We had a new mission. I was stationed near a tall building, communicator in hand, waiting for whatever is supposed to come. Suddenly I was jumped by three brats, until I noticed the soft,sweet voice of Melvin. Oh god.

"Hello!" Melvin said hugging me.

I felt a tiny tug on my hair, only to find that it was Teether.

Timmy jumped me, giving me wet kisses on the cheeks.

"Wabah!" Teether screamed. As much as I loved these little children, they made me want to scream. That's not a good thing.

I flipped over my communicator. Beastboy answered.

"Sup Raven!" Beastboy happily said. He soon saw Timmy giving me wet, sloppy kisses on my cheek, Teether pulling on my hair, and Melvin, talking obsessively over that freakishly huge bear, and then theirs me, who's not so happy. He raised his eyebrow.

"Looks like your having fun." He muttered with the stupidest grin I've ever seen.

"You want me, to bring them to the Titans tower, Correct?" I said, squinting.


"Oh, fuck you too then." I said, and with that, I flipped off my communicator.

"Bobby said that was a bad word." Melvin said, pointing at me with a -Ooooo- face on.

"Raven doesn't care." I snapped. I got up, picking Teether up, Timmy in my other hand, and with Melvin holding Bobby, I guess she's okay.

I used my powers to use rock so that we can stand on, and we flew to the Titans tower.

When we reached home, I asked them if they were hungry. Timmy threw a fit about it, and started screaming.

"TIMMY! SHUT THE- be quiet, PLEASE Timmy." I begged.

I picked up Teether, not wanting him to get ANYTHING in his mouth, or Cyborg would probably kill me if Teether ruined anything. I went over to the kitchen, grabbed a cook book and gathered all of the ingredients out. I started mixing noodles in a pot, with Teether in one hand, my other hand mixing noodles. My T communicator went off, so I picked it up and put it on speaker phone, since my hands were busy. I held the communicator with my left shoulder, so that it doesn't fall, so my hand can finish cooking.

"Hello?" I asked, a little annoyed. It was Beastboy,he was pretty mad. Probably because I pretty much told him to fuck off earlier. We started arguing. Soon, Beastboy entered the tower, still arguing with me through the communicator. I glared at him, and blushed, pretty much I bet from his view, I probably looked like a mom. I flipped off the communicator and set it back on my belt.

"Why the hell are you here?"

Beastboy was about to speak, but was cut off by Melvin.

"Who are you?" She asked questioningly.

"I'm Beastboy, and to you, I just finished my mission." She said to Melvin, then pointed at me.

"You finished your mission." I said, obviously I didn't believe him.

"Yes, I did, you know, when everybody thinks your the dumbest guy ever, your set up with a very easy mission, mine, fortunately was . You know what a weak link he is. Poor Man." Beastboy said grinning.

"Why are you green?" She asked, looking him up and down.

"None of your business little one." He said, tousling her blonde hair that made her ponytails messed up.

She brushed it back in place. Beastboy looked at me.

"Wow, you look like a mom." He said, amused.

"You look like shit." I snapped back.

"Ooo, and your either pregnant, or PMS-ing." He mumbled, caught off guard.

Black enveloped him and he was thrown against the wall.


The noodles were ready and I poured them into three spereate bouls.

"Bobby wants to eat to, he's hungry too you know." She said, crossing her arms and glaring at me. I glared right back.

"Can Bobby wait till I rest?" I said, narrowing my eyes and crossing my arms also.

Her left blonde ponytail raised up as she leaned left. She nodded.

"No, he's really hungry. He has a big stomach you know." Melvin said, smiling back at me sweetly.

I groaned and got a fourth bowl and poured some noodles in there to. I set them on the table.

"Bobby's not real." Beastboy said as he scrambled up to me and whispered into my ear.

"He is real actually." I said, with a knowign smirk on my face.

"No he's no-" Beastboy was cut off when Bobby appeared , sitting at the table, chowing down noodles. Beastboy screamed when he saw the huge teddy bear. Bobby looked up at him curiously.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!" Beastboy screamed.

"It's Bobby and you need to watch your MOUTH!"Melvin scolded. Teether started yanking my hair gently, and pointed to his food. Timmy scrambled up his seat and stuffed his face in the noodles. Melvin ate the noodles, chewing every bite with care. I walked to Teether's food and mashed it for him. Then I sat down and lamely and started feeding it to him, bite by bite. Beastboy chuckled quietly. I blushed and glared at him, trying to shove my embarrassment down.

Timmy started crying.

"SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" He shouted. Soundwaves started to appear, and Beastboy had to clutch on to the counter.

"TIMMY! EAT YOUR FUCKING FOOD THEN I'LL PUT YOU TO BED!" I shouted clutching my ears. Melvin shook her head displeased.

"Kids love it when you be gentle with them. Your NOT being gentle." She said.

Her blue eyes, flashed over to where Bobby was once sitting.

"Bobby agrees." She said.

"Well tell Timmy to calm down. Gosh, he's giving me a migraine." I said, my head resting on the table.

"Well ask for help!" Melvin said, pointing to Beastboy with a smile on her face. Beastboy shook his head.

"Can you Please help me?" I asked, forcing a painful smile on my face.

"Nope." He said. Behind my smile that was still plastered on my face, I gave him a look that will make the devil himself wet his pants.

"Okay." He muttered.