Chapter one

For a week after the death of Voldemort, Harry Potter helped the Weasley family and Hermione repair the Burrow and its contents. Everyone did rest during that first week, but everyone hated seeing the damage done to the strange but wonderful home. Windows needed either fixing or replacing, doors were completely demolished. Arthur Weasley's shed suffered extensive damage, but the personal items were the worst. Kitchen items were destroyed, arm chairs and sofas had been ripped to shreds, bedding and clothes also destroyed. During that time, Harry found out that Kreacher could go to Gringotts for him, so after hearing from the new minister that the damage bill and fine the goblins hit Harry with had been taken care of, Harry sent Kreacher to his vault to get him some money. He gave a heap to the Weasley's to stock up on food and buy some new stuff, Harry only wanted some decent clothes and new glasses which is what he did. By the end of the third week the Burrow was repaired or fixed, items replaced that had not be able to be fixed, new linen and clothes were bought and it was now back to the wonderful family home it had always been. Harry and Ginny had spoken during that time, after a heated discussion, a loud argument and some yelling, they resumed their relationship. Arthur had chuckled watching Harry trying to control his daughters temper, even some of the Weasley boys thought Harry didn't have a hope, Ginny was too much like her mother. But Harry had other ideas and when they spoke privately Ginny stopped yelling and backed right down to the shock of all the Weasley boys and her parents.

Harry stepped into the kitchen to see Mr. and Mrs. Weasley sitting drinking tea with Charlie, Bill and Fleur, Harry knew the others were still asleep. Harry went to get tea but Molly waved him towards the table while she went and got him a cup.

'I have to ask this Harry, it's driving me crazy not knowing,' Bill said.

'Ask what?'

'What made Ginny back down, she's never backed down, never. You are the first person to ever get her to do it.'

Harry chuckled, 'I have my ways with your sister Bill.'

'Oh don't do that, tell us what you said or did,' Charlie said scowling.

Harry shrug, took a sip of his tea and made it look like he wasn't going to say but he caught a glimpse of the two Weasley boys talking silently, no words just a lot of facial expressions which told Harry they were planning something.

'Alright, I said if that's how she wanted to be then we'll break up for good. I hate yelling, I would rather sit and calmly work things out. But if Ginny was going to keep yelling, then I was out of this relationship. At first she didn't believe me, but when I refused to kiss her or even hold her hand, she finally realised I couldn't be talked around. I reminded her of what Sirius told me about my father. Mum had a temper, it must be the red hair,' Harry smirked making the Weasley's chuckle but nod, 'Well, dad didn't and he hated yelling. So one day mum was having a go at dad about something him and Sirius had been doing. Dad stood there calmly waiting for her to finish then said if she ever did that again then he was leaving, for good. He had enough yelling going on around him when he'd been young. I never got a chance to ask Sirius about that though, but he did say dad was serious and he explained to mum just how serious dad was. So even though they still had their arguments, she stopped yelling. Everyone said I'm like my father, seems I'm more like him than I thought. After being yelled at by the Dursleys, I don't want that anymore and especially not from my girlfriend, well, I don't want it from anyone, but Ginny knew I was serious,' what Harry didn't say was that he told Ginny she could take it out on him in bed, because the moment they got back together Ginny had said it was time they started their adult life even if Harry thought they should wait, she wasn't going to.

'I remember that day, Sirius laughed and it took him a while to tell us the rest,' Bill said, 'Did you tell Ginny the same thing that your dad told your mum?'

'We've only just gotten back together Bill, my parents were married when dad said that.'

'What, I wasn't there so tell me?' Charlie asked as he stared between Harry and Bill.

'Sirius said that if Lily wanted to take her anger out on James, that James said she could in bed, be as rough as she wanted with him.' Bill explained.

'Oh okay, well then Harry better not have said that, Ginny's not of age yet,' Charlie said.

'Oh you can't talk Charlie, how many times did I get a letter from Albus stating that you had been caught with a girl in a compromising position and you weren't of age, neither was the girl,' Arthur raised his eyebrows.

'That was different,' Charlie scowled again.

'It's no different and none of your business Charlie,' Ginny said as she sat beside Harry, kissed him before facing her brother giving him her look that told him she was not to be messed with.

'It is different.'

'Careful Charlie,' Harry said softly but couldn't hide his smirk.

'How is it different Charlie?' Ginny glared at him.

'You're our sister, a girl, you shouldn't be doing anything until your married.'

Harry felt Ginny stiffen then she had her wand in her hand, he grabbed her wrist and made the wand point at the table.

'Gin, don't.'

'He's a sexist prat, it makes no different whether I want to shag Harry like you did at the same age. So if you ever say anything like that again you'll lose those parts you like to use all the time.'

'Ginny, calm down, Charlie leave Ginny alone.' Arthur said.

'But she's too young.'

'Oh you're asking for it Charlie, you don't want push her,' Harry said trying to keep Ginny's hand down and he needed both his to hold her.

'Times have changed Charlie and Ginny might be under age, but after the last few years, all of them have grown up, so they are older just not in their age. Ginny can make up her own mind and it has nothing to do with you,' Arthur said trying to calm the situation.

'Fine, but I want something answered truthfully first.'

'What?' Ginny glared.

'Are you and Harry shagging?'

'Charlie, that is none of your business,' Molly said sternly.

Ginny kept glaring at Charlie and he kept staring at her, 'If you want to know the truth, I'll tell you the truth.'

'Ginny,' Harry shook his head.

'I think Harry just answered that question,' Bill smirked finding the whole thing amusing.

'No, I want to hear it from Ginny.'

'Alright, yes, we are, shagging like rabbits and you know what else Charlie, it was my idea, Harry said no, let's wait, I didn't want to.'

Harry was able to slide Ginny's wand out of her hand and he slipped it inside his sleeve because he could see hexes flying sooner or later, especially if Charlie was going to keep on about this. Harry hoped he wasn't, this was not a discussion he wanted with Ginny's parents listening, with anyone listening, but not her parents.