Misty was taking care of little Mikey and his Eeevee while his three brothers were all out on a night on the town
with Misty's three sisters, Misty and Mikey were both taking a dip in the Cerulcean gym pool also Misty's water
pokemon were all swimming along with them, Mikey who was coming out of the water said while trying to find
out where Misty was at? she was climbing on the highest diving board and letting her hair down to her shoulders.

She was also holding on to Togepi, she then jumps off and lands into the water she was now swimming over
to where Mikey was at, when she went over to meet Mikey she says to him.

"So... Mikey how are you enjoying the really big pool?"

He tells her.

"Oh, it's fine I really like the Cerulcean gym!"

Suddenly, Togepi makes a sound with joyment as was Mikey's Eeevee, Mikey was also holding on to his Eeevee
in the swimming pool like what Misty was doing to her Togepi, meanwhile Team Rocket was right outside on top
of the gym's roof they were about to hatch a plan to steal Misty's pokemon and Mikey's Eeevee to!

Jessie says to both James & Meowth.

"All right guys, we are going to teach that red headed brat a lesson
we'll go in there and steal all of there pokemon!"

James said.

"And after we snatch all of them up, i'm going to take a dip in that lovely pool!"

Meowth said.

"Oh yeah, Meowth loves to relax in a real giant pool like that baby."

All of a sudden, Jessie punches both James & Meowth and shouts.

"Stop thinking about the pool and constraint on the twerp's pokemon!"

Back in the Cerculcean gym, Misty & Mikey were now both sitting next to each other on the pool's ground
Misty was slerping on a cold drink, Mikey was feeding his Eeevee some snacks.

Misty after getting done with her drink said.

"Hey Mikey I just thought of something, if your brothers continue to date all of my sisters they're proably
fall in love and might get married? we could be in laws that would be awkward."

Mikey then says.

"I know right, but I woulden't mind having you for a sister in law, heck it's too bad your seeing someone
because I woulden't mind having you for a girlfriend ether, it would be really awkward if all four of us started
dating one another."

Misty then said while giving a little chuckel.

"Hee! Hee! yes but that really wouldn't bother me a bit Mikey, although i'm dating a cute guy name Joe
I still wouldn't mind going out with you, and if you were a couple of years older to."

Mikey then said.

"Really? too bad i'm not quite your age Misty because I could of taken you out
on the town like my brothers are doing to you're sisters."

Both sarted to laugh at one another, but all of a sudden something blasted through the gym's celine it
was a huge air ballon flying inside the Cerulcean gymnasium.

Next Chapter Coming Soon.