Title: Across the Alternate

Summary: Halloween Special! After a freak accident, Roger finds himself in an alternate universe and staring at a barrel of a gun. "You have 45 seconds to tell me who you are, "the red-haired man says icily, "And what have you done to my darling Rhoda."

Disclaimer: I do not own "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" –oh well.

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Chapter 1: I Wonder What This Button Does

Baby Herman couldn't wait for Halloween.

To be over.

The "Baby" took a puff from his cigar, having just finished filming the Halloween Special, miraculously, with no blow-ups. Filming the episode today was particularly easy because Roger was a natural scaredy-cat. Or bunny as the case may be.

He took a long inhale in his cigar.

"3…2…1…" he muttered to himself.

Roger popped up from nowhere. "Hiya Herman!"

A long time ago, that would have sent Herman into cardiac arrest, but after working with Roger for a long time, the old toon had developed Roger Radar.

The rabbit began to hop up and down. "Jeepers, Baby Herman! Halloween's coming! I can't wait to go trick-and-treating!"

Herman froze, his eyes bulging for a moment. "Roger, about that…"

The rabbit seem not to have heard him or his hesitance as he continued to talk excitedly.

"Hey, what are we going to wear for Halloween? Remember our costumes last time?"

Herman cringed at the very memory. Roger had dressed up in his pajamas and Herman had gotten talked into wearing a teddy bear suit. Yes, the great Baby Herman was somehow convinced to make himself look like the very thing he wanted to shoot at.

"We can dress as another theme for Halloween! We can go as Alice and the white rabbit!"

Baby Herman gave him a deadpan expression. Two guesses as to who would wear the dress.


A lightbulb flashed above the rabbit's head, "I know! I can be a mindless zombie and you can be the brain!"

Herman rolled his eyes, "Aren't we that already in real life?"

"Hey!" Roger exclaimed, putting his hands on his hips. Then he paused, "How about a tree and a monkey then?"

Herman's eyes widened with horror. "Hell, no!"

Roger wrapped his ears around his head, "I can go as a bald guy and you can be the wig."

Herman looked at him sarcastically, "Now you're doing it on purpose."

"A pair of eyeballs?"

The "Baby" slapped a hand on his face, "Please, stop."

"Lady and the Tramp?"

"Dogs or actual women?"

"Herman!" Roger gave him a chastising look before going into the Halloween hype again. "This is going to be great! We can go as a Mona Lisa and Da Vinci, a Mexican and a Pinata, a fisherman and a lobster or you can be a sunflower and I can be a packet of seeds!"

Herman pinched the bridge of his nose. "Roger, have you been eating too much Halloween candy again? Yikes!"

Roger just grabbed him and began to twirl around on one foot while holding him up high.

"If Jessica can come with us, we can come in a theme trio for Halloween! What are costumes that come in three? We can go as the characters of Wizard of Oz!

Herman struggled in his clasp.

"Roger! I…"

"-Or Alice and the twins! Or salt, pepper and sugar! Or Goldilocks and the two bears! Or-"

Herman's blood pressure shot up several degrees.

"Rabbit! Will you-"

"-rock, paper and scissors! Whoohoo! This is going to be fun, Baby Herman-"

"Roger!" he popped out from the rabbit's grasp.

He landed on the ground and turned to face his friend.

"I don't want to go trick-or-treating this year- or any year at all."

Silence fell between the two before Roger looked at him as though he said Christmas was cancelled.

"But… but why?"

Herman clenched his fists on his sides and yelled the obvious. "Because it's childish, Roger!"

Roger waited for his ears to stop flapping from his sound waves. "But you never minded before."

The "Baby" sighed. Last Halloween as they had been passing by the houses, he saw adults- people around their age and older having parties, getting drunk and dancing with ladies in hot costumes. And what about him? He had turned to look at his friend who was busy rummaging through his sack of candies. He was in a stupid costume with a childish Roger and acting like the baby that a lot of people think he was.

How could you explain that to someone who had a love for free candy?

"It's our thing, Herman," the rabbit continued.

The infant glared at him crossly, "Yeah? Well, find someone else to do it with you," he put his arms in front of him and flung them away in defiance, "I'm through with kid stuff."

Herman finally stalked away, ignoring the look on Roger's face. Heaven knew that rabbit was one of the few that could stand him. But did he have to be such a dork? A rare twinge of guilt coursed through him. But Herman stubbornly walked away.

The "Baby" grabbed another cigar, ignoring the lady hired to pass him stodgies. He made a wide berth to the blinking machines of the Mad Scientist that was the villain of today's episode. The villain's reassurance that they were harmless might be more believable if he didn't laugh like a maniac in the end. Of course, nobody believed him, even an idiot would know-

"I wonder what this button does."

Herman dropped his cigar. That sounded like-

"Roger! Noooo-"


Herman coughed out through the haze of explosion as the dust began to settle down. He gritted his teeth. That rabbit was going to die from his own idiocy someday- if he didn't kill him first. How many times did he have to tell Roger not to touch the props after filming? Even that mad scientist's props were questionable.

"Roger, you doof-brain!" he yelled, entering the thick cloud of explosion. From inside, he could see a silhouette of two long ears and a triangular body. "How many times do I-"

The silhouette became clearer and a rabbit burst out of the haze. Herman gasped at the sudden anaconda hug, squeezed against white fur and red cloth. Inside or outside the set, the idiot had no concept of personal space.

"Baby Mina! I was so scared! Are you alright?" a feminine cried out. Baby Herman was too busy trying to ease the vise-like grip of the forearm against his neck to notice.

"Roger! Put me down!" he yelled, his feet scrabbling the air. He finally freed his arms and he pushed his upperbody away to gain some distance. Baby Herman opened his mouth and-

His jaw dropped.

"Roger, why are you crossdressing?"

The female rabbit looked down at him with equal blue-eyed confusion.

"Baby Mina, why does your voice sound croaky? And why are you only wearing your diaper?"

Herman's brows twisted into a frown. "I'm not-" he suddenly realized his hands are pushing against something soft. His eyes traveled downwards before scrambling out of her grasp with a shout.

"Holy crap! Those are real!"

Herman landed on his butt from a distance and he stared at her. White fur shimmers as she turned her head around at their surroundings, her long ears swishing gracefully with her movement. Herman's eyes numbly took note of her tuft of ginger bangs, the dainty pink nose, and the polka dot bow tie on her front-

"Roger! Honey-bunny, are you alright?"

Both baby and rabbit turned to see Jessica striding worriedly towards them. The redhead stopped when she saw the female rabbit. Jessica cocked her head.


The doe looked around as though wondering who Jessica was talking to. Realizing there was no one else; she put her yellow-gloved hand to herself.

"I'm not Roger. What's going on?"

"Eureka! It worked!"

They all looked at the newcomer. The Mad Scientist danced towards them giddily and began walking around the doe. The female toon seem vulnerable as she shrinked to herself with cautious eyes.

"Almost the same features, red outfit, white fur, same species! Why, I must take notes!"

Herman finally got over the weirdness. "Hey! Lay off from the lady! You're scaring her."

The doe shifted uncomfortably and hugged herself.

"Where's Baby Mina? And Jesse?"

Jessica gave an icy look at the scientist and he backed away. She put a comforting hand on the doe's shoulder.

"I think the question first is who are you?"

The female rabbit looked up to her with wide blue eyes that reminded Jessica uncannily of someone.


_Across the Alternate_

Roger groaned as he rose from the rubble. A clicking sound made him look up and he found himself staring at a barrel of a gun. A red-haired young man glared at him with emerald eyes that seem all-so-familiar.

"You have 45 seconds to tell me who you are," he said icily, "and what have you done to my darling Rhoda."