"Dom? You gotta do it." Brian whispered into his phone, rolling his eyes at Rome who was counting his change. "Man, I ain't even got enough change for an even hundred. Why the fuck did I listen to you? 'Save your change, Rome! You'll have enough for a Ben in a day', he mocked Brian as he leaned back against the lawn chair.

"You fuckin' crazy, Brian? You honestly think that she'd be able to he-" Dom's voice was cut off by a loud smacking noise. "Letty!" After that all Brian heard was a scuffle for the phone.

"Brian? He'll call her. Don't worry about it." Letty obviously won the fight for the phone, speaking clearly into the receiver, causing Brian to relax. "Thanks, Let."

Sighing under his breath, he snapped his phone shut and tossed it on the couch, raising his hand to his head, massaging his temples.

There was only one person that could help them win this race that was for fucking sure.

And if Rome hadn't been so damn stupid to bet the pink's of all their fucking cars then they wouldn't need to call Dom's sister.

After all, if there was anyone that could win a race against one of the best street teams this side of the US, it was her.

It didn't help that the last time she had seen him, she had seen him in a… very compromising state with Mia.

Granted, they weren't doing anything, and she hadn't exactly let him explain that before she threw the wrench that she was holding at his head… but still. Awkward was going to be an understatement.

And of course, with women being… women, they had talked it out over the phone, Mia being able to explain that what she had seen was purely non sexual, in fact the way she said it with such disgust honestly offended Brian, but it had been eight months since she moved to Forks and he still hadn't even gotten a damn phone call. It was time he saw her again. It was time she listened to him.

It was also his only chance at him keeping his beloved car.

God help them, because it looked like Bella Swan was his only hope.