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Once the boys had woken up, they watched Babar and Handy Manny, until Nurse Lisa brought in their dinner. Tony kept up a happy chatter as they ate, keeping a smile on his little brothers face the whole time. After dinner Timmy started to drift off again, so Gibbs thought it would be a good idea to get Tony back to his room for the night. While Tony didn't want to leave Timmy, he knew he couldn't stay here. Tony gently wrapped his arms around Timmy, and felt his brother onto the back of his shirt. Letting go, he leaned over and kissed Timmy's forehead, then whispered the same thing he had the night before. "Night Timmy. S-eet deems. See 'ou in da mo-ning. I 'ove 'ou."

"Nigh' Toe-y. I 'ove 'ou too."

After getting back to Tony's room, Gibbs got him bathed and into his pajamas. Sitting on Tony's bed they snuggled up together as Gibbs turned on Chuggington. Gibbs could tell Tony was getting tired, as he was getting heavier against his chest. When the show was over Gibbs turned the T.V. off. Taking a deep breath Gibbs turned so he would be able to see Tony's face.

"Hey Buddy, I need to ask you a question."


"It's a hard question. One you might not want to answer."

Tony looked up at Gibbs, brows squished together, "...K?"

"I need you to answer with the truth, alright? No matter how hard that might be."

There was silence for a moment as Tony decided. Finally he nodded his head, "Can do."

Gibbs took a moment himself before asking, "On the day we meet, did you see Corporal Nigel at the house?"

Tony went pale and his face closed off into a stoney mask. He stared at the wall as he gave one sharp nod.

"Did you see something happen to him?"

Once again Tony gave a nod.

"Was it Ben that hurt him?"

Tony cringed at Ben's name, then looked up at Gibbs. "Timmy 'eard Ni-el, so 'e run into da room. Den dare was a 'oud bang, an Ni-el 'ell. Ben saw Timmy. Dat 'en Ben throw Timmy. I gabbed Timmy an 'ent upstair. 'Eard more bangs, den no-ting. Den 'ou came." Tony leaned against Gibbs again as he finished.

Gibbs' insides felt like ice as he listened. "Thank you Tony. I know that was very hard. You are one very brave boy."

"It 'elp?"

"Yes Buddy. It will help a lot."

"Good." Tony said as he relaxed into sleep.

Someone had brought in a cot for Gibbs to sleep on, so as soon as Tony was snoring softly, Gibbs slipped out from under him. He tucked Tony in and stretched out on the cot. As much as he wanted to sleep, he had way too much running through his mind. Looking over to make sure Tony was still asleep, he got up and slipped out into the hall. He needed to call Mike and fill him in on the new information.

Wednesday night passed peacefully with no nightmares. In the morning Tony had decided he wanted eggs for breakfast and nothing else. Lucky for him, he had Nurse Jenna wrapped around his little fingers and he got what he wanted. As he was eating Dr. Shawn stopped by and asked to see Gibbs in the hall.

"What's up Shawn?"

"I was just talking with Dr. Michaels. It seems Timmy came down with a fever last night."

"What? Is he alright?"

"From what they've determined it's post-surgery infection. They have him on antibiotics, and it seems to be helping. They're going to keep a close eye on him today, make sure the fever doesn't get any higher, and let him rest. I agree with Dr. Michaels in saying, Tony should stay in his room today."

"Great. He's not going to like that."


"Yeah, thanks. Timmy will be ok, right?"

"He should be just fine. We'll get this infection gone, and he'll be back on the 'road to recovery'."


"You need anything just have them page me."

"Will do. Thanks Shawn."

Like Gibbs knew would happen, Tony was not happy about being kept from his brother. He thought he should be able to go see and take care of him. Gibbs patiently explained how the doctors knew the best way to get Timmy better, and he would be able to see him soon.

Throughout the day Tony was very somber, and moody. Everyone that came into the room understood why and tried to cheer him up. They all attempted but none succeeded. Gibbs had tried everything he could think of. Stories, games, movies, but Tony didn't seemed to notice he was even there. Finally Gibbs couldn't take it anymore. He told Tony he would be back in a minute as Nurse Jenna came in with Tony's lunch.

After calling Mike and learning they still had nothing new, Gibbs made one more phone call, before heading back to Tony's room.

An hour later Fornell knocked on the door and came in. He saw Gibbs slouched in a chair, reading. Tony was on his bed, glaring at the T.V.

"Hello boys. We certainly aren't in a good mood, are we?"

"No. No we're not. You got it?" Gibbs asked as he stood up.

"Yep. Everything you asked for and a little more."

The two agents could see Tony peaking over at them, while trying not to be noticed.

"Awesome. You want to help me? Or make one of your own?"

"Like I want to help you Jethro. I'll make my own, thank you."

"Fine Tobias. Be that way."

"I will."


Both men stood staring at each other for a minute, before letting smiles creep across their faces. Gibbs could see they had Tony's full attention, as he and Fornell plopped down on the floor, and started to pull things out of the bag.

Turning to look at Tony, Gibbs said, "You want to make one Buddy?"

Climbing out of the bed, onto the chair, then to the floor, Tony leaned into Gibbs' shoulder as he took in everything scattered on the floor. "'Ut 'ou makin'?"

"Birthday cards for Timmy." Gibbs said with a smile, as he watched shock and joy come onto Tony's face. For the first time today, he looked like the little boy Gibbs had seen yesterday.

For the rest of the afternoon Tony, Gibbs, and Fornell made cards for Timmy. They drew, cut, and glued. By the end Fornell and Tony were covered in marker stains and glitter. Gibbs snapped a picture before Fornell could shake off the brightly colored sparkles.