She put on a dazzling but fake smile, and stepped out onto the purple-carpeted aisle.

Heads turned, and her smile wavered a little, but she willed herself to remain in character.

She strode down the aisle to the music, keeping her eyes trained on the church official that was standing behind that altar. Halfway to Jack, she hesitantly dared to meet Jack's eyes. Expecting to see his usual smirk, she was surprised to find a look of gentle kindness on his face, and even more surprising, it was directed at her. She blushed a little, partially from surprise, and she allowed herself to admit it was partially because of how cute he looked.

Just as Rapunzel contained her blush, Jack glanced away, seemingly disinterested.

Disappointment sat heavy in Rapunzel's stomach. She should have known. It was all a show, for the crowd. He wouldn't look at her like that genuinely.

Suddenly it became a competition to her. She'd pretend to like him, and diss him later, like he'd just done to her. She allowed herself a small smile. It was on.

She kept her smiling bride façade until she arrived at the altar. Jack was back to loving husband as well.

Their gazes met, and his smile shifted from gentle to challenging. He was keeping a façade. The competition wasn't just Rapunzel's anymore. She stared into his blue irises, but he kept them unreadable.

The competitive look faded from Jack's face and his eyes softened. Rapunzel almost melted into a puddle right then and there, but forced herself to maintain her composure.

The vows went by in a blur of Rapunzel trying not to blush and their staring contest. The "I do"s were said without a second thought.

His ring was a simple gold band inlaid with diamonds to represent Corona's golden fields and sunny days.

Hers was white gold with a big blue gemstone to represent Windelheim. She'd throw it in the river later.

"You may kiss the bride." Rapunzel closed her eyes and waited for Jack to kiss her.

His arms snaked around her waist. She opened her eyes to slits to see his trademark smirk, just in time for him to dip her and pull her in for a deep kiss.

Her mouth reacted of its own accord, kissing him back for a few seconds before remembering they were in front of approximately 200 people. She pulled back, praying he would un-dip her and they could leave.

He did, and then it was over and they were running down the aisle and people were throwing rice at them (Why did people throw rice at weddings, anyway? Rapunzel didn't have a clue). A little rice got under her corset, but she didn't notice.

Once they were out of the church, Rapunzel's maids ushered her to her room to prep her for the reception. She made herself give Jack a dirty look as she was dragged off. As she'd predicted, he smirked.

Author's Note:

Sorry, I'm pretty much a week late. I really should not put due dates on my fics.

The wedding happens! Yay! The future holds some interesting stuff.

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