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Chapter 5

The next morning, Princess Rebecca stood in front of her full-length mirror in her bedroom. She turned every which way, inspecting herself and to make sure that everything was perfect. Her dress was brand new, never worn, decorated with delicate stitching, and smoothed down carefully. Her face was made up to look flawless, and as she looked at her face in the mirror, Rebecca really couldn't help but think of how much she looked like a doll.

Her freckles weren't even visible anymore and she was forced to remove her glasses, leaving her bright blue eyes wide and her pupils dilated. Her hair was pinned up in a high bun instead of loose over her shoulders or pulled back into a simple ponytail, but the hundreds of pins in her hair were poking her scalp and giving her a headache. Overall, she was miserable.

Not only did her head hurt, but also her feet from the shoes that were one -or two- sizes too small. The fabric of the dress was itchy, and her face felt heavy from the powder that was applied -if asked, Rebecca would say it was caked on. And every time she reached for the bridge of her nose to adjust her glasses, they were never there! It gave her hands nothing to do!

She sighed heavily, looking at her reflection again, standing tall, confident and regal. She was the Queen, or at least, soon to be the Queen, and this is the image she would have to get used to seeing whenever she looked in the mirror. And that was the reason she was so dressed up right now, because this was the day that she performed her first act of future Queen, by addressing her future people on the matter of finding her husband. Okay, the second act, her first had been banishing the Duel Monsters.

Her scholars had already found the location of the prince, and where he was actually wasn't that far of a distance from Tagami, a two day journey one-way on foot. Now the problem was finding this warrior that The Goddess with the Third Eye spoke of. She was hoping that this warrior would make himself known during the tournament that should be taking place soon. In fact, Tristan should be arriving shortly to retrieve her and escort her down to the private spectator section where she would address all the people of the kingdom.

Was it getting hot in this room, or was it her imagination? There was a knock on the door that made her jump in surprise. Rebecca composed herself quickly, taking one last look in the mirror before turning to the door.

"Come in." Rebecca called.

"It is time, my lady." Tristan said as he poked his head in, so Rebecca nodded in understanding and walked towards the door as Tristan held it open for her.

"Thank you, Tristan," Rebecca said, smiling at the taller man.

Tristan wasn't exactly sure what she was thanking him for, but he smiled back at her either way.

"You are welcome, Princess Rebecca." Tristan replied. "And might I say, you look very beautiful?"

"Thank you very much." Rebecca flushed at the compliment and wrung her hands.

They walked through the empty halls in a comfortable silence for a while, just listening to the rhythm of their footsteps. They reached the doorways that led to the balcony that would overlook the competition. Tristan stopped in front of the door, his hand resting on the handle, ready to open the door. Rebecca held up a hand to stop him, shaking her head. She looked down at her gloved hands and picked at a loose thread on her dress. Tristan sighed silently and stepped away from the door for a moment to go to his future Queen.

"Is something troubling you, my lady?" Tristan asked softly, and Rebecca shrugged her shoulders not really looking up.

"It's nothing," Rebecca replied weakly as she peeked up at Tristan and saw that he looked unconvinced before she sighed heavily, her shoulders actually rising and falling with it. "Just… what if they don't like me, Tristan?"

"I'm sorry?" Tristan asked as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"What if everyone out there doesn't like me?" Rebecca asked as she finally looked up, so Tristan saw the worry in her deep blue eyes. "I am their future queen; I don't want them to hate me all throughout my reign. And if I mess up today…that could decide everything."

Tristan nodded in understanding, finally realizing what had been stressing Rebecca; the poor girl was worrying too much. Or maybe it was the Council that was causing her to worry too much as well. That was way too much stress for someone who was only thirteen years old. Tristan put a hand on the girl's shoulder and smiled down at her comfortingly.

"You'll be fine." Tristan flashed her a cheesy smile. "I'm sure you'll do just fine, and they will absolutely adore you. Just show them that beautiful smile of yours."

Rebecca couldn't help but giggle, her eye's brightening. Tristan nodded his approval.

"There you go! Just like that." Tristan patted her on the shoulder and went back to the door, raising an eyebrow at her. "Are you ready?"

Rebecca took a deep breath. She made sure that her dress was smoothed down and she tucked a piece of hair that had fallen away behind her ear. She once again reached for her nose to adjust her glasses but found that they were not there. She nodded that she was ready to Tristan and then the door was opened for her. Rebecca stepped out. A trumpet was blown, and the dull roar from the crowd that had gathered immediately silenced.

Though Rebecca could not see them without her glasses on, she still felt all those eyes resting on her. She had to resist shifting her weight from one foot to the other, or fiddling with her dress, or any nervous habit she had. She had to make a good first impression. Rebecca silently cleared her throat and gave a small smile, though it felt to her that it didn't quite reach her eyes. She could do this. She had to.

"People of Tagami," Rebecca began. "I am Princess Rebecca and future Queen of Tagami. As most of you know, my grandfather -the current King- has fallen ill and will most likely not be able to return to his position on the throne. So, as his only heir, it is my responsibility to take over as ruler. However, I cannot rule without a King by my side."

Rebecca turned her attention to the group of young men who had come from all across the land as soon as word reached them that Princess Rebecca would be hosting a tournament to find the warrior to retrieve her future husband.

"These brave and noble men you see before you today will be tested in their strength to determine who will go out on the quest for my future husband and rescue him from a great beast." Rebecca continued feeling more confident. "Though I know that they did not have to choose to compete today in the tournament, I am honored nonetheless that they have decided to possibly put their lives on the line for the future of the kingdom, and I would just like to say, 'Thank you.'"

There was applause from the audience at the end of Princess Rebecca's speech. Rebecca smiled, knowing that the applause was genuine, and not because she was their next queen. The smile turned to a grin as Rebecca waved her hand.

"Now let the tournament begin!" Rebecca announced.


Yami breathed a sigh of relief when he finally exited the forest, and onto a road that would lead them straight to the castle. Joey and Reddoaizu had been rather quiet the whole trip, except when giving directions, which he had been thankful for. The small group had slept briefly once they past the town that was in Joey's instruction, and continued on once the sun had risen, eating their food as they walked… or hunted it as they went, in Reddoaizu's case.

"See, there's Tagami." Joey's voice brought him out of his thoughts. "Right where I said it would be."

"So that's Princess Rebecca's castle." Yami commented as he looked at the large stone building in the distance with nothing but disdain.

"Yep." Reddoaizu nodded from his perch on Joey's shoulders. "That's the palace."

Yami glared at the building, as if his magic could pull the princess right out of the large stone fortress. He knew that the castle had been around for about 9 or 10 years and built by Princess Rebecca's parents, but he still couldn't stop the thought that maybe the young royal was compensating for something. With a huff, Yami started walking again, wanting to get the inevitable conversation he was going to have with the thirteen year old, and probably spoiled, princess over with as soon as possible.

"Hey, wait up Yami." Joey called as he ran after the magician.

The neighing of horses and the rattling of carts caught Yami's attention, and the spellcaster focused on several caged wagons being driven by Tagami guards. The guards stopped the horses as the sight of the Magician of Black Chaos, but Yami's line of sight was on what was in one of the carts… the rarer known Duel Monsters. And in the very first wagon, showing exactly why Mahad hadn't shown up at his home yesterday, was a very injured Dark Magician.

Anger had filled Yami and he sent a blast of magic at the guards that was very loud and purposely flew over their heads. What? He didn't want to castrate them… not really… okay, he had, but Mahad had taught him better than that. Plus, the spellcaster was right there, and would really show Yami how to cast a castration spell if he had done so to the guards… using Yami as his demonstrating dummy.

"Run for your lives!"

"He's gonna kill us!"

Yami rolled his eyes as the guards abandoned the caged wagons, screaming like little kids, and fled back towards Tagami. With the guards gone, Yami had access to the caged carts. He studied the locks before simply banishing the metal cages into nothingness, deeming the mechanism too complex to deal with while he lacked the patience to work it out, and hopped into the wagon. The other Duel Monsters cringed away from him, which still stung deep down, except for a Spiria named Isis and a Dark Magician Girl named Mana, who Yami knew was Mahad's current apprentice.

"Mahad?" Yami asked as he settled himself next to his teacher.

"Sorry I'm late." Mahad whispered with a small smile.

"Given the justifiable circumstances, I think I can forgive you." Yami replied.

"We treated him as best we could." Mana jumped in. "But the guards didn't give us much medicine."

"I know you did." Yami nodded, and began digging around in his bag.

Once he found the medicine he had packed, Yami had treated Mahad's wounds, to the spellcaster's great amusement, (the Dark Magician recalling many times when he had been the one applying medicine to Yami's injuries). Out of the corner of his eye, Yami noted that Joey and Reddoaizu were passing out some food rations and going hunting for deer and whatnot. Once he was done, Yami told Isis and Mana how to get to his castle ruins home, hoping that the two girls would not abuse his trust on a later date.

"You're not coming?" Mahad asked.

"No, since a certain little princess banished all the Duel Monsters of Tagami to a certain castle ruins…" Yami shook his head, letting his sentence trail off.

"Ah." Mahad nodded once, understanding what his once apprentice was going to do. "Yami, Princess Rebecca's banishment came out of fear, but that's all I can tell you. I don't know the true source of the fear, what caused her to enact the banishment."

"That's fine." Yami shrugged. "You focus on getting better."

"I will." Mahad agreed. "Don't do anything rash."

"I wander into a village one time…" Yami muttered under his breath, but was still loud enough for his teacher and his new apprentice to hear him, and they laughed. "I was seven!"

"You were." Mahad granted before turning serious. "Stay safe."

"I will." Yami echoed his teacher's words.

The Magician of Black Chaos leapt out of the wagon and watched as they traveled down the road towards the village, and turned into the woods, onto a path that was known only to the Duel Monsters. They would be safe the rest of the journey. Once the last wagon was safely out of sight, Yami turned and began marching towards the castle, flat out pissed off. That princess was really going to get it now.

Joey could feel the anger rolling off the magician. He didn't know exactly what was going through Yami's brain, but he got some of it upon seeing the rarer Duel Monsters in a caged wagon. Joey recognized one of the magicians in the cage, the most heavily injured one, a Dark Magician. The same one who had bought Joey and the other Duel Monsters time to escape from the markets yesterday, and who apparently had been Yami's mentor as he had grown up.

Seeing Mahad hurt like that, for Joey it was just as bad as if someone had hurt his father, before the man had turned to rum and beer after his wife had left with their daughter, both of whom Joey had not seen for many years… and he found himself wondering yet again if they even knew that he was now a Dragon Tamer with a Red Eyes Black Dragon as his partner. Joey shook himself out of his thoughts as he followed Yami up to the castle gate, which was lowered as some village folk ran inside, all of them yelling that they were late for something and needed to hurry. Late for what, Joey didn't know, and he wasn't sure that he wanted to know.

"Hey, you!" Yami called to the guard at the gate, who screamed in response and ran into the castle. "Why does everyone think that I'm going to turn them into a toad?"

"I don't know." Joey shrugged as he followed the magician inside.

Once in the courtyard, it was immediately noticed by both that there was no one there. All was still and silent. The three Duel Monsters glanced at each other, all wondering where everybody was before a trumpet fanfare caught their attention. Looking around, Reddoaizu spotted the path that was heading for the castle arena, and softly chirped to let Joey and Yami know.

Following the path, Yami heard a young woman's voice, no doubt Princess Rebecca's, addressing the crowd, something about not having to volunteer for the event and the possibility of dying. At the end of the path, Yami stopped, staying in the shadows. The princess was all dolled up and looked every bit of the royal that she was, but for crying out loud, she was so young. It looked like she hadn't even gone through puberty yet. Mahad, why hadn't you said something about her age?

"Let the tournament begin!" Princess Rebecca's voice brought Yami out of his thoughts.

Yami steeled himself and locked away the tiniest bit of guilt he felt for going to demand something from someone so young, but he wasn't going to let this little girl take his home away. Stepping out into the light, with Joey and Reddoaizu following right behind him, any cheering that had been unleashed came to a sudden halt as the crowd gasped at the sight of him and Joey.

"What is that?" Rebecca demanded.

The princess was unable to see anything clearly without her glasses, and saw nothing but a black dot behind the group of young men that had volunteered for the tournament. But could tell by the sudden silence, it wasn't good, whatever it was.

"A Magician of Black Chaos!" Duke hissed as Yami marched through the young men in front of him, the males parting quickly. "It's hideous!"

"That's not very nice." Yami called back up as he glanced back at Joey and Reddoaizu. "It's just a Dragon Tamer and his Red Eyes."

"Hey!" Joey and Reddoaizu protested at the same time.

"Are you Princess Rebecca?" Yami yelled up to the young woman.

"Why do you wish to know?" Duke demanded as he pulled his princess back from the ledge of the balcony. "Does her name and the knowledge of what she will do to you for stepping into her kingdom strike fear into your heart?"

"No, but that stupid bandana you're wearing might." Yami replied with a smirk.

Duke let out a strangled gasp. Tristan had given him that red bandana, and he always wore it with him. Either around his hair when he was off duty, or around his neck or wrist while on duty. Rebecca stepped back forward, absolutely enraged that a Duel Monster had entered her kingdom and insulted her captain, the fact that he was a Magician of Black Chaos somehow not making connections in her mind.

"New plan!" Rebecca called. "The man who kills the Magician of Black Chaos will be named champion! Have it him!"

"Oh, hey! Come on!" Yami backed away to avoid getting poked by the swords and spears the young men in the arena had, Joey going with him as they bumped into a table that had pints of beer on it. "Can't we just settle this over a pint?"

"Go ahead! Get him! Kill the beast!" the crowd encouraged the young men on the field

"No? All right then." Yami drank the beer in one of the glasses down, definitely planning to not tell Mahad that he drank alcohol before being the legal age (18) to do so. "Come on!"

Swinging his staff, Yami smashed the spigot off the large barrel of beer behind him, (seriously, it was about the size of one of the small cottages in the kingdom). The beer came gushing out in a flood, drenching the young men and wetting the ground until it had a mud-like consistency. Yami had jumped over the table, and using his staff, tripped up many of the young men while sliding on the beer-mud like he was ice skating.

Joey grinned as he and Reddoaizu hopped up onto one of the remaining beer barrels. Reddoaizu didn't want to go full size since that would make him a bigger target for anyone with arrows, so the cat-sized dragon chewed through the ropes holding the barrel down. Joey rocked the barrel and soon the ropes broke, prompting the barrel to roll. Walking backward on top of the barrel, Joey grinned and waved to Yami as the barrel flattened about 5 of the young men.

"Whoo-hoo!" Joey cheered as he waved to Yami, and the crowed.

Yami rolled his eyes, but nodded back (and would admit he was impressed by the improvisation) before focusing on the rest of the young men. He didn't need to hurt them badly, just knock them out. Focusing his magic to the tip of his staff, Yami focused on hitting each of the young men in the head, or upper body, and an occasional knee. With the magic flowing from the staff, not very many of the young men got back up. He would hit harder if the young man in question had murder in his eyes instead of hesitance.

It was then that Yami noticed something. Well, a couple of something's. The first was that Joey and his Red Eyes were having the time of their lives. Reddoaizu would nip and someone's ankles to distract them, or even crawl under their shirt and chainmail, which was a very ticklish experience for some, and Joey would knock them out with his fists or a piece of wood. Yami could easily see the Dragon and Tamer partnership between the two.

And the second something was that the crowd was no longer cheering for the young men who had volunteered to participate in this tournament. They were cheering… for him! His lips twitching into a half-smile, Yami waved to the crowd, who cheered even louder, and then gasped. But Yami already knew that one of the young men who had volunteered to partake in the tournament was sneaking up behind him, and a quick bang to his head had him down.

"Yeah!" Yami flat out grinned, not remembering the last time he had so much fun.

"The chair!" one of the women in the crowd called out. "Give him the chair!"

Yami looked around and saw a chair on the other side of the arena, and a young man charging at him from the other direction. Using a basic summoning spell, Yami step-sided and allowed the chair to smash into the young man, sending him out of the tournament as well. Well, almost. The young man tried to get back up, but a quick kick to the head from Reddoaizu and Joey put him down for good. Yami looked around and realized that all of the young men were down and out. He had done it, with Joey's and Reddoaizu's help, but they had still beaten all of Tagami best young men. And the crowd had gone wild with their cheering.

"Thank you!" Yami called as he and Joey waved to the crowd. "Thank you very much!"

"I'm here till Thursday." Joey added with a laugh. "Try the veal!"

But Duke had seen enough. He would not take another moment of watching this… abomination swat down these brave young men like flies, using his filthy magic and cheating to do so. He gave the signal for his men perched at all towers to aim their crossbows at the Magician of Black Chaos, the Dragon Tamer, and the cat-sized Red Eyes Black Dragon. The laughter from the crowd stopped as the guards turned their weapons on three Duel Monsters.

Yami nervously backed up until he was back to back with Joey, who had Reddoaizu perched on his shoulders once again. Yami hadn't used that much magic, but he didn't have enough energy to do a long-range spell that would knock all of the guards with crossbows out, or to banish them to the swamp like he would in his home. He would end up as a pincushion. The only thing he could do was shield himself, and his tagalongs, and get out of the castle.

Duke was ready to give the signal to shoot the magician and the Dragon Tamer down, but Rebecca smacked her hand lightly against Duke's chest to get his attention. The captain of the guards looked down at the princess and saw that her eyes were completely transfixed on the magician. She wasn't even looking up at him, but she slowly shook her head.

"An unexpected warrior…" the words of the Goddess rang in her head.

"That's him…" Rebecca said softly, more to herself than the other's around her.

Duke and Tristan exchanged confused looks, but Duke still gave the signal none the less for his men to stand down. Rebecca straightened herself out again and smiled brightly at her people, spreading her arms wide and grand.

"People of Tagami, I present to you the warrior that will seek out my husband!" Rebecca declared.

"What?" Yami shouted in confusion and outrage, but his voice was drowned out by the trumpet fanfare that accompanied Princess Rebecca's announcement.

"Congratulations, magician." Rebecca said as she focused on the black dot on the field- why couldn't she have kept her glasses? "You have won the honor of embarking on a great and noble quest."

"Quest?" Yami repeated in disbelief, his anger swelling up once again. "I'm already in a quest to get my home back."

"Your home?" Rebecca questioned with a frown.

"Yes, my home! My homesteaded castle ruins home, for the past 6 years!" Yami repeated angrily as he pointed his staff accusingly at her. "Where you decided to banish all of the Duel Monsters that used to reside peacefully in this kingdom!"

Rebecca bit down on her tongue. The guards that had come back from the castle ruins had reported that they had been abandoned. Unless… they saw the magician living there and assumed that it would be a good spot… Ugh, what a mess. Besides, according to the laws her parents had made about a Duel Monster's residence, they had to "Homestead", or remain on the property for 5 years, to claim the land as their own… since the Magician of Black Chaos had claimed to have been there for 6 years, he had followed the law, but there was no actual proof but his word.

But Rebecca could not, would not, welcome the Duel Monsters back into the kingdom. The thought of Leon lying pale and weak on a bed in the healing chambers… though she needed this magician to go on the quest, like the Goddess with the Third Eye had said he would. But she couldn't have a displeased magician that could lay the entire kingdom to ruin when provoked on her hands by refusing to remove the Duel Monsters from the castle ruins either… It was enough to cement her decision.

"Very well magician, I'll make you a deal." Rebecca said. "Go on this quest for me, and I'll give you the deed to your home. It shall be returned to you."

"Exactly the way it was?" Yami demanded.

"Down to the last piece of brick rubble." Rebecca promised.

"And the guards trouncing around my home and lands?" Yami prompted. "The ones who are ignoring my warning signs?"

Rebecca had to bite back a groan. So that's why over a dozen of her guards had come back smelling like a swamp. They had tripped the traps and paid the price.

"Will be gone." Rebecca vowed.

Yami frowned as he lowered his staff back down and leaned on it as he thought things over. This was a right mess, no doubt about that. To be honest, he hadn't expected to have to go on another quest to get his home, which was rightfully his, back from the princess. But the ruins did lay on the border of her kingdom… so 'technically', the castle ruins were hers. But he had properly homesteaded the land, but no human would ever take the word of a Duel Monster without the word of another human to back them up.

He had no choice.

"What kind of quest?" Yami asked as he looked back up.


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