feel him shift besides me

"Morning" he breathes into my neck

"morning" I reply snuggling up next to him

"morning" a new voice pitches in. My eyes are now wide open as I scramble to get into the sitting position pulling the covers closer to me to hide myself from the intruder. Cato seems more concerned with me being covered than himself and also seems to be furious.

"Marvel get the hell out!" This Marvel is sitting on the end of the bed modeling an all-knowing smile as his eyes scan the pieces of clothing strewn across the floor.

"Oh please, if I see something I haven't seen before I'll through a quid at it" (sorry taken from TVD but I love that line)

"Wait, Marvel? As in Marvel Bowman?" Both men turn to stare at me

"Has my reputation reached the dizzy heights of District 12 then?" Cato gives him a death glare and he shuts up

"I met Clara on the train yesterday, you're her husband right?" His eyes brighten at the sound of her name obviously her kind nature has effected him in more ways than one.

"Yes, she didn't mention that she had made a friend"

"I'm sorry, let me introduce you two properly. Katniss, this is my soon to be dead best friend, Marvel this is my wife Katniss who I didn't get the chance to warn about your habit of treating my house as your home"

"Very nice to meet you Katniss" he ignores Cato's remarks and politely nods at me

"Anyway, I'll let you two get dressed and I'll see you at the market later?"

"Ah, yeah! I forgot, we'll be there" I give Cato a questioning look as Marvel retreats out of our bedroom

"Oh, because it's the day after all the weddings every newly wed couple is invited to attend this big festival thing in the market - it's always fun every year and the couples get given so much stuff for free just because they're married!"

"Sounds fun, what time is it?" He looks at his fancy clock and replies

"It's 10am now and it starts at 12 so I think we have some time to stay in bed before I really need to get in the shower" He winks at me and I giggle.

Cato is in the shower and I decide that as I'm already dressed in my last clean pair of underwear and only dress I should first put some washing on in case clothes are not included in the free goodies we are to receive today and start cooking some breakfast.

I've been providing, cooking and caring for my family for years now so how hard can one husband be compared to a statue of a mother and a little sister who you can't refuse food to? Very hard. That's how much.

I enter the kitchen and realize that he has an electric cooker which I have only heard about but never actually used - within five minutes there's a fire going and I'm quite proud of myself until a loud ringing shakes the entire house.

Cato comes crashing down the stairs dripping wet and not even attempting to cover up as he pulls me away from the cooker and grabs a big red thing off the wall producing a big cloud of white smoke covering the flames and putting them out. Well that was mean.

"Kat? Are you OK? What happened?" his eyes are frantically searching my body to see if I'm hurt but I daren't search his realizing he's completely naked.

"I thought I'd cook some breakfast and you put out my fire" I shrug not knowing why he did that. He chuckles which only makes me more confused and when I look up he's pulling me into his arms.

"Kat, you don't have to light a fire to cook breakfast, it's an electric cooker" he brings me back over to it and shows me how to work it without - and I quote - 'trying to burn the house down' I rescue the scorched meat and almost cry knowing how rare this breakfast would be back home even in this state it would still be eaten gratefully.

"How about we just eat out this morning huh? A special treat" he can see the thoughts as they run past my eyes - I know he can because I see his "Now you're with me I will do my absolute best to ensure that you want for nothing ever again. I promise." I sigh "I don't need anything else as long as I have you" he kisses my head and I smile absent mindedly as he goes back upstairs to get dried and dressed. Is this soppy romantic person really Katniss Everdeen? Is she really me?

We are walking hand in hand out of the house and down the path. Cato is telling me about his job as a weapons manager for the district where he works with Marvel who, surprise surprise, is waiting for us by the fountain with Clara. She runs and hugs me upon sight tightening her grip as I wrap my arms around her responding to the hug - even though I do not normally hug people I only met the day before there's something about Clara that tells me she's the type of person who will hug anyone. She pulls back still keeping me in her arms as she looks over to Cato giving me a look obviously intrigued as to our wedding night. I laugh slightly at the awkwardness of it and give her the same look about Marvel. Within seconds we're reduced to giggling schoolgirls as our new husbands stare at us as if we're insane not understanding the female mind and our newly found friendship. We just laugh louder.

"Well, Kat and I were just going to go out for you want to join us?"

It's now 11:30 and we're in a little cafe just opposite the market sipping cups of coffee and eating huge fancy breakfasts which make both Clara and I feel slightly woozy after having practically nothing to eat all our lives and then stuffing our faces. Marvel seems nicer now than he was this morning and Clara made sure to tell him off for barging in on us. At 11:50 we make our way out into the market where we are instantly ambushed by residents of district 2 piling our arms with free gifts. None of which I notice are clothes. After ten minutes of bombardment the festival officially opens with flashing lights and smoke and loud speakers and crowds of people barging through the place to get to the stalls giving out free stuff. My arms are already stuffed to the maximum with freebies which I haven't even had the chance to look at just then Cato turns to me wraps an arm around me and gently whispers "here babe let me take those, you look a bit overwhelmed" I smile and allow him to release me of the heavy bags before re-wrapping his arm around my waist for everyone to see. After about twenty minutes of touring the market square I'm absolutely shattered - happy but still. Clara and I have managed to acquire some new outfits to keep us going before we next go shopping and she even managed to pick up some underwear but I'm not very good at intimate things like that so I just left the underwear stall and headed for the jackets. We see a little cafe on the edge and make our way there to dump the stuff, Cato and Marvel talk to this guy for about a minute before returning "Our mate Will says he'll watch our stuff for a while" I smile over at Will and he gives me a nod. Music flares up from the speakers and Cato asks me to dance, I of course say yes and let him pull me a little away from the tables to dance. I'm not very good but he leads me so I just follow him. When we return Clara winks at me and I don't understand until she turns to Marvel "Marvel?" Clara asks with a mischievous gleam in her eyes "Yes love?" "Well, Katniss didn't manage to pick up any underwear when we were at the shop why don't we leave her and Cato alone to pick some out" it's more of a statement rather than a question as before Marvel can answer she's dragging him away giving me a look telling me to have at it. Fun...

I've never experienced something so embarrassing in all my life - the man I'm now married to, the man I lost my vaginity to, the man who is still such a mystery to me took my to buy some underwear. Clara is seriously gonna pay for this one.

"Can she try on your most expensive, sexiest and most see-through set of underwear you have please?" Cato asked the assistant "Really, I'm find just buying the simple white set we looked at" he looked down at me with a smirk "I'll have nothing but the best for my wife" I smirked back at him "I'll live day by day without any underwear on if you continue like this" his smirk grows "fine by me" he starts leaning down when the shop assistant coughs impatiently "we'll take both of them please" I cross my arms and reluctantly accept the underwear to take into the changing room. Cato follows. Wait what? "Eh you can't come in with me!" his smirk looks permanent now "Well, I need to see what they look like don't I?" "No" I give him a quick peck on the lips before turning and going into the changing rooms.

A few minutes later I come out to see Cato impatiently tapping his foot by the counter as the assistant shamelessly flirts with him stroking his arm lightly. Something snaps inside me, something that I've never felt before now inhabits my entire body taking control of it. I storm over and wrap my arm protectively around him yanking him slightly away from the girl making sure she's not touching him, then I pull him down to me and kiss him passionately. Once we've left the shop and I've shot that girl a dirty look he asks me "care to explain?" I decide to play dumb "explain what?" he stops us "Katniss, you're my wife now and I need to be honest with you, ever since you got here I know you've been trying to show love for me but I also know that it's hard for you to show affection, I don't know why but when you feel more secure with me I hope you'll tell me but right now I need to know what on Earth was that kiss about in there? Not that I'm complaining" I sigh then look up into his eyes "You know me too well you know. I think I was angry at that slutty assistant for flirting with you" he smirks...again "so you were jealous" I smirk...again "no..." he tilts my chin up and kisses me lightly but before we can really get into it his leg starts vibrating and he pulls back, drags a little black rectangle out from his pocket "um ok?" he smiles at my confused look before pressing his thumb against it and holding it to his ear talking into it as we walk to the cafe where our stuff is. Once we arrive I go to get the stuff and when I return Cato is waiting for me, he sighs "I have to go into work today, there's an emergency that I have to deal with. Do you want me to walk you home?" I smile sadly "no, you're alright I remember the way, have a good day at work sweetie" I say with a cute smile using the stereotypical wife line making him smile.

I walk home after a hard day's shopping and struggle to unlock the door then, I walk into the hallway and drop down all the bags. I smile at the thought of surprising Cato with a dinner - I might set fire to the place...again. :D

"Cato! Is that you?" someone's here. I follow the voice to the lounge and find a semi-naked girl standing hands on hips facing me "who are you?" I stare at her, she seems offended at my presence. "I'm Katniss. Cato's wife. Who are you?" "I'm Clove. Cato's girlfriend"

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