Brothers 26

You thought I was done? I am far from done…I think...maybe. Alvin?

Alvin: No, I still have a trap to set.

Dagur, smirking: A trapper's trap can trap the trapper.

Hiccup, confused: What does that even mean?

Alvin shrugs in confusion while Dagur laughs like a madman.

Seriously, you thought we were done?

There were some things that regardless of what culture you may be from teenagers should never do until they were fully grown…well even some grownups shouldn't do as well but as the old saying goes "When on Berserk do as the Berserkers do". And so Hiccup did. When celebrating drinking excessively sometimes came with the territory and usually Stoick would water down any alcohol Hiccup might consume and at first he did just that but he had under estimated his son's popularity. He soon lost track of where Hiccup was, usually finding him with Dagur or amongst a group of teens chattering away with Toothless curled protectively around him. Which meant he also lost track how much Hiccup drank. But of course he was consumed in his own merriment so he didn't worry overly much about the boy. Since the supposed Alvin sighting he had instructed both boys to stay in the center of the Great Hall, close to the brightly burning hearth and within sight of everyone. So Stoick wasn't the only one keeping an eye on them, Gobber would check on them periodically as would Harold and Miriam. If it bothered the boys neither of them complained. In fact Hiccup was all smiles and laughter as was Dagur.

"Okay, seriously, why dragons?" Dagur asked as he leaned back against the hearth, absorbing the warmth of the fire. "No offense to Toothless but of all the creatures in the world why befriend dragons? How did that even come to be?"

Hiccup shrugged. "Honestly that wasn't my original intent. I…was testing out an invention to help protect the village during a dragon attack and well…I caught Toothless."

"Why didn't you kill him?"

Toothless snuggled closer and Hiccup ran a hand over his large head as he smiled. "Because it would have been like killing myself. He was just as frightened of me as I was him. It wasn't easy but we became friends and since then nearly inseparable. He's my best friend."

Dagur nodded as if in understanding. He took a deep drink from his chalice. "Do you ever regret it? I mean since becoming the Dragon Conqueror Alvin's been after you."

Hiccup shrugged. "Sometimes, but I wouldn't change a thing other than you know the obvious. How about you? Why do they call you 'deranged'."

Dagur burst into laughter. "Isn't it obvious?"

A grin tugged at Hiccup's lips as he drank his mead. "Yeah, the knives and trying to drown people for asking innocent questions makes it rather obvious…and the stuff with your dad. You know mine would never do that right?"

Dagur nodded. "Yeah, I know."

For a while neither spoke and just stared at the jumping flames. Then Hiccup gave s small yawn and snuggled against Toothless. "You know I like this, you and me actually talking. We should do it more often," he murmured as he closed his eyes.

"No! No sleeping," Dagur objected, jumping to his feet and pulling Hiccup up. "Come on, Hic, you slept for nearly twenty-four hours and took a nap earlier today. This is a celebration! Let's party. Come on, have another drink and let's dance."

"You can't dance," Hiccup pointed out with a laugh but he let Dagur pull him away while Toothless slept.

"Neither can you yet Cora swears you're the best dancer she's ever been with."

"You set that up!"

"Did not." But the grin on Dagur's face told it all. Dagur had sent Cora to cheer Hiccup up and get him to have a little fun. The little girl was asleep now but Hiccup wasn't upset, he had fun dancing with her. She was a sweet kid and Toothless seemed to adore her as well and that was all Hiccup ever needed to see to be able to trust someone…usually, there was that issue with Heather a while back.

Dancing to Dagur was pretty much the same as telling stories around a campfire. There was a lot of bouncing around and yelling at the top of his lungs and he would grab Hiccup's arms and twirl him around, laughing hysterically. It made Hiccup dizzy but he laughed too. Maybe it was the alcohol but watching the room spin made his giddy and sick all at the same time and he knew his father would not be pleased if he made a fool of himself but for once he didn't care. He didn't care about much at the moment but that was only due to his mind being a little too fuzzy. All he could do is laugh and Dagur probably have pinned him against a pillar and kissed him until he couldn't breathe anymore. In the end he fell on his rear, laughing uncontrollably.

"Alright, that's enough," Stoick announced as he strolled past amused Berserkers and Hooligans to retrieve his drunk son. "It's way past someone's bed time." He picked Hiccup up by under his arms and threw him over one shoulder, careful enough to not upset the boy's stomach any more than it most likely already was. He glared at Dagur who also seemed a little woozy on his feet. "You should as well. In fact it's time for all the kids to head to their beds."

There was a bunch of awws but Stoick was not one to say no to and soon all the kids and teenagers were off to bed.

"Aww…Dad, you're embarrassing me," Hiccup whined as he playfully slapped his father's backside. "Put me down."

"You can't even walk," Stoick pointed out as he strolled out of the Great Hall and to a hut that had been quickly repaired and given to Dagur and his family, most of which were spending the night at the Great Hall. Dagur followed closely behind and not far behind him was Toothless.

"I can too! Hicc-up!" Hiccup gasped and slapped his hands over his mouth as a second hiccup escaped him.

Dagur began snickering as Hiccup's hiccups got worse. "Oh now I get it, you were born hiccupping!" he laughed, nearing tripping in his amusement. Toothless caught him before he hit the ground.

Stoick only shook his head in bemusement. He was going to have to keep a better eye on these two when they got together otherwise Dagur was going to teach his boy too many bad things. Last thing Stoick needed was a smaller version of Dagur on his hands.

By the time he made it to the hut only a few hundred feet away Hiccup was already passed out yet still hiccupping while Dagur giggled uncontrollably. Thankfully the hut was in fit shape and Stoick was able to carry Hiccup up to the loft where he laid him down on some blankets and tucked the remainder over and around him. It was times like this when Hiccup looked far too small and childlike to be a dragon rider let alone drink. But today was a very important day and considering all that had happened Stoick was simply happy to have his son alive.

Chuckling to himself he leaned forward and brushed his lips against the boy's forehead. "Tomorrow you're going to have the worse hangover in Viking history. It'll teach you not to drink like that again until you're a man. You'll take good care of him, hey boy?" he asked Toothless as the dragon dropped to the floor next to his rider.

"Hic is a man," Dagur said proudly as he dropped onto another makeshift bed not far from Hiccup's. "He'll make a great chief. Didn't even throw up. That's the strength of a great chieftain."

Stoick shook his head. That must have been something Oswald instilled in the boy but before he could question Dagur further the boy had passed out and was sound asleep. Oh well, at least Dagur was quiet when he slept and not nearly as annoying as he was when awake. Stoick only hoped that the younger Berserker chief didn't try anything funny with Hiccup otherwise he might have to kill him…or castrate him, one of the two.

"You better keep a good eye on them," Stoick said sternly to Toothless. The dragon open one eye, adjust his head and yawned widely before lowering his head and going to sleep as well. Yeah, Toothless wasn't going to be any help unless Hiccup was in any real danger. Well that would have to do for now. He'd have some of the other kids spend the night on the main floor and post a few guards around the building. While he hadn't seen Alvin or any other Outcasts in or around the Great Hall it didn't necessarily mean that they weren't around. Alvin was called Treacherous for nothing but he still wanted to hold onto the hop that the fake funeral had been enough to chase Alvin away. He wasn't going to take any chances, even if it meant he had to spend another sleepless night to protect his child.

. . .

Nightmares had become a part of Hiccup's life ever since losing his leg in the battle with Red Death. He'd had them when he was younger too, when his mother first left and then when Dagur began acting weird but those were nothing like the Red Death until now. Now he twisted and turned in his sleep, whimpering softly as if fearful of waking any one. He was the son of the Hooligan Chief and an heir never showed fear even when asleep. So for the most part his whimpers went unheard but the visions he saw were very real to his unconscious mind.

He was back in the burning building, choking on smoke while fighting for his life as he battled Alvin, now larger and more frightening than in real life, as if he were a demon out to possess Hiccup's very soul. And rather than besting him in the clashing of swords Hiccup was forced back and unable to land not a single blow. And then Alvin had him pinned, an incredibly large hand around his throat and threatening to squeeze the very life out of him.

"You'll be mine, Hiccup," Alvin hissed, his foul breathe bringing tears to Hiccup's eyes but no matter how much he fought he couldn't escape. He knew he was about to suffer a fate crueler than death.

The whimpers turned into cries as he struggled under the blankets that seemed to somehow wrap around him tighter and tangle his legs until that trapped feeling was all consuming and he was on the verge of screaming and just when he thought for sure Alvin was going to tear away his close and rape him as he had threatened so many times Hiccup awoke, drenched in sweat and being shaken awake by Dagur. He didn't think twice, didn't ask questions, he simply threw himself in the older boy's arms, needing the big brother Dagur once was to him. He needed that brother more than anything else in the world at that moment, not caring about the two times Dagur had kissed him or all the affectionate hugs and pats that was so uncommon between them. Later he might think of them but not now.

"Shh…" Dagur soothed as he held the smaller boy close. "It's alright. He can't hurt you now. I won't let him."

Hiccup could only guess he had spoken in his sleep but he said nothing else. He was grateful when Dagur slipped in next to him and held him. It wasn't anything sexual. No flirting or touching, both far too tired for anything of the sort. Dagur patted Hiccup's head before wrapping an arm around his waist, Hiccup's back to Dagur's belly just like the first night. For the rest of the night Hiccup slept in peace, no longer afraid of Alvin jumping out of the shadows or trying to consume his soul or whatever other horrors the Outcast had in store for him.

. . .

Alvin was indeed still on the island but not for much longer. Now that he knew Hiccup was alive he had all the time in the world to capture the boy and he would, when the time was right. Thor had favored the child and therefore now was not the time to anger the guard by stealing the child. No, he would wait. In time Hiccup would do something to lose the God's favor and would one day again be Alvin's to take and while he wasn't a patient man Alvin did now a thing or two about fate. His fate and Hiccup's were entwined, that was why neither of them had died in battle. Hiccup needed him just as much as Alvin needed the boy. Oh and the things he had planned for young Hiccup. Oh yes, he would have the Dragon Conqueror, it was all a matter of time.

. . .

"You look so much like her," Rayanamiriam said as she stroked Hiccup's cheek a few days later. She smiled warming at her long lost nephew with a sense of pride and eyes full of love. She looked a lot like Valhallrama herself, same auburn hair and bright green eyes. "You and Victor could have passed as brothers."

Hiccup smiled shyly. "I wish I could have known him."

She nodded. "Yes, well…" She glanced over at Stoick with a frown before sighing and turning her gaze to Hiccup. "We can't linger on the past but I'm sure the two of you would have made good friends. Remember, you do have family here and a home and I expect you to visit often, understand. Just because mister tall dark and gruesome over there can't take the time to bring you to visit me even when he is on the island doesn't mean you can't. Our door is always open to you."

Hiccup nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

"Aunt Raya," she corrected, flicking his nose. "None of this ma'am stuff, understood?"

"Yes, Aunt Raya," Hiccup said with a grin. It felt odd having a family he never knew about until only a few days ago.

Raya presented him with a small box. "Your mother made this for my Victor when he was little. She said you had a matching one. I would be honored if you can put it with yours. It's all I have left of your mother. I wish there was more."

Opening the box Hiccup found a stuff dragon almost identical to the one he had on his headboard at him. He looked up in wonder and smiled widely. Raya gave him a big hug before shooing him over to Toothless who stood proudly in his new harness and saddle just waiting to take to the air. In the days since the funeral Gobber and Hiccup had worked hard to rebuild Toothless's prosthetic tail fin and rods so that the Nightfury could get back in the air. Toothless hated being grounding more than Hiccup did but the rider was itching to get back in the sky as well.

Dagur clasped his arm. "Take care, brother," he said with that silly grin that Hiccup had come to know that there was some sort of hidden meaning in his words, as if he wanted to say something else but couldn't due to people being around – namely grownups and Stoick who might skin him alive if he said or tried anything inappropriate. "I'll be expecting that 'air mail' in a few days."

Hiccup grinned. "Just remember not to kill the messenger. I rather like Sharpshot and will be upset if anything happened to him."

Dagur rolled his eyes. "I won't kill your precious dragons. Just remember to come back and visit. I might want to find myself a dragon to ride. Maybe my own Nightfury."

Toothless made a sad face and Hiccup rubbed his wide neck. "Unfortunately, he's the last of his kind so that'll be unlikely."

"We'll see," Dagur said, also rubbing Toothless's head. "We'll see." He stepped back as the dragon began beating his powerful wings and took to the air. A moment later the rest of the dragons followed suit. Dagur waved up to Hiccup and Toothless. "Safe journey!"

Hiccup waved back and then, a few seconds later the dragons took formation, Stoick and Hiccup in the lead and headed toward Berk. Gobber and the rest of the Berk warriors cast off and followed not far behind at a much slower pace.

Dagur stayed where he stood until the dragons were out of sight and then stayed there a few minutes longer in contemplation. Toothless was the last of his kind? Impossible. He had seen other Nightfuries but where. He pondered that, knowing without a doubt he had seen more of the ebony dragons somewhere…on an island he once visited with his father, when he had first fell in love with the beasts and planned on making one's skull into a helmet, not that he wanted to anymore. He had a better plan. He would make Toothless extremely happy. He would find a Nightfury just for Toothless. It might seem impossible but Dagur knew that if anyone could do it then it would be him because no one was as deranged or as dedicated in such a quest as he was.

A small hand tugged his and he looked down to see Cora looking up at him with those wide green eyes and hugging a black stuff dragon that looked suspiciously like Toothless. "You want to play?" she asked in that tiny voice she had when she was sure Dagur would refuse due to big kid stuff.

"Alright," he said, surprising her. "What do you want to play?"

She brightened instantly. "Dragon tag?"

He grinned. It was his favorite game as a child. "You better start running then because I'm the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself, the mighty Nightfury!" He snatched the stuffed dragon from her hands and roared the roar of the Nightfury. In the distance a roar answered him and Dagur pause and smiled. Then, without further hesitation he ran after his sister feeling more alive and normal then he had in a very long time.

The End…for now

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