This is a new fic came to me because i like RtN Hinata and Canon Hinata with Naruto. Hanabi will be the same age as her sisters, RtN Hinata and Canon Hinata are twins, C hinata came out 5 minutes before RtN Hinata, so C hinata is older by five minutes, Hanabi decided make her way out 3 hours later. making her the youngest of the triplets.

Canon Hinata is of course, 'Hinata'.

RtN Hinata is 'Hina'.

Now the twist in this fic, is that it's in canon universe! but the age time has been change, instead of 8-12[?], it's 10-18, Naruto, Hinata, Hina, and Hanabi are in their last year.

The plot in this fic for the first arc, it's simply, Naruto wants to pass with flying colors and he is doing so, there is only one month left then his goal will be achieved, but Hinata likes him, Hina has an 'interest' in him, Hanabi has a confused crush on Naruto, and they are sitting in class when a certain event make the Hyuuga sisters change their plans.

This is a harem, so there won't be any surprises, i will say this, the Hyuuga sisters will not be the only ones in his harem. They will be the focus tho. And don't worry, i won't overdo it, you'll actually like the girls i will add. but that is after arc 1 of this fic. This first arc starts just 1 month till graduation.

Also, their mother is alive, her name will be Honoka.

LolaTheSa doesn't own naruto.

Let's get to it.

Hinata smiled as she looked at Naruto with a blush, she liked him, that was no secret, everyone knew it, but Naruto. She liked him ever since they started the academy when he had said he would become hokage proudly, of course they laughed at him, even Hinata giggled at him, back then he looked like a scrawny little annoying kid, he wasn't tall, wasn't very attractive, and he couldn't control his chakra, and any jutsu he did would explode in his face, he couldn't throw a kunai or a shuriken even if his life depended on it, he wasn't very good at taijutsu, and did she mention his attire? he wore an neon blue and orange jumpsuit. Even through all those obvious faults, she still knew she liked him the first day!

But that was eight years ago, through the years, Naruto only grew, specifically, their fourth year, coming off their three month long break from school, everyone expected the same things, everyone looked the same, that is until Naruto walked in, Hinata remembered that day as if it happened just a second ago.

-FlashBack Four years ago-

Hinata smiled while she looked around the class, everyone was here, everyone except Naruto, Hinata knitted her eyebrows together, she hoped that nothing was wrong with her Naruto. Last year he was the first in class everyday.

"Pst.. Hinata" Hina whispered to her sister. Hinata looked at Hina, she saw the weird grin on her sisters face, "Looking for someone" she asked with a knowing grin.

Hinata blushed, was it that obvious.

"Don't worry Nata shimai-chan" Hina cued leaning toward her sister with a mischievous grin, Hinata blushed harder, "i am sure your prince will be here" she whispered in her sisters ear.

Hinata blush darkened as she looked at her lap, she hated how her sister knew just where and when to push her buttons.

"Hina-teme stop teasing Hinata Onee-chan" Hanabi commanded with annoyed tone.

Hina frowned as her head snapped back to Hanabi, she glared at her, "What was that" she asked giving her sister her ear.

Hanabi crossed her arms as a bead of sweat ran down her face, she wasn't afraid of her sister, not one bit. "I said leave Hinata-

"I knew i head right" Hina interrupted as she got into Hanabi's face, "Do i have to discipline you again" Hina howled.

Hanabi gulped, she knew making Hina mad mean't pain and embarrassment for her, she loved Hinata but, she remembered when Hina gave her a spanking during class, that was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to her, crying in front of her peers while begging for her sister to stop spanking her was just not right. Remembering that killed any resolve she had telling her she wasn't afraid of her sister. she looked down, "I'm sorry Hina Onee-chan" she mumbled out loud enough for Hina to hear.

Hina smiled, "That a girl" she said as she bent down slightly, "but you are still going to get it when we get home" she whispered to Hanabi then turned back to Hinata completely missing Hanabi's face of sorrow.

Hinata tried not to look at her twin who started leaning toward her with that weird grin again, she prayed for someone to save her from the torture her sister was sure to give her.

As if answering her prayers, the door to the classroom opened.

Everyone grew quiet.

Hinata and Hina both looked at each other, the class which was full of chatter a minute ago grew dead silent in an instant as if Iruka walked in, but that wasn't the case since there was no yelling 'Alright SHUT UP[insert big head jutsu] it's time to start class'. Both of their heads snapped to the front of the class.

Hanabi seeing her sisters look to the front of the class, she decided followed suit.

Hinata seeing who was at the front of the class gasped, her eyes were wide "I-is t-t-t-" she started before fainting her jaw smacking onto the desk, her whole body was hot pink.

Hina also has wide eyes, more like, her eyes were bulging out with hunger, "When did he get so fucking HOT!" she yelled while blood started shooting from her nose making her fly back and hit the wall effectively knocking herself out.

Hanabi couldn't believe her eyes, "Is that Naruto" she asked no in particular, Indeed, the person standing in front of the class was none other then Naruto Uzumaki.

But not the scrawny short and rough looking kid they all knew, no. Instead, there standing in front of them was a tall guy, usually Shino was the tallest, but not now, this guy was 6'0 and easily dwarfed the 5'8 Aburame. The guy has wild and spiky blonde hair, her two bangs coming down to either side of his face, he had stunning blue eyes, his face was thin, rough but attractive, not to mention his skin was tanned which only enhanced his attractiveness.

His attire was almost all the same but it didn't make you cringe when looking at it, he still wore an orange jacket but instead of a blue pattern on the shoulders, it was black, did she mention that it was also opened up revealing a black tinted mesh shirt, if you looked hard enough, you could see through the tint and see his hard and toned abs, Hanabi blushed. He definitely had a nice body, then she looked at his pants, he still had orange pants to match his outfit and black ninja sandals.

So overall, Hanabi definitely liked what she was looking at. When he smiled at the class giving the them his signature toothy grin, which enhanced his hotness, did it for Hanabi as she fainted.

-FlashBack end-

Hinata groaned at the memory, apparently, Naruto hit puberty, and grew to look like the 'kami' he looks like now. But not only did he look hotter, he could control his chakra more, he threw kunai and shurikens as if he practiced it day in and day out 24/7, his precision was always on the mark no matter his effort, he could do more complicated jutsu's that the academy taught, and he could fight, he even went toe to toe with the classes top hand to hand fighters, which was herself, her sisters Hina and Hanabi, Choji, Kiba, and Sasuke. And he could win against each of them easy including herself, except Hina, their fights ended in draws much to Hina's dismay.

But that was four years ago, and he has only grew better looking, and got better with his skills. And with that her attraction only grew. She also grew, she and her sisters were already skilled before entering the academy, mostly in taijutsu, so their development through the academy was fairly easy, but where their development differs from others, girls in general, was in their bodies, Hinata, she had long dark blue hair, she kept it in a hime style on the top despite her hairs length, she was self conscious of her body so she wore an overly large lavender jacket to hide her body, and blue pants that stopped above her calf's, she also wore black female ninja sandals. sadly for her, her jacket really wasn't that large enough to hide the bulge in her chest, but it was only noticeable when she ran or sat down and if a person looked close enough, they would see it.

And that's something Hina disliked her for, her hiding herself, Hina herself kept her hair in a ponytail, she wore lavender lip stick, this made her lips shine, Hinata preferred to not wear make up, Hina attire was skimpy to say the least.

Hina knew she had a nice body and she let it be known by showing it all, she wore a large jacket, same size as Hinata's, but her jacket was black with a tint of lavender splattered on it, but it was as if the jacket had no zipper because she never zipped it up, she wears mesh shirt style bra, it revealed a fair amount of her bust, but unlike Naruto's mesh shirt, you couldn't see through it no matter how hard you looked, and since she had a D cup chest size, it grew her a lot of attention from men and some women, and the fact she has curves draws even more attention, but if you ever were to take your eyes off her chest you would be immediately met with her long milky legs, and the black short shorts she wore really mesmerized people[mostly men], she also wore a lavender belt, but if she wore to catch you looking down there, you would be in a world of pain, Hina had no problem with a guy ogling her chest, but eyes were to stay above the waist, she was backwards like that.

Hina always tells Hinata that she should wear less baggy clothing, Hina also tells her twin from time to time how she envies her hourglass figure, but then that would lead to more complaining about how she didn't like that she hid herself behind baggy clothes, she also holds the fact that her breast are larger over Hinata's head, but that is something Hinata doesn't even care about, she doesn't want her breast bigger then they already are which is very large c cups. Hina wore regular black sandals, they were tight fitted like ninja sandals. she also had her Fingernails and toenails polished lavender.

Hinata looked at her twin, she knew Hina also had something for Naruto, Hinata wasn't really surprised, Naruto was the only guy she knew that didn't look at her twins chest every time they talked, and he also could fight her hand to hand, Hina was known for her abilities in taijutsu and was called a prodigy, even when she activated her bakugan to beat Naruto, he still was able to go toe to toe with her. Hinata didn't know just when her twin started to like Naruto, but she could see why and wasn't mad.

Her eyes then went to Hanabi, unlike her two sisters, her body was less develops, she was smaller, petite even, her chest are large b cups, she disliked that they were so small[to her], because she lived with Hinata and Hina, she had to look at their over sized chests everyday, had to listen to Hinata complain about her large chest and listen to Hina tease Hinata about her chest being bigger and hear her talk about How many men and even women she got to stare/ogle at her melons almost EVERYDAY! unlike them her hair wasn't dark blue, her eyes weren't lavender, it was horribly obvious she took after their father. She stuck to wearing a black sleeveless tight v neck shirt, the 'v' of the shirt stopped at where her breast began revealing a small amount of her bust line, she also wore tight black shorts, they stopped just above her kneecaps, she wore black ninja boots that reach just under her kneecaps, it has protective padding added to it and extended to cover her kneecaps.

Hinata knew her little sister had a crush on Naruto too, well the only reason she knew was because of Hina, her twin would tease their about it, she didn't know why Hanabi liked Naruto because the girl didn't talk to Naruto, and when she caught her looking at Naruto, she was glaring most of the time at him, so that brought her to conclusion that Hanabi herself didn't know why she was attracted to Naruto.

Her Relationship with Naruto was a steady friendship, and he had no idea that she was attracted to him in a non friendly way, and he didn't know any of her sisters were attracted to him either.

Hinata sighed as she set back into her chair, she looked at Naruto and smiled, maybe once they graduated and hopefully put on the same team, she would make her move.

Hina frowned as she looked at her twin, she growled as she followed to where she was looking at, she growled again once she saw Naruto, then blushed, then frowned, why oh why did she have to be attracted to the same person as her freaking sisters, deep down in her mind, she heard a voice say, 'you know why', she growled at the voice, 'SHUT UP' she told it aggressively, then unwilling images of Naruto going toe to toe with her in their spars with her bakugan activated and the many times he has been nice to her despite her coldness to him started to pop through her mind, she felt herself grow wet, he was the only man she knew that could handle her without being completely enraged and yelling insults to get back at her for being a 'bitch', Naruto, he just kept being nice to her no matter what she said or did, and the fact he never once peeked at anywhere below her face only added more to her attraction, and the fact he was hot didn't hurt either.

As much as she loved her sisters(she would never admit it out loud), she just couldn't give up Naruto without a fight, she finally sent a small smile Naruto's way, she never smiled for anyone, she grinned with mischief, and gave teasing seductive smiles, but she has never gave a smile with no ill intent or motive. Maybe she'd make her move after graduation.

Hanabi was already glaring at Naruto, she never knew why she was attracted to him, before the dreaded 'Fourth year', he was annoying, not very attractive, scrawny and wore clothes that hurt your eyes when you looked at him, but then he just had to walk in looking brand new, he came back as a really calm and quiet guy, but he still held that never give up attitude and from time to time would speak out loud and proclaim 'he'll be hokage', but instead of laughs, it was met with blushes from the girls and raised eyebrows from most of the boys. He still wore an orange jumpsuit but this time he kept the jacket unzipped revealing a freaking see through mesh shirt showing off his hard alluring abs! Hanabi groaned at the memory, she then smiled, maybe she liked his new looks, she knew it was a shallow reason to like a guy because of his looks, it could be more reasons then his looks but she didn't know.

Only thing she knew was that she liked the baka! and she would confront him with these feelings, maybe after graduations.

"Um Naruto kun" a brown haired girl asked.

Naruto gave the girl a sideways look as he lifted his head from his desk, "Yes~" he cued out calmly.

"I-i know this is sudden Naruto kun" she started as she looked at him with determined eyes now, "but i want you to know that i like you and would like to know if you would go out with me" she asked sweetly thinking he would accept.

Naruto froze, he wasn't expecting to be asked out.

"AHHH NO WAY AMI YOU KNOW WE LIKED HIM FIRST" a white haired fan girl yelled as she led her fellow fan girls and tackled the poor girl.

Naruto's eyes went wide, then he sighed with relief that he didn't have to answer the girl, their heartbroken faces wasn't what he wanted to see, and besides, he already has confused feelings as it is.

"NARU SAMA GO OUT WITH ME PLEASE" a green haired girl yelled out as she struggled to get away from the pile of tussling girls, but she was pulled back in as soon as the other girls heard what she said, other girls also tired to talk to Naruto but were to no avail since the girls kept pulling them and stopping them from talking.

Hinata's smile was frozen on her face as her right eye twitched at what she was seeing.

Hina was still smiling as she looked at the girls fighting over Naruto, but her mood was given away when her bakugan slowly activated on it's on, the veins bulging with anger.

Hanabi's smile twitched with unknown fury as she watched the Naruto 'fan girls' fight over him.

Maybe the 'after graduation' plan wasn't going to work after all.

So how was it?! good, terrific, terrible? ok... horrible... just stop?

And for the personalities.

Honoka's personality is like RtN Hinata's but tamer.

We all know how Hiashi is.

Hinata's personality is mixed with her mothers when she is older and her fathers when he was young. I believe Hiashi was shy when he was young and Hinata's mother slapped it out of him and that's why he is how he is today. Of course Honoka got kinder with time.

Hina's personality is her mothers when she was younger.

Hanabi's Personality is her fathers when he is the head of the Hyuuga clan.

Of course if you don't believe that after having triplets, they would stop having kids, i totally agree! Hinata and her sisters do have 1 younger brother and 3 younger sisters, yes Hiashi can't make a boy, at least he made one. The brother is 10, the 1st younger sister is 12, the second is 8, and the last sister is 5.

and before you go all crazy on me like why did they have so many kids, well, they were the age of Minato and he was in his twenties... in case of this fic, i am making Minato 25.. and so that should tell ya that the others in generation were also twenty five, so that would make Hiashi and Honoka twenty five, so right now, they are forty-three.. so Honoka could have at least one more kid with her age right now.

And to answer your question as to why so many, hiashi wants boys! and honoka is family orientated!

And i swear, this seems like a lot now, but it only get better! and Naruto didn't all of a sudden skilled and better looking when he was 14.. there is actually a interesting story behind that. Keep reading and you will find out what happened.

So feedback on this chapter is really wanted, let me know if i should continue or not!

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