"Hows everything going?" Robin asked .

"We just put the little brats to bed." I said.


"Yeah, Beastboy completed his mission early." I answered.

"Beastboy's there?" Robin asked, seeming even more confused.

"Yes." I said. As if on cue, Beastboy popped up on the screen and waved to Robin.

"Well, take care. We should be back by tomorrow."Robin said, and ended the call.

Beastboy was on the couch playing video games while I was meditating.

"Hi." Melvin said, shuffling into the living room, while holding the chicken Beastboy had won for me a couple of months ago. I blushed, not wanting Beastboy to know I still kept that stupid chicken.

"Melvin plopped down on the couch, watching Beastboy play.

"You still have that chicken?" Beastboy asked, his eyebrow raised, but his eyes focused on the game.

"Is it okay if I slept with Mr. Cluckey?" Melvin asked, facing me.

Beastboy burst out laughing.

"Mr. Cluckey! Hilarious!"

"I named him that. Melvin said defensively.

I snapped out of my trance and faced the two.

I went over to Melvin and snatched the chicken out of her tiny fingers.

"Just don't do it again." I replied to Melvin.

It has been a long day and the Teen Titans still hasn't come back yet. They called and said they were going to arrive tomorrow morning, they were running late.

Beastboy has fallen asleep on the couch, spread eagle. I was reading, but after a while, I fell asleep too. The three kids were in my room sleeping.

Narrator (pov)

" We are home from our- AWWWWWW!" Starfire couldn't believe what she was seeing. When Robin saw, he raised an eyebrow, and when Cyborg saw he mimicked the position Starfire was sporting.

Timmy was sleeping next to Raven on the couch, his baby blue blanket wrapped around them both.

Melvin was sleeping next to Beastboy, and Teether was sleeping in between them.

Cyborg reached over and flicked the light on and off till they woke up.

Timmy woke up first, but didn't move from his spot. Melvin just ignored it and snuggled closer to Beastboy. Teether just began chewing on the nearest pillow that was within his reach, and Raven and Beastboy woke up last.

"Well don't you guys look comfy." Cyborg said,a huge grin speading across his face.

"What?" Beastbot said groggily. He look down at The sleeping Melvin and his eyes became huge.

"What are you guys doing down here?" Raven asked Timmy, who was fully awake.

"Your room is scary scary scary scary!" Timmy answered.

Raven rolled her eyes. Melvin woke up, and stared at the other titans, blinking once in a while.

Beastboy grabbed the pillow from Teether, who started crying, and Beastboy popped his sucker into his mouth, and he immediately shut up.

"We have arrived!" Starfire announced once again. That snapped everyone back to reality.

They all hopped off the couch.

"Welp, looks like we're finished with our mission." Raven said ,clasping her hands together.

"Guess so. I'm going to take them home." Robin said.

Melvin, Timmy and Teether hugged Beastboy and Raven.

"Goodbye."Melvin said.

"Bobby will miss you guys. BYE!"Melvin shouted as the three children followed Robin out to the T-car.

Raven smiled a half smile, and Beastboy waved by to them while smiling.

It was fun.