Hey! New story! Cue my theme music. (Not sure what that is yet. To be determined.) This was something I've been since watching NCIS and discovering Harry Potter/NCIS crossovers. Harry Potter and Kelly Gibbs just seemed like the ideal pairing so I started to think about how they would get together. This is what I came up with. This chapter is mostly Harry's return home and meeting the Potters. Next chapter you'll get something similar with Kelly, and then you'll get some back story. Hope you enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS or Harry Potter. If only I could be so lucky.

James Potter peered out his kitchen window, eager to see a familiar car pull into his driveway. Though they were a Wizarding family, the Potters had integrated many Muggle aspects into their households including owning a car.

"Daddy, don't worry so much. I'm sure there was just a lot of traffic at the airport," his eldest daughter Maria reassured him. James smiled faintly at her. Out of all his children, she looked the most like Lily with flaming red hair and similar facial structure. Only Harry had inherited Lily's startling emerald eyes.

"Yeah, Dad," his eldest son Sirius added, "Charlie's only been in one car accident, and it was only because of that deer." Maria glared at him, and his wife Fleur smacked his arm hard. "Ow, what was that for?" Though nearly identical to James in appearance, he had all the tact of his name sake.

"I am sure that iz not 'elpful for your fat'er to 'ear," Fleur admonished him. James really appreciated his daughter-in-law at times like these. Sirius had met Fleur when Hogwarts did an exchange program with Beauxbaton and Durmstrang. Sirius and three other fifth years were sent to Beauxbaton, and four students sent to Hogwarts. He and the French Veela had quickly fallen in love, and after graduation Fleur took a job with Gringotts to be closer to him. It was no surprise to the Potter family when the couple married and had their daughter Belle, now five years old.

James felt a pang go through his heart when he thought that Lily would never get to meet her grandchild. Still, he was immensely grateful for the children they'd had together. Maria, Sirius, Charlie, and Harry were the only reason he was able to go on after Lily had been brutally murdered in Diagon Alley during the war. A part of James died that day, and it became his life's goal to protect his children. He was particularly protective of Harry: Lily's baby, her youngest, their youngest and their only child without magic. A rare virus had completely wiped out Harry's magical core when he was only five. James was protective of all his children, but without magic Harry always stood out as particularly vulnerable to him. Of course, Harry never seemed to accept this, always rebelling in small ways as a child and bigger ways as an adult. James had never been more angry or afraid than when Harry announced he was going to join the Royal Marines Corp after graduation. James could understand where his son was coming from as a former member of the Order of the Phoenix and an ex-Auror, but that didn't mean he had to like.

The whole family waited anxiously. Maria sat next to her husband Zander, anxiously tapping her fingers on the fingers. As the oldest Potter child, she had always assumed a mother hen role and was especially protective of her younger brother. Sirius and Fleur were desperately trying to keep Belle, who eagerly awaited the arrival of her favorite uncle, entertained. The younger Potters, the kids James had had with his second wife Amelia, were enlisted in this effort.

After Lily died, James mourned for a long time. Two years later, he ran into a former colleague in the Auror department, Amelia Bones. She had lost family to the war as well, and the two had discussed their lives and losses over coffee. James found himself asking her out, and it evolved from there. Amelia was a lot like Lily, all red hair and a fiery temper, but she was also more pragmatic and sensible than his wife had been. She was raising her niece Susan after her brother and his wife died and understood the struggles of single parenthood. James fell in love with her quickly, and the couple married after a year of dating. They had four children together: Shelia, Remus, and the twins Jasmine and Cleo.

Ten-year-old Jasmine and Cleo played with Belle, worry clear on their usually mischievous faces. They didn't know much about their brother's work, mostly because their dad didn't like to talk about it, but they knew it was dangerous. Fifteen year old Remus had his nose buried in a book as per usual, but his eyes did occasionally flicker up to the window. Nineteen-year-old Shelia had gone with Charlie (who, as the only unmarried licensed sibling present, had been voted to pick Harry up from the airport) and Gabrielle, Fleur's younger sister and one of Harry's best friends despite a three year age gap.

After what felt like hours of waiting, a car pulled into the driveway, the sound of tire hitting gravel music to everyone's ears. There was practically a stampede to the front door, and it was opened before anyone could knock.

"Gee, miss me much?" quipped a tired but happy looking Harry dressed in his military fatigues. He was immediately engulfed in hugs and exclamations of "Finally!" Maria fussed over his appearance, particularly his frame, and checked him for any injuries. He shook hands with Zander. Sirius put him into a headlock and tried to ruffle his hair, but it was a little hard with how short it was. Fleur rolled her eyes at her husband and simply gave Harry a hug. Remus wasn't one for emotional displays of affection, but he did smile and allow Harry to ruffle his hair. Jasmine and Cleo sandwiched him into a double hug, and for once no prank was pulled (yet). Belle was particularly enthusiastic, clinging to him tightly. Harry took this greeting in stride. Sometimes it was easy to feel overshadowed in such a large family, but he had missed all of them fiercely. It was comforting to know he was sorely missed in turn.

Once the crowd dispersed, Harry was able to step inside the manor. His dad and stepmom (though he rarely addressed her as such) were waiting for him. "Hi, Dad."

James stepped forward and hugged his son tightly, relieved to have him home in one piece. He knew what was going on where Harry was sent, having subscribed to the Muggle newspapers for just that reason. After a minute or two, he pulled away and examined Harry. "No holes," he stated, forcibly cheerful.

Harry smiled tiredly at his dad, knowing this would always be a point of contention between then. "Not this time," he replied. He turned to Amelia. "Hi, Mum."

Amelia smiled and engulfed Harry in a Molly Weasley style hug. She never tired of hearing James's children call her that. Harry had been a baby when Lily was murdered, but Maria, Sirius, and Charlie had been seven, five, and four respectively. They remembered their mother and had not taken to her quickly. It had been three-year-old Harry's fondness of her and his delight in having a playmate his own age in Susan that prompted the older Potter children to start accepting her.

Amelia pulled away. "Are you hungry? We've made all of your favorites for tonight."

Harry grinned. "Starving," he replied. "Is Sue coming?"

Amelia nodded. "She's bringing Neville." He smirked. "And please don't refer to him as Lover Boy this time. The poor boy couldn't look us in the eyes for weeks." Harry and Susan were like brother and sister, and they fought and teased each other accordingly. Harry made it a habit to interrogate all of Susan's dates and make enough lewd comments at dinner to have the boy beat-red and running out of the house by dessert. Susan responded by telling all of Harry's girlfriends embarrassing stories from when they were kids and occasionally breaking out the butt-naked baby pictures.

Harry sighed as if Amelia had greatly inconvenienced him. "Fine," he agreed. Amelia smiled. "Eli is coming over for dinner." Eli had been Harry's best friend since primary school. The two had enlisted together after graduation and were in the same squad. Eli's dad ran out on his family when he was young, and his mom was completely bonkers so the Potters had basically adopted him into their family.

"Already set a place for him," said Amelia. "Now why don't you go wash up? You smell like airplane."

Harry laughed and picked up his duffel bag, trudging up the stairs. James could only smile at his wife. It was good to have Harry home.

Dinner at the Potter manor that night was a rambunctious and spectacular affair. Susan brought Neville, who Harry did not call Lover Boy per Amelia's request. He did, however, make a few dirty jokes (because nobody's perfect after all) that caused Susan to kick his shins under the table. Padfoot came over with his wife Emmeline and their three kids: twenty-year-old Orion, sixteen-year-old Meda, and seven-year-old Victor. Moony brought his heavily pregnant wife Hestia and their two kids: eighteen-year-old Gwen and eight-year-old Jamie.

Conversation was loud and plentiful. James, Padfoot, and Moony regaled their younger sons with stories of their Marauder days while their wives and Fleur chatted about Hestia's pregnancy and little everyday things. Charlie and Neville discussed Herbology while Maria and Susan picked apart the Ministry piece by piece. Sirius was just trying to keep a bouncing Belle in her seat while debating Quidditch with Zander. Orion and Shelia argued about the benefits of shielding and casting. Jasmine and Cleo were up to some kind of mischief while Remus glanced shyly across the table at Meda, who caught him and winked, causing Remus to blush. Harry, Eli, and Gabrielle talked amongst themselves, catching up and swapping stories from work and school.

Problems arose during dessert. "So Harry, when are you moving into your new flat?" Susan asked, taking a bite of the Potter elves' delectable chocolate cake. Harry kicked her under the table, nodding towards his dad.

"New flat? What new flat?" James demanded, his eyes narrowing. Harry winced. He hadn't told his dad yet for this reason.

"Well, I found a place in downtown London…" It didn't take James long to object.

"Why don't you just stay here?" Having been deployed so much in the last few years, Harry hadn't bothered with his own flat, keeping his room at Potter manor instead. It saved him money in the long run and had the added benefit of keeping his parents off his back, but now Harry was starting to think seriously about his future. He needed his own space for once, a place away from his family.

Harry sighed. "Dad, it'll be fine. Eli and I are going to be flatmates."

His best friend smiled. "Don't worry, Mr. Potter. I'll take care of ickle Harrikins here," he stated. Harry glared at him.

James did not look more convinced. Trying to defuse the situation, Amelia asked, "What are your plans for the rest of the week?"

Harry shrugged. "I'm flying to Washington D.C. on in two days."

There were sounds of protest throughout the table. Declarations of "You just got home!" and such were exchanged until Maria asked the crucial question. "What are you doing in D.C.?"

Gabrielle and Eli exchanged a mischievous glance. Harry knew exactly where his friends were going with this. "Death, and it will be painful," he warned.

Gabrielle ignored him. "El, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a certain someone live in Washington D.C.?"

Harry glared at Eli. "If you say one word, I will call every woman on your phone and tell them you're gay."

Eli grinned, enjoying his friend's frustration. "Ah yes, a pretty redheaded nurse. Kelly Gibbs, I believe?"

Harry's face couldn't be redder. Gabrielle and El were having too much fun with this, he thought to himself. Of course, now Harry's family was interested.

"What does she look like?" Padfoot couldn't help but ask. As Harry's godfather, he needed to make sure the boy landed a babe.

Gabrielle turned to Harry. "Give me your phone," she commanded. Harry sighed and handed his iPhone over. Gabrielle unlocked the screen and flipped through his pictures until she found what she was looking for.

Everyone was trying to get a look at the picture. Eventually the phone was passed around the table.

Padfoot whistled when he saw the picture. Harry had his arms wrapped around a pretty redhead that was smiling up at him. "Well, pup, I'm sorry." Harry looked confused. "You've inherited the Potter redhead curse." He stuck his tongue out at his godfather who just laughed in response.

"How did you two meet?" Maria asked excitedly. She was the official matchmaker and romantic of the family.

Harry winced while Eli laughed. "Last year, we were sent on a joint op with the Americans. Of course, Harry had to play hero and got bagged up. They had to evac him to Bethesda Memorial. Kelly's a nurse there."

Many faces scowled at the mention of Harry being hurt and them not being called.

"You never told us you were hurt last year," Shelia said in a clipped tone. She was close to her older brother, and therefore it was less likely he would snap at her.

Harry shrugged. "It wasn't a big deal. I got shot in the shoulder and broke a couple ribs. Nothing to write home about."

"Sounds like something to me," Charlie said, his eyes narrowing.

Harry started to get frustrated. "Look, my job is dangerous. Sometimes I get hurt, and sometimes I have to go to the hospital. If I thought it was worth mentioning, I would have mentioned it."

It was clear that topic was closed. Instead, everyone started interrogated him about Kelly: what she was like, how her family was, if he had met them yet, when where they going to meet her, etc. Harry groaned at all the questions. Little did he know that, across the pond, Kelly was dealing with exactly the same thing.