Who shot Emily?

Emily stood next to the edge. It was finally over, her enemies were at last defeated. But she had no idea what to do now. Jack wanted her nowhere near his son, Nolan was has chosen Patrick over her, Charlotte wanted her gone. A part of Emily wanted to just go into the water and never come back up. But she couldn't give her enemies that satisfaction, better to let those who'd survived rot in prison, thinking Emily was laughing. Living well is the best revenge, even if that's a lie. Than Emily turned around, and saw Charlotte. Emily was familiar with the look on Charlotte's face, she'd seen it in the mirror for over a decade. Charlotte blamed Emily for Declan's death, the death of their unborn child, and Amanda's death. Lie or not Amanda had been more of a sister to Charlotte than Emily ever was. When Emily saw the gun in Charlotte's hand she knew there was no stopping her. Emily knew she was about to die, she didn't regret that but wished it wasn't at Charlotte's hands. Emily tried to apologize, but Charlotte wasn't about to forgive her half-sister. Charlotte shot Emily twice. Emily fell into the water. She knew this was her doing, a fitting end to a tragic story. These were Emily's last thoughts before the water took her forever.