Running a hand over the steering wheel, Bella sighed happily. She missed this. Humming to herself, she sped down the road with Rosalie as well as her family trailing behind her.

Almost at the road that leads to the strip of pavement that never got renovated, Bella stopped her car just as Rosalie pulled up next to her. With a wink, Rose gunned the engine, tire tracks beginning to smell like rubber. Huffing, Bella looked in front of her at the road.

"Alright you two! First one that reaches that barrel and back wins! Mia said, stepping up to a spot in front of the cars, before reaching behind her to tug off her red shirt, waving it like a flag; which of course earned a groan and whistle from Roman and a sigh from Dom. Brian's smile never faltered because his eyes were focused on Bella.

Edward and Jasper looked as if they would blush if they could, looking away and in Jasper's case, looking at his mate. Emmett couldn't help but cheer loudly while Alice tilted her head, watching them with a smile. Of course she knew who would win, but what she didn't know is that when a race starts, decisions change rapidly.

"On your mark! Get. Set. GO!" Mia called out, waving her makeshift flag, grinning when the cars whizzed by her. The cheering of her family and Rose's family was extremely different. Edward was worried, Jasper felt all mixed emotions so he couldn't focus and Alice and Emmett cheered loudly, Alice jumping as she cried "Go Rose!"

On the other hand, the Toretto clan sat back, Dom whooping the moment that Bella overtook Rosalie's car, his beer raised in the air just before he frowned as Rose managed to sneak her way back to the front.

The smell of the tires against the road was like heaven to Bella, who was laughing all the way. The pure joy of racing rushed back to her and she realized how much she missed her old life.

Now, she wasn't sure if Rosalie knew about the NAS but Bella cer- … Yeah, she found out about the NAS. Bella smirked as Rose thundered by her only to swerve as she tried to make the turn with the high speed. Due to that factor, her turn was wide, leaving enough room for Bella to almost hug near the barrel, a tight turn. "Whoooo!" She yelled, her hair almost blinding her as she shook her head. One glance in the mirror told her that Rose was on her tail, catching up very fast.

"It's all in the timing baby." Bella muttered and hit the NAS the moment she was about half a mile from the ending line. The front bumper of her car crossed the line just as Rose followed, frustrated as she hit her hand against the wheel. "DAMN IT!" She yelled, growling when she lost.

Bella pushed open the car door with a large grin, "Who's bad, bitches?!" was exclaimed as she did a little dance in front of the car before walking over to her opponent, resting a hand on the frame as she smiled at the woman. "Good race, Rosalie." And she really meant it.

Glancing at the Cullen's and Torretto's she viewed a myriad of emotions, but of course Brian's stood out. The pride and love in his gaze was enough to make her walk over to him and press a kiss to his lips, which quickly turned into his hands sliding down to cup her ass as she deepened the kiss, nipping his lip, lost in love and lust before Letty cleared her throat at the same time walking up to them.

"I know you love each other, but Dom looks like he's about to kill Brian. And on the subject of killing Brian? Edward looks much more serious. "

Those words jarred something inside of Brian as he moved away, his hand and Bella's intertwined as he looked at Edward. "Listen, I don't know what type of relationship you had with MY girl, but it's over. 100 percent over, understand? Any thing she did was most likely since she was on the rebound-" at that comment, Bella frowned and nudged Brian's midsection, interrupting him. "I can speak for myself, Brian, thank you very much." She said, loud and clear.

"He's right about the fact that our romantic relationship is over, Edward, but I still love you. I love all of you guys." Her hand gestured to the Cullens, a small smile on her face the moment Jasper nodded at them. "But this is family. You know how important family is and Brian is my family and future."

The moment she said that, Edward turned tail and started to walk before trotting into a sprint until he disappeared. "I get it, Bells." Emmett said, shrugging a shoulder as he looked over at the rest of his family. "Girl, you won me over with that race." Rose commented as Alice tilted her head in slight confusion, "It was… strange. I didn't know the outcome."

"See, with the Torretto family? You'll never see the end. We're known for changing our minds every few minutes." Mia said, walking over to Rome and leaning against his shoulder.

Just that very moment, Brian pulled Bella closer and rested his chin on her shoulder causing her to smile sweetly, reaching up behind her to gently run her fingers through his hair.

"I'm happy, you guys. No more secrets. No more hidden truths and no more arguing."

Leaning against Brian, she gestured for them to sit at the table even though they didn't eat.

"And, I think you won just about everyone over, Rose."