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Snow walked into her daughter's room, she and Emma were in the middle of a game of hid and seek. It would be a nightmare to try to find the little girl if she used the whole castle, but luckily for Snow, Emma had about seven hiding places she ever used. Her room was the last one on the list.

"Oh Emma are you in here?" One quick scan around the room and Snow saw where her daughter was hiding. She walked over to the drapes and pushed back the one opposite of where Emma was. Turning to face the other, she frowned playfully. "Where could my daughter be?"

Suddenly she pulled the drapes back and there was the three year old blonde looking up in amazement. Snow smiled at her and took her by the hand. "I thought I wasn't going to be able to find you. Come on Emma it's time to get ready for the ball."

Emma stopped dead in the middle of her room and took her hand from Snow.

"I don't want to go! I want to stay and play."

"But Alexandra will be there. Don't you want to see her?" Snow hoped that reminding Emma that Cinderella's daughter will be there too would help since the two got along well enough. She watched as Emma changed from protest to consideration. "And you get to wear a fancy dress."

"Like yours mama?" Snow nodded smiling; as much as Emma liked to say she didn't like dresses, she always saw her daughter sneaking a peek at hers when she thought Snow wasn't watching.

Emma's face lit up at the thought of it. Snow calmed a little; this may be easier than she thought. But she wasn't clear yet, they still had to get her into the dress and do her hair without the blonde getting messy or changing her mind.

Snow walked Emma into her bedroom and sat the three year old on the king size bed. Snow quickly moved over to her wardrobe where she had been hiding Emma's ball gown for the last few weeks. The gown was a bright red, puffy and simple, but elegant. She tried to make it to things that she knew the little girl would like, but knowing Emma that switched every few weeks. The red was at least a keeper; she had liked the color since she was two.

Snow prepared herself for Emma's reaction hoping for the best. She turned waiting. Emma gave the dress an up and down and smiled happily.

"It looks like one of ours and its red!"

Snow grinned and couldn't believe her luck. This had to go downhill soon; there was no way Emma was going to make it this easy on her. She loved Emma dearly, but boy was she a challenge.

"I want to put it on now." Emma requested. Her mother just shook her head.

"I'm sorry, but not until your hair is done. We don't want it to get messy." The blonde's lip started to quiver and Snow slowly started to close her eyes getting ready for the climax of her daughter's cries.

"Emma your hair will only take a few moments then we are off. Think about it. The sooner you stop crying, the sooner you will be done and in your dress."

Emma wipes a few tears from her eyes considering what her mother had just said then nods.

"Daddy is coming too?" She ask suddenly. Charming had been away visiting a neighboring kingdom that was having some troubles. Last she heard for him, he was to be back at the castle before the big event.

"As of right now honey."

"Good." Emma sat there happily and Snow took the chance. Normally a queen wouldn't do such mindless things and have a servant do them, but when it came to anything and everything that has to do with her child, she did them all herself.

"Daddy." Emma yells running as fast her little legs would take her to the man standing outside the castle entrance. There had been a slight change of plans and Charming could not make it home so he decided to just meet the pair there.

"Why look at you. You look beautiful as usual." Charming said to the girl now in his arms and gave Snow a 'how bad was it' look. She just shrugged and mouthed that it could have been worse.

The moment the little family made it through the door, Emma spotted Alexandra standing in the corner by her parents' thrones, and she started to demand to be put down.

"Mama, daddy can I go over there with Alexandra?" Asked after being put down by her father.

"Yes, but….." It was too late, the little girl was gone before Snow could finish her sentence. Hoping that maybe her daughter would be listening, she loudly finished. "But be careful and stay together."

"She is getting to old." Snow shook her head watching the little blondes interact.

"Yes, yes she is and it is only going to get worse. Dressing for balls all by herself, not talking to the dress makers with you, traveling….." Charming was cut off by his wife playfully pushing against him as they enjoyed their last moments alone before mingling.

"Not funny. Just wait until she starts dating." Snow watched her husband's face slightly drain of color.

"Emma would never."

"Oh she would and I have a feeling she will like bad boys. Like mother, like daughter." Snow finished right as Arora was coming up to small talk. Charming got in a quick 'I hate you so much right now' look in before a smile was plastered on his face for their friends.

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