shego's POV

at frist i didn't undersand what kimmie meant by she wanting to talk to me in her room. but when i got there i was shocked at what i saw. uh kimmie what are you wearing? ah this its nothing. Just something my mom picked up -said to me before relitily riping it off her body tarting to into pices- "i was shocked to say the least." "but at the same time turned on" "shego i had a long talk with everyone and i am just gonna say it i love you." "i felt my long green meber grow out of me to its full sized tentacle actusly there was about 12 tentacles in the shape and size of plant vines dark green plant vines with big huge buds on them she looked at thiem and quckily lowered herself onto the floor. i smiply looked at her with a wht the fuck face." "Shego i got a perggentacy fetish always have always will i want a womb full of childern as many as you can fit in me with those 12 wounderful tentacles i want them all in me all at ounce."

Kim's POV

"To say she was surpised was an understatement. its just the thought of being perggent was a huge turn on i want all that comes with it the mood swing getting fat the werid hunger pains the painfull birth all of it i want and need it all just thinking about getting fat form being perggent is getting me all wet and horny that in itself is a big turn on for me.

you'll get the sex sence next chapter