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The Last Weekend: Epilogue

-((7 Years Later))-

In a small jazz restaurant in Sekai: Indoor Waterpark and Resort at three in the afternoon, a man in a blue t-shirt and shorts sat alone at the bar, nursing a brandy. His unruly silver hair covered his eyes as he twirled a silver ring between his fingers, expression blank.

The bartender stepped over to him, asking him if he wanted another. "Rough day?" he couldn't help but ask.

Riku gave him a rueful smile as he accepted another drink. "You could say that," he replied with a small grin. The bartender didn't realize, busy as he usually was, but every year Riku came to this bar around this time. And every year, the bartender asked him the same question.

Must be something in my expression, Riku thought, his smile slightly bitter as he took a sip of his drink. He turned in his chair, looking at the currently-empty restaurant and dance floor. How many years has it been now? Riku wondered, doing the math. "Seven years…" Riku murmured, eyes lingering on the dance floor. If he stared long enough, he could almost see two shadowy figures swaying in time to slow jazz music. The longer he stared, the clearer the picture became; he could almost make out a handsome young man in a white shirt and blue tie, a blue sparkle in his eyes—

"Seven years?" the bartender prompted, and Riku blinked. The pair of dancers were gone, and he was alone in the restaurant. He hadn't realized he'd spoken aloud.

"You'll have to excuse me," Riku said as he downed his drink, "I'm just feeling a bit nostalgic." He stood, taking one last look around the restaurant before walking back out into the hall. He paused at a huge floor-to-ceiling bay window that let in the dazzling sunlight from outside. He held his left hand out in front of him, and his ring glimmered in the afternoon sunlight.

"Daddy, Daddy!" Riku suddenly heard, and he turned abruptly to see a little girl no older than four years old run down the hall…

He watched as the little girl squealed in delight as she was hefted into her father's arms. As he scooped her up, rapidly spinning her through the air, Riku turned quickly away from the laughing pair, walking rapidly down the hall, unspoken emotions brimming in his eyes.

Seven years…Riku thought again as he threw open the door to the waterpark area. Seven years since we shared that dream…Since he had that dream… Riku walked through the park, towards a tiny drink bar near the wave pool and the lazy river. He approached a small group of lawn chairs next to the bar. All those dreams, and now—

"Riku!" A scolding voice cried out, and Riku winced as he turned, cautiously making eye contact with an angry and soaked blue-eyed brunette that was emerging from the wave pool, a squirming green-eyed toddler in tow.

"I think my dream's just turned into a nightmare," he muttered to himself as Sora met him by the chair holding their stuff, eyes sparking.

"You said you'd only be gone ten minutes!" Sora accused as he collapsed, exhausted, onto the chair, firmly holding the toddler in his lap. "It's been a half hour! Do you know how hard it is to keep up with this little monster alone in a waterpark for a whole half hour?" Sora continued, and said 'monster' tilted her big green eyes up at her father, a huge smile on her face.

"Daddy!" she squealed, reaching up to try and give him a kiss. Sora reached down and blew a raspberry on her belly, sending her into a fit of giggles before he resumed glaring at his husband.

"I'm sorry," Riku said immediately, removing his t-shirt before reaching out for their daughter. "I just get terribly nostalgic here, and I kinda lost track of time…" he held the squirming girl close to him; she already wanted to go back in the water. Seeing that Sora wasn't placated in the slightest, Riku decided to try a different tactic. "It doesn't help that I'm pretty tired already; I didn't sleep a lot last night for some reason," he said with a wink.

Sora blushed hotly but was unamused. "That's funny, I didn't sleep that much either, but I was still here alone," he replied with a small pout.

"I really am sorry," Riku reiterated, leaning down to kiss Sora tenderly on the lips. "Every year that we come here, this place reminds me even more of how lucky I am to have you," he murmured before kissing him again, "and that I love you so much."

Riku straightened, making faces at their little girl, and the anger in Sora's eyes died immediately. "Riku…"

"I'll take her over to the play area; you stay here and rest," he said as he turned towards the water.

"I'm lucky too!" Sora suddenly blurted out after him. Riku turned around slightly, eyebrow raised.

"Every day I thank my lucky stars that I can be here with you," he explained, standing up and stepping closer to the pair. "That I can hold you, touch you…raise a child with you…kiss you…" Sora fondly rubbed their daughter's shining blonde hair before kissing Riku on the nose. "If anything, this place reminds me that I should continue to live life to the fullest, right by your side." He grabbed Riku's free hand, pulling the two towards the water. "Let's have some fun!"

"But I thought you were tired?" Riku protested.

"Suddenly, I feel more energized than before," he said as they entered the kids watery play area, "I'll probably be like this all day…want to help me work off the excess energy later?" he asked with a wink.

Riku smiled deviously. "I think that can be arranged," he said, "you mmf-!" Sora suddenly sent a jet of water from a toy water rocket straight into Riku's face. Their little girl squealed in laughter.

"Or, you could help me right now by being the target," Sora reasoned, hitting him in the face again.

"Why, you-!" Riku said in mock anger, and the three engaged in watery combat for the rest of the afternoon.

-((The End!))-

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