Pairing: Kintaro Tooyama x Ryoma Echizen

Notes: This story is placed before the U-17 tournment, during a joint practice between Shitenhouji and Seigaku, in the OVA episodes of Another Story I.

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis and its characters belong only to their creator, Takeshi Konomi. I just own this story.

.: Animal instinct :.

Joint practice with the Shitenhouji's tennis club were always as fun as nerve-racking.

In particular, Ryoma's eternal torment was caused by that idiotic leopard-skin dressed guy who literally oppressed him for hours and hours, begging to have a match with him. Every time he managed to get what he wanted by promising it would be the last time; however, Ryoma knew that an actual 'last time', for Kintaro Tooyama, didn't exist at all. The Shitenhouji's rookie would forget his own promise very fast, and he'd come to ask again for a match after a few time: he seem to like being Ryoma's rival very much, and wouldn't back off from this primacy no matter what.

In this exact instant, Kintaro was yelling something along the lines of: "Koshimaeeee, I want to play!"

His voice was too damn loud, and when Ryoma turned to look at him he saw that Kintaro was bouncing on the spot as though he couldn't just stay still. Ryoma glared at him and leaned onto the metallic net surrounding the court. All the tennis fields were occupied by the senpai of the two clubs; by chance, the drawing they had made at first had excluded the rookies, which actually annoyed Ryoma very much.

While he was still trying to ignore Kintaro, a stinging pain hit his neck all of sudden. Taken by surprise, Ryoma jumped and turned around just to find out that a broken piece of wire stuck out dangerously from the net: it seemed to have scratched the surface of his skin. He cursed silently and was about to touch his own wound, but Kintaro blocked his hand before he could.

"Koshimae, you cut yourself!" he stated, widening his golden eyes. "We have to do something about it, or it'll get infected!"

Ryoma sighed and pushed him away. "Don't be silly. It's nothing to worry about," he said dryly.

But of course Kintaro wouldn't agree so easily; rather, he had likely not listened at all and was now immerged in some deep –and worrisome- thoughts. Ryoma had nearly no time to ask what he was thinking, because he was suddenly grabbed and pulled forward and then Kintaro's mouth was on his neck. After a moment of shock, Ryoma dug his fingers into the other rookie's arms to push him away.

"H-Hey!" He protested, and repressed a yelp when he felt Kintaro's lips parting and a tongue slipping on his skin. The contact was rough, wet and hot and lessened the wound sting, and even though shame and embarrassment were piercing him like knives Ryoma felt rather thrilled. His eyelids almost fluttered close as his breath grew irregular. Several shivers of pleasure passed through his back and he was forced to hold back an embarrassing sound that suspiciously sounded like a moan.

"Kin-chan, what're you doing?!"

Ryoma barely recognized Shiraishi's voice, which suddenly reminded him that they were in public. Oh god, how he'd like the earth to swallow him. As he tried again to push Kintaro away, he felt his knees going weak, so that he fell on his bottom right after Kintaro had finally let him go.

"W-what the hell?!" Ryoma squawked, blushing furiously. He lifted a hand to touch his own neck, hoping to hide whatever mark he had on him, and stared incredulous at the red-haired guy who was now grinning at him.

"Well, don't you know that the saliva is a good disinfectant? I learned it by watching a documentary, it's because of this that felines lick their own wounds…" Kintaro interrupted himself as he noticed that everyone was staring at him. "What is it? Did I say something wrong? Ah! Koshimae, you're all red! Are you okay?" He blinked, seemingly confused and ignorant of what he had actually done.

Ryoma shook his head and pulled down his beret visor to hide his burning cheeks as much as possible –that damn guy and his animal instinct would make him go nuts.

n/A: This is the first story I'm publishing in TeniPuri's fandom, even though I've written others! Kintaro/Ryoma is one of my OTPs and I got lots of headcanons about them. Aww, these two cute little rookies deserve so much love.

I'd be glad to hear opinions :)) English's not my first language, but I definitely want to get better!