Chapter 9: Truth, Lies, Beauty, Wonder.

Yes, I'm back! My muse is back.

Isabella Marie Swan Toretto's POV.

"My, well, our," I corrected, gesturing to Dom, Mia and then myself before speaking, "parents died when I was 12, Mia was 14 and Dom was 18, Mia" She said, pointing out towards her, "Had basically became my best friend. She was 14 but it never stopped her from helping us when she needed to, me especially. She's the best sister than anyone would ever want, she was my sister and my best friend. Anyways, I didn't want to be separated from my family because the state thought it would be best to put me in care of the state. But my big brother stepped up. He got a job, with the help of our aunt Reneé, then Mia when she turned 16."

At that point, I looked up to gauge everyone's response. Some of the Cullen's looked shocked, some looked hurt that I hid it from them, but Emmett and Alice. They were looking at me intently. My family had huddled up together, Letty on Dom's lap, me on Brian's and Mia on Rome's lap.

Huh, that was new.

"Instead of moving and living with our aunt, Dom supported us all. We were, are, inseparable. Always have been. Of course, Reneé had to keep tabs on us some how so we moved to California, where she had been living at the time." I stated before sighing and glancing back at her siblings.

"Since Mia and Dom were working… they never graduated. As soon as it was legal for Mia to drop out of school, she did. But they never let me. They never let me have that life, no matter how much I wanted to contribute. The refused to let me get a job. " With a small smile, I rested my head against Brian's shoulder.

"They pushed me and pushed me, wanting me to actually graduate, not get a G.E.D. like they had." She reached across the table and took Dom's hand, smiling at him. "And for that I am forever grateful. But, being a Toretto… it comes with the territory. I was rebellious. Always getting in trouble, got caught with some pot once. Never going to forget the tongue lashing I got for that." A chuckle escaped my lips as I continued, "I didn't think it was fair that they had to work and I had to sit on my ass and do school work instead of helping to provide for my family." I looked behind at and smirked at the look Mia gave me.

"With a little loan from our aunt, Dom and Mia were able to buy out the garage that they had been working in, fixing cars and what not. That was my breaking point. I was doing well in school, so my big bro and sis decided to let me help out in the garage and let me just tell you… it was heaven. Yeah, most of the time we had crap cars to deal with, but some time… as rare as it was, since we were a new shop, we would get sports cars. " I beamed at that, just the thought of it made her happy.

"Soon enough, word got around that the Toretto Auto Body Shop was one of the best in the area, and Dom was able to buy a sports car, a racing car. As I kept learning more and more about cars, I found out that Dom, the idiot that he is, was racing for money. But when he came home, whether he lost or won, I could see how happy he was. Time passed by and soon enough, Mia started racing. We were making hundreds of dollars. I remember watching them, and Dom, Jesus, Dom would get so cocky. He put over a thousand in the pot. But he won. He won and I was won over. I wanted in." I was interrupted by Mia, who had tapped me on the shoulder with a cold beer.

"Charlie called. He said he's going to be in Seattle for a few more days." Mia said, winking at her as she handed her the bottle. I raised it to her in thanks before turning to finish my story.

"It took weeks of convincing, until finally I snuck out one night. Stole Dom's car and headed to the streets. They had blocked everything out so no one innocent would get caught in the race, but what I didn't know was that Dom and Mia found out. They followed me but Mia convinced Dom to let me at least try the race. I didn't have much money, just about $600 that I had been saving to get a car for my own, but I knew it was worth it. With five drivers all putting in $600? No way I would loose. I needed that money. And you know what? I won. In fact that's what convinced Dom to let me race. I won just about every time and I got my dream car. I became what they call me now. "The Swan." I said as I rolled my eyes at Brian's chuckle, nudging him.

"Now a days, after I moved here and graduated… I dunno. Some personal things happened between Brian, Mia and myself and I left that night to come here. But that worked out and I finally forgave both of them, Brian and Mia." I said softly, as he pressed his lips against mine softly, his eyes shooting up the moment he heard a growl.

"Emmett, contain him. I won't have him hurting my family or boyfriend." I demanded before standing up and taking a swig of my beer.

"So, now they need me. Rome, the idiot that he is, " I ignored the chip thrown my way, "made a bet against the one other racer that is as good as us. But he made the bed with me as bait, something that he's going to grovel for quite a while. The money's good, about what? Half a million? And our cars. Every last one of them. So this is the race to the death, basically, in a sense. Loosing our babies would kill us after all the upgrades we've done."

I bit my lip and watched the Cullen Clan.

"That's my story. Got anything to say about it?"

The moment I said that, I was bombarded with questions. Ugh. I took a long drink of my beer, finishing it before placing it on the table.

"Great." I mumbled.