The bunker had been decorated. For Halloween of all things. There was even a large bowl of candy in the middle of the table though it was half empty because Dean hadn't stopped snacking since they got back from the store with it. Cas was carving a pumpkin with inhuman precision. Carving wasn't even the word for it. He was sculpting a pumpkin. Sure there were no kids in costumes coming around anytime soon but that wasn't the point. They were doing something normalish. Dean wasn't sure how he'd been talked into it but he was kind of glad that he had been. Maybe it was Kevin reminiscing over childhood Halloweens spent trick or treating or Dean looking at the candy aisle like it was the best thing he'd ever seen. But somehow in the middle of a food run he'd announced they were going to do something right this year. Just the four of them, no pagan gods trying to sacrifice people or anything. Just candy, pumpkins, and horror movies. They'd stashed the horror movies pretty quickly when they realized they couldn't enjoy them due to much personal experience. But the pumpkins were a great ideal especially since Cas was making a very lifelike picture of Dean in the orange flesh.

Dean's cell phone went off. The four of them looked between each other almost as if counting who was missing. With a shrug he flipped open the phone. An annoyed look crossed his face and he shook his head snapping the phone closed. "Come on. Apparently the Pagan god's didn't get the message."

The bunker was left with the remnants of their Halloween party. Candy wrappers and pumpkin seeds covering the table. Purple and Orange string lights wrapped around columns. "We just going to leave everything?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, It'll still be here when we get back."

Hours later they stumbled through the door. Tired but successful. Feeling the adrenaline from the fight starting to ebb. "Home sweet home." Dean said quietly, looking around at the mess exactly the way they left it. He smiled and felt the warmth bubbling up. This was what it meant to have a home. This was what he'd been searching for. He finally felt like he'd found it.