This is a privet fan fiction, not intended to infringe on any copyrights held, especially by George Lucas.

This is an Ani/Padme expanded universe story based on what might happen between episodes two and three.

Rating: PG-13/R for sexuality

Archive: Yes, Please contact me first.

With thanks to "Falls_the_Shadow" from the Force net forums for some interesting post and helping inspire the title and feel of this story.

"Between the essence
And the descent
Falls the Shadow"

TS ELLIOT, "Hollow Man"

"Falls the Shadow"


              "Please Come."

              The message was short, but those two words spoke volumes. She hadn't heard anything from him in months and although it wasn't entirely unusual, Padme' had been plagued by a nagging feeling of disquiet. Something just hadn't 'felt' right and now this message, short and intense even for a message from Anakin...

              She was unsure how long they would have together but it had been almost criminally easy to get away. To go back to Naboo, and the Lake House. To Ani...