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Chapter 01 - Tim's Farwell

Tim walk down the stairs ignoring the glares and muttering. Making his way over to his desk he put the box Vance's secretary had handed him and set it on the desk. He started sorting and putting things in the box. He set two piles on his desk one to be shredded and the other to go to Vance mostly things dealing with open or cold cases or projects he had been working on in his spare time. The four men that had been a step in front and behind him split up one standing next to the stairs, the second to the side of his desk the last two standing by the elevator. He took a pictures down of friends when he took the most current one of his sister down he heard a snort from the man by his desk. He smirked at him and put in the box.

Up until this point the other Agents on his team had ignore him other than comment and jokes at his expense trying to get a rise out of him by talking to each other as if he wasn't there. Until he felt someone glaring at him and they took turns trying to get him to speak to them. He felt someone head slap him and shook his head when the men stepped up to handle it. He heard a demand that he explain the men and the box. Tim calmly looked at his ex-boss and said. "No." Then continued packing.

Feeling the protest from the other Agents and the glare from Gibbs eating into the side of his head. Tim ignored it and the further comments now changing from trying to get information to mocking him for being fired there guess at the box and his escort. Tim ignored them and finished his packing. He sealed the box and handed the box to the man to his left and took the pile needed to the shredder. After shredding it he made his way to Vance explain what the papers where as he handed them to him. Thanked him again and walked to the elevator surrounded by men now getting a glare when he tried to go first and push the elevator button. The elevator opened to find an enraged Abby. She reached out to slap him and he stepped back out of her reach. The men stepped forward telling her to walk away. She huffed and went into Gibbs arms. He smirked and stepped into the elevator. Before the doors closed he heard.

"That's it Probe after ten years. We were your friends and some of us more than that. We deserve more than silence and your goons doing you're talking for you." Tony sneered.

Tim smirked and said. "That's Director McGee to you Agent DiNozzo. And for as much as you once were to me the last few weeks has proven to me I am nothing to any of you."

Tony, Abby, Ziva and Gibbs eyes went wide as the elevators shut.

Tim decided it was a good day to be him. He heard chuckling to his left and right and he grinned. He said. "We have work to do guys. Calls to make and meeting to set up. But first we need to get Jay."

The tallest of the four rolled his eyes and said. "You know Jays going to go ape shit that you did all this without him being able to see it."

Tim grinned and patted his breast jacket pocket and said. "Pen camera. He'll be able to see it all."

The three men cracked up and made whipping noises under their breath as the doors opened up and they went down the hall to Autopsy. Tim chuckled yeah it was a good day to be him.