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Hinata was confused as she left the hospital. One minute she was about to get ready to take a nap for the evening, then all of a sudden anbu are demanding her and Hanabi to the... hospital. The hospital of all places. And then, to her and Hanabi's surprise, their parents allowed them to come and get take them there. If you knew Honoka and Hiashi Hyuuga, you knew they were strict parents, not the type of parents to let their daughters go with any ninja not allied to the Hyuuga clan without a convoy to back them.

When they did get to the darn hospital, they learned from the Hokage, the Hokage of all people, the freaking HOKAGE! that Hina got into a fight with Naruto and... lost... badly.

They were angry, livid, furious. You name it. Why? First, they were mad at Naruto mostly.. Then Hinata being more rational knew their sister wasn't an Innocent princess.. That took a little rage off..

But then the Hokage explained that Naruto lost control.


"Huh Hokage sama, you mean like he did at school, is that connected to what happened to Hina!" Hanabi exclaimed, trying to figure this out, she knew her Naruto wouldn't just go off and beat up anyone, especially Hina.

The third's eyebrows furrowed dangerously. "What happened at school." He asked coldly, this was bad. Hadn't even thought that it had happened before, this was very bad.

Hinata swallowed hard, the Hokage's voice and hard eyes unsettling her. Thankfully Hanabi answered, she is used to dealing with their father. "Um Naruto eyes grew red eyes in class and he had this power over us I can't even begin to explain but that is only the small part. The thing that freaks me and my sisters out was that we were the only ones that remembered" She said looking at the Hokage for any extra info he was going to give.

Sarutobi's eyes were wide. "FUCK" He growled as he looked to the wall going into deep thought. 'That's bad... so.. so bad' He roared in his mind... 'I'm just to old for this.. to old'

Hinata and Hanabi looked at each other, the experienced kage was acting odd.

The Hokage finally spoke after several minutes. "This won't sound good but I need you to listen, Hina already knows this." He said gravely.

They nodded sealing their lips. He sighed, he hoped their reaction would be less... weird? Then Hina's was, he couldn't tell if that girl had been angry or... very pleased to hear it. "I don't know much but sadly you girls have to know what little I do know. Naruto" He gulped before continuing. "Naruto has a part of him sealed away, this part of him is wild and dangerous. It's like an animal, an extremely hormonal animal. This animal inside Naruto is his other half as I have said, the other half you have already faced apparently and the half that Hina had to fight alone. We saved her from the fate she was going to have" He said then looked at the two hyuuga sisters with a serious eye, pausing for a second thinking of how to say the next part.

Hinata nodded, giving her sister a quick look. Hanabi just looked on.

The third cleared his throat as he begun to speak again. "It is, however, not going to save you three from the fate you must have, all three of you hold an attraction for Naruto Uzumaki and I must ask you when the time comes that you willingly accept this fate. I know this is unfair but it will get better, if you accept it, Naruto will merge with his other half and become one entity" He finished, this was the same exact thing he told Hina. Of course he left some things out, but they didn't need to know that... not now at least. This was all he knew, and all he was willing to reveal, what? He liked having something people didn't know, no matter how small or big. He only knew of the fact Naruto has other half sealed away and that the other half is dangerous, especially to the female population. And the merging. To Hinata, that is all he appeared to know.

Hinata sighed, so that explains it. She still had many questions but if this was all the old hokage knew, she shouldn't push. She even liked the idea, if Naruto was ok with it... her Naruto.. not the one that put her sister in the Hospital.

Hanabi was looking at her lap. But an thought ran to her mind. "Ok hokage sama, i accept that but how does that explain how Naruto grew to look like that and that still doesn't explained what exactly happened in class!" She said abruptly, she wanted to know how he 'lost control' in class, plus the things he did and what exactly caused his extreme change in looks.

Hiruzen shook his head, "I do not how Naruto changed into the boy we know now" He said giving them a sad look. There was still so much he did not know. "As for the class, I do not know. I am not aware of his other half's powers" He finished with a heavy sigh. Was it wrong for him to want to die now, cause he had the feeling things were just getting started.

Hanabi nodded stiffly.

"I suppose you girls want to see your sister correct."

Flashback end

So here they were staring at their sister as she stared at them.

Hina cleared her throat, "So i guess the old guy told you about Naruto and all that other shit" She said putting her heads behind her head getting more relaxed in her position.

"Yes Hina" Hanabi said with a sigh. "I don't know about this but I also didn't really follow the Hokage." She finished and started pacing, the Hokage seems as knowledgeable in the subject of Naruto as they are at the moment.

Hinata looked at Hina who was looking down at her lap. She obviously had something on her mind, Hinata decided to ask a question that has been nagging her. "Hina please tell us what fate the Hokage was talking about" Hinata asked softly.

Hina gulped, fuck, why did she have to explain this shit. Hina looked at her twin. "Fine" She said firmly which made Hanabi stop pacing and look at her. "What the old fart was talking about is that we should just fuck Naruto or that... that other half of his will have at us anyway!" She groaned out and leaned back down. Her ribs started hurting again.

Hinata and Hanabi gasped. The shock on their faces would have made Hina laugh if it didn't cause her fucking pain. She looked at her sisters. "Me personally, don't care, I am attracted to both sides, what can I say. I like it sweet and hard sometimes and that other half was fucking hotter if that's even possible" She finished with a shudder remembering the 'other half' of Naruto, fuck, was she a masochist? Most likely.

Hinata nodded at her sisters Honesty. She would much rather have the Naruto she knew, not the one who harmed her sister. A rational thoughT came to mind, that maybe Hina provoked the wild side of Naruto more then originally thought. Hina isn't an innocent person in this situation, not by a long shot. But still, he put her in a hospital bed, was her sister crazy to want his other half, she wouldn't know till she met 'it' herself... she really hopes she doesn't.

Hanabi just looked at her sister. She, herself, didn't want a fucker who beat her then gave it to her rough, was her sister crazy? 'Well... this was Hyuuga Hina here, she's probably into that sadist bullshit' Hanabi thought as she snorted loudly.

Hinata looked at Hanabi who did the same, then they both looked at Hina who was red in the face and had her eyes closed with a blissful smile on her face. Wasn't hard to guess what she had on her mind.

Their sister was a masochist or something along those lines.

Naruto was sitting up in the hospital bed.

He looked out the window to get a view of nice blue sky. "If this is going to happen." He said as the Hokage stepped in, the man instantly gave Naruto his attention. "If this is going to happen" He repeated and looked at Sarutobi. "It happens on my terms, i am not just going to sleep with them and be done with it" Naruto said seriously. He had his own morals, his 'other self' can be damned.


"Did you know they actually will become my Mates when I bed them" Naruto asked.

Sarutobi nodded. That was what he didn't tell them, one of the things he didn't at least.

"Of course you did, did you tell them that" Naruto asked now looking back out of the window. He already knew his answer as he sighed.

"No" Sarutobi answered.

Naruto huffed, of course he didn't. "But they do know they will be with me, have they accepted it. It will be good to know that I will have girls i like be my mates." He asked.

"Yes they know but I do not know if they accepted it yet." The Hokage answered.

Naruto nodded. He thought he had control just hours ago then everything went to hell. He was going to fight this for as long as he could but... today proved to be a demoralizer to that resolve.

"Naruto there's something you must know" Hiruzen said seriously getting Naruto's attention. "Tomorrow the jinchurriki of Taki will be here and I must ask you look after her" He said quickly. He knew he was putting more problems in the young adult's bowl but these situations seemed unavoidable.


Naruto nodded, he could handle that, he didn't want to kill Sarutobi right now. It wasn't like he had a half of him that could get control anytime it needed now, not like it would go on a raping frenzy or anything. No not at all. Naruto sighed, he just hoped this Jinchurriki was ugly, unattractive, and didn't peak his wilds sides interest at all!

Deep in his mind he heard laughter, very disturbing laughter... his laughter.

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