Author's notes for Falls the Shadow

Hey Guys… thanks for coming with me again! It's always an interesting journey, and it's even better when someone comes along for the ride!

A few acknowledgements are in order as always!

To Jedi Rita, who kindly allowed me to borrow elements from her wonderful story;

"Rewoven", Anakin's "ti-bai" memories of Bail Organa and the botanical gardens are from there. I highly recommend that you drop by! Don't let the pairing of the characters put you off, the story is beautifully heartbreaking.

To all my JCF friends, 'Falls the Shadow' for inspiring the name and feel, Mr. Boba Jango for his constant encouragement and my ever faithful Beta Holly-wan aka IamZam and to all of my faithful readers whom I haven't put here (this would be longer than an Oscar nod!) as always, many, many thanks… your encouragement and input was always a welcome thing.

This brings us to the end of my four part trilogy (with a nod to Douglas Adams!). With the exception of revisiting "Secrets" (my first full length fan fic) I think I've visited Ani and Padmé to the best of my abilities (who knows though'… Endgames was supposed to end at something like chapter 7!)




Kudos to those who catch what Ani misses at the end…  If you don't… e-mail me at but PLEASE don't say in the review!


Here's a little hint… this is about 2  to 4 months PRIOR to Endgames…