Um, so i was reading a lot of wrong BWL stories and also thinking about Thor and the Avengers and was just thinking about how neglecting a child over another can completely muck that kid up. So then i got thinking about, if i was that kid, what would i want to say to my parents if they did that to me? Then my thoughts went back to HP, and i wondered, if he was abandoned by his parents at the Dursley's and his brother was favoured over him, would he go batshit crazy? Would he go all evil overlord over them? And if he did, what would he say?

Anything you see in this that you recognise as J.K Rowlings, well, it does all belong to her. I do not claim to own it.

'Lovely family reunion this isnt it? My father, my mother, my brother all here before me. Kneeling I might add. Do you think i'm crazy? Mad, twisted, sick? Well let me tell you something THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU NEGLECT A CHILD. Don't do it folks. Oh wait. You already did. I mean come on, think of little ol' me. Abandoned with those sickening muggles - they're dead by the way - believing his mummy and daddy are dead. Stuck under the cupboard for 10 years, barely surviving, living his life out as a house-elf and a punchbag. But oh wait what's this? I'm a wizard?! There is this whole world out there that I didn't know about with magic and spells and brooms and a brother...wait. Hold up. I HAVE A BROTHER?! Where'd he come from. Wait, wait, wait. Let me get this straight. MY PARENTS ARE ALIVE?! - James, dont mistake monologuing for not paying attention. That wont work. Oh I know the greatest downfall of evil, monologuing. But like everything else I do, I do it perfectly. Especially being evil.- So anyway. My parents are alive. Did someone make a huge mistake? Did they come back from the dead? No. They were alive this whole time. And when little me asked you, you looked down your noses at me and said I wasn't your child, their child was perfect, the boy-who-lived. Ok, I nodded politely and stepped away. But I knew better. And I was RAGING inside. So I went along to Hogwarts, kept my head down but inside I was so mad. And I watched as your little boy tried to be the hero and continuously failed. I watched and I thought, I could have done that better. I would have succeeded. What an idiot, now he's killed his best friend. And I laughed inside everytime he failed. I enjoyed your suffering, loved it even. It felt like paypack. Look how well your son is doing now. But wait. You.. you..SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! You come to ME, asking for forgiveness, asking me to help you, to succeed where your other son had failed. How I wanted to turn you down. But I thought, no. This is an advantage. A way into your hearts to destroy you from the inside. So I accepted, being the perfect little son and you were so happy. But inside I was plotting. And I was laughing. Evilly. And now look at you! Here! Before me! Begging for mercy. But where was my mercy, mother? Where was my mercy as I curled inside that cupboard crying for someone, anyone to help me? WHERE WAS MY MERCY THEN?! NO MERCY. NOT FOR ANYONE. For I had no mercy, and look where i am now. And look at you, the apparent 'merciful', about to die.'

Er, so yeah. That's what he'd say.