Chapter eight

Draco explained everything he had found out about the planned death of Harry to Minerva, then showed her his evidence of everything he collected. She sat there reading through the file before looking up at the two men.

'You have done a very good job Draco. Do you know I was suspicious, especially after we were told you died. She seemed to change so suddenly, her attitude, buying a large mansion and her reasons for doing it seemed a bit off if not understandable.'

'We need proof Minerva because without it yeah I could come back, but who's to say she wouldn't get off and try again, maybe spike my drink with poison. So even though the proof we have might get her locked up, I'm not positive especially if she has any good arguments.'

'I have one idea that she doesn't know about. Remember when you asked me how to go about making your will?'

'Yes, we spoke for a long time about that, you had a lot of good ideas.'

'Thank you, but the clause you put in, about how long it would take before your estate will be cleared so it could be distributed and used. Well, I could tell her that, she would know nothing could happen for seven years. It would give me an idea how she might react.'

'Not bad Minerva, but there's something I can do to help. Now I'm sorry I never told you, but Gawain asked me to never tell anyone. Okay, you know I was learning to become an animagi, I was hoping to be a dog like Sirius. Well, I did change, into a phoenix, but that's not what Gawain asked me to keep to myself. So I might show you,' Harry smirked, then stood up and changed until he was a small spider, then he changed back, 'One more,' Harry smiled then he was a perfect replica of the lamp that stood not far from him, he changed again, 'You can even turn me on, oh, that didn't sound right, I meant you could turn the light on,' Harry chuckled making Minerva and Draco laugh.

'That's not something I would have thought I'd ever hear someone say to professor McGonagall and you actually blushed.'

'What did you expect, it just came out the wrong way.'

Minerva chuckled again, before becoming serious, 'Only one person has ever become two different animagi at the same time.' Minerva raised her eyebrows.

'Yes, Godric Gryffindor, I read up on it, that's what gave me the idea. So I told Gawain and he said if I could pull it off then he could have me spy on people without anyone knowing. So this is what I thought, you could ask her if you could go speak with her, then tell her about what had been in my will. But I will be on you, you just need to move your arm or body close to a surface for me to climb off. Then after you leave, I could listen to exactly what she has to say, even what she does.'

'Bloody clever Harry, that will work.' Draco said.

'Yes it will. I'm surprised you didn't contact Hermione about this though?' Minerva said.

'She is one person I know I can trust apart from you, but she's close to her, I couldn't take the chance.'

'Alright, they are close, so it makes sense. Well, I should say were close, she seems to not want to spend time with any of them anymore. Hermione spoke to me about her though, she said she was acting strange, not like she would expect. She kept spending money, going out, even quitting her job which she always said she loved.'

'Yes, Draco filled me in on what he had seen her doing and the photos, she wouldn't act like that if she was for real. So when can we do this, I want everyone to know I'm alive?'

'I will send her a letter today asking to speak with her on Saturday. It's very hard for me to leave the school through the week.'

'It's only two days away, I can wait that long.'

'Then I think I should contact Kingsley and Gawain, you can explain what you heard, Draco can explain his part,' Minerva saw that Draco looked worried, 'You did it to save Harry's life.'

'I'll talk to them Draco, I'm sure you won't get in any trouble. It's not like you killed an innocent. I've had people die on me even if I never meant to kill them, but it still came down to what I did. After telling my boss everything, he decided if anything would happen. So I've been in this situation before and I've seen it with others, others that have also gotten off because they were doing it to protect.'

'Alright, even if something was to happen, I knew I'd have to tell what I did.'

'Okay, I'll work on getting Kingsley and Gawain here on Sunday morning. The longer you can stay at the house listening and watching the better. Now I better go so I can send her an owl and make sure I'm ready to face her. If for any reason she can't meet on Saturday, I'll send an owl. Now stay out of sight Harry, if she sees you, you could be in danger.'

'I'm not going anywhere Minerva, Draco's agreed to keep me well hidden at his home. So I'll meet you here Saturday morning, change, then get on your shoulder.'

'You'll have to go inside my pocket so you don't fall off during apparition. Once I'm there, I'll put you on my shoulder.'

Harry grinned, 'Still as clever as ever Minerva. But thank you for this, hopefully it will be over very soon.'

Minerva hugged Harry, 'It will be, one way or another. Stay safe and Draco, good work.'

Harry and Draco smiled then watched Minerva leave before they left to head back to Draco's house. They sat down and talked, wondering what Harry would hear after Minerva left and if she would give herself away. All Harry needed was for a few certain words from her, something that would incriminate her, so he needed to have enough evidence that would let Gawain use veritaserum on her. Harry just hoped she said something or did something that would incriminate her, something that would show her intent, her intent to kill Harry Potter for his money. Harry never liked having money, it never worried him. He got paid very well as an auror, that and with what Ginny earned they made a good life for themselves. But it seems some people wanted money and a lot of it.