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The neighborhood passed them by as they sped through red lights, intersections and school-zones. Fred stared out the window, wishing he wouldn't have overslept. He'd missed the bus by just seconds, and now the teenager was stuck with having to ride shotgun with her. He turned his head just enough where he could see her out of the corner of his vision and watched as she checked herself out in the mirror, making sure her make-up was perfect and that she looked as good as she hoped. She caught Fred watching her and smiled. He turned away.

His father's assistant, Miranda was driving him, which was the exact opposite of what the young man wanted. Fred hated whenever she was around. He had trouble being around her, especially knowing the relationship she had with his dad, and that was probably the reason his parents divorced. Then again, it might not have been Miranda who was the cause of the two separating, but a different woman that Fred's father decided to sleep with. That was always a possibility…

Miranda brought the car to a halt at the curb in front of Daniel Harkon High and put the car in park. "Well, this is your stop."

Fred nodded and zipped his bag closed. "Thanks. I appreciate the lift, Miranda."

"No prob. You're not forgetting anything, are you?" she inquired, looking around the interior of the vehicle.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm good. Later," Fred said, swinging the door open and stepping out of the SUV.

"Ya' need me to pick you up? I can if you-"

"No. I'll catch the bus, thanks."

"Alright. Have a good day, Freddie."

Miranda pulled off, and accelerated up the street, going way beyond the speed limit, Fred was sure. The senior just shook his head and started toward the front door. As usual, most of the other students that attended classes at DH High were mostly quiet as they walked into school; they knew Principal Harkon was watching them from the window of his office, and he wasn't one afraid to expel. He did anything in his power to keep the name of the school his grandfather founded untarnished. The man was a hard-boiled hard-ass and none of the students or faculty members liked him. He was the kind of guy you wouldn't be surprised to see in a news report as being left in critical condition after being beaten half to death with a sex toy.

Fred walked through the doors into the hall, observing the other students. Since it was a private school, the place had a fairly strict dress code: both girls and guys had to wear khaki's, loafers and a crimson polo top. If a student was caught out of code, they got written up, and with too many write-ups, they got suspended. Too many suspensions brought on expulsion. The enforcement of dress code was up to the monitors that patrolled the halls. Most of them were pretty cool and let little things slide, but there were a few that reported damn near everything and students had to be careful around. It was one of the things Fred disliked about his school. One of many.

Coming to his locker, Fred turned his combination lock and popped the red door open. He looked to his left when a student came to his side. It was just Velma Dinkley, his locker neighbor. She was a short girl, with bobbed brunette hair and a pair of thinly framed glasses that she always seemed to wear. Freckles dotted her face around her nose and cheeks and earbuds hung from the sides of her face. The wire led to the pocket of the sweater she wore over her polo.

"Hey, Velma," Fred said.

She didn't respond.

"D'you see the meteor shower Saturday night?"

She didn't respond.

"Don't you ever wish that meteor or something would fall from space and hit the school at night? So we'd get a couple unscheduled days off or something? It'd be perfect if it hit when Principal Harkon was still at school working late and just got … crushed."

Still no response from the little nerdy girl. She got her books, shut her locker and walked off. There was never a time when she didn't have buds in her ear. It was hard to hold a conversation with the girl; she always had her face buried in the screen of her 3DS or Vita, pumping metal music into her skull.

Fred watched her leave and scoffed. He put on his best girl voice and said, "Oh, gee wiz, Fred, that's hilarious. You're just so fucking cool. Now I know why all the girls are after you…"

He shut his locker door and headed off to class just as the bell rang. First, he had Social Studies. Social Studies meant he was going to have to sit in front of Mr. Oak for a good forty-five minutes. Hopefully, Fred would be able to get some shut-eye, stay under the old bastard's radar.

Two lives left. The woodland area was always a tricky zone to get passed, especially two-thirds in, when the fourth wave of speeders came through. They came in a weird formation unique to that level, eleven of them flying in a zig-zagging pattern that always caught Velma off guard. Her thumbs were wiggling the joysticks of her Vita like mad as she tried to get by the onslaught to the next power-up, which would either be a bubble shield, or a buster canon. She was hoping for the latter, it would be more help against the optional boss she was planning on engaging after breaking through the tomb door which would fall right off of the beaten path.

Velma usually didn't play bullet-hell shooters at school, but she forgot to bring the case she carried her games in, and Spectral Vector was one of the only games she had on her hard drive that she had yet to finish. All her RPGs were at home, probably sitting on the floor beside her bed. She was going to have to start checking her book bag before she left the house. She could live without her textbooks, but not her Persona 4.

"Ms. Dinkley. You paying attention back there?"

She looked up to Oak briefly and returned her eyes to her Vita screen. "American Revolutionary War, started April nineteenth, 1775…" she groaned as her ship was hit by a stray bullet, undoubtedly caused by the distraction that Oak provided her.

"Very good, Ms. Dinkley. Although it did occur on April nineteenth, 1775, we're not talking about the Revolutionary War today. We're talking about the allies' invasion of France. D-Day."

Oak slipped his hands into the pockets of his pants, strode over to her stared down at the girl and stood over her as she continued to play her game under her desk. The teacher reached down and snatched away Velma's handheld, luckily for her she was able to pause it before he did, or else she might've done something she would have later regretted. She couldn't save her game, though, and was farther than ever in the forest.

"Velma, you are an amazingly gifted girl. You're so smart, and yet you insist on wasting your intelligence on this bullshit all day."

"Give it back please," Velma politely demanded, voice cracking slightly.

"You know what? I think I'm gonna' hold onto this until your grades improve…"

She shot up from her seat. "No fucking way! You can't fucking do that!"

Slowly, and with a self-important grin, Oak turned around and said, "I think I fucking can."

Plopping back down into her chair, the young woman sighed.

The Vita was unceremoniously dropped into the depths of one of the drawers on the other side of Mr. Oak's desk. "Alright, people, you're gonna' pair off and work on a report on D-Day, I want it in by next week Friday. Listen up, 'cause I won't repeat the pairs." Oak picked a list up from atop his desk and began to read off names. "Billy and Adrian; Max and Rebecca; Howard and Phillip; Velma and Fredrick; Amy and Lisa; Norville and Daphne-"

A hand was raised in the crowd of about twenty students and without having to even look, Oak knew just who it was. "Mr. Oak…"

"What is it this time, Ms. Blake? Broke a nail? Split ends? Late period, perhaps?"

The unnatural red-head smiled and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Oak, but could you repeat that last pair. I know you said you weren't repeating yourself, but I just need to hear it one more time…"

The dark-haired man rolled his eyes. "Norville Rogers and Daphne Blake. Is there a problem with that?"

The pale-skinned, prissy girl cocked her head to the side. She glared at her apparent partner, the dirty-blonde haired slacker that sat a row in front of her. "Sir, could I please have a different partner? Anyone else, I don't care who it is. I mean, I'll even take Jones!"

"Insulting…" Fred stated.

Norville turned around, the shaggy blonde hair for which he was nicknamed after wafting as he did. "Hold on. The hell's so bad about having me as partner?"

Daphne feigned deep thought, tapping her index finger against her chin. "Gee, let me think. You're a friggin' moron that's just barely keeping his head above water, and I wouldn't be surprised if all you did all day is smoke and tug your boat."

The guy leaned back in his chair, balancing his weight on its back legs and smiled cheerfully. "What I do with my 'fun stick', milady, is my business."

"Trust me Rogers, everyone would prefer if you kept it your business, but I'm making a point."

"A moot point, Ms. Blake," Mr. Oak said, taking a seat on the edge of his desk. "You two are partners. I don't care if you get along or not, just make sure there is a report on my desk with both your names on it by Friday."

She threw her head back in exasperation and groaned, "Fuck me!"

"Y'know, I'm starting to get tired of your attitude Ms. Blake," the teacher said.

"Oh, really?" she inquired, a challenging little grin across her lips.

The man shrugged loosely. "How 'bout detention? Maybe if you miss the game tonight, you'll have a little more respect for your teachers."

"You're joking…"

"I most certainly am not. Mr. Rogers can join you. We wouldn't want you to get lonely, now would we?"

Slowly, with utter hatred and disdain, Norville turned to his partner. "Well you just screwed my day…"

The bell rang again and the students automatically began packing their books and pencils. "Alright, class, that's it, I'll see you all on Monday."

The teenagers started to pour out of the room, and as Daphne passed him by, Oak eyeballed her. "I'll see you in a few hours, Ms. Blake," he added.

She just kept her eyes forward and left the classroom without a response. Fred made his way out of the classroom as well, checking his phone for any text messages he might've received during class. Once out in the hall, his arm was grabbed and he stopped and looked up. Velma stood beside him, leaning against the wall just outside Mr. Oak's classroom, fuming behind her thinly framed glasses.

"What's up?" Fred asked, a little frightened by the look in her eyes. "You wanna' schedule when we'll meet up so we can start on the project?"

"No. I wanna' pry Mr. Oak's skull open with an ice-cream scooper," she said through grit teeth.

Fred had already taken two steps back. "So … that's a normal thing to say."

"I'm gonna' scoop out the little tiny brain that he has, put it in a fucking waffle cone and make him eat it with sprinkles."

"… Starting to the think I should relay this to some form of law enforcement…"

"Fred. I want my Vita back," Velma stated.

The blonde shrugged and said, "Go ask him for it. He won't give it to you, but it's not like there's anything else you can do."

"I haven't saved my game, and if the battery dies, I'm gonna' lose all progress. If that happens, I may just become a serial killer. You can prevent several deaths and the skinning of dozens of cats, just by helping me to get my Vita back."

Fred looked down on the girl and smirked. "The only way to get your game back would be to break into school after hours and steal it… Oh, no."

"Oh, yes."

"I'm not helping you break into the school."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not."

"Yes. You. Are."

"No. I'm. Not."

"Then I'm telling all the girls on the cheerleading squad that you're a bitch, and you're tiny down there," Velma said, bobbling her head side-to-side.

"Are you really threatening me right now?" laughed Fred.

"Is it working?"

"… Meet me around the back of the building at six-thirty."

"Would it also be possible to break into Oak's house and put a rat in his ass?"

"One felony at a time."

"Or maybe we could try to get a hold of a sexually aggressive squid, or some other type of tentacled beast we toss onto his face or body in the dead night…"

"The fuck is wrong with you?"

The smack of another pink bubble blown from Daphne's lips popping hit Norville's ears and he looked to the girl that sat on the other side of the room, staring out the window at her fellow students walking down to the football field to attend the game. She was missing a Friday night game, because she had detention, of all things. She even had to sit back and watch as the cheerleaders made their way down the path, getting ready to do their routine. Daphne couldn't believe they passed on her again. This was the third year…

Mr. Oak was sitting comfortably behind his desk, face buried in the pages of a book. I could kill him and no one would be the wiser… she thought. She could feel Norville's eyes on her, but he was too stupid and or stoned for his testimony to hold up in court.

"What unholy crime did I commit in a past life that earned me a partnership with you?" Norville inquired. "I must've been Lee Harvey Oswald, or something. Or the guy in the Big Bird costume."

"I don't like this little pairing either, Norville, but we've just gotta' buckle down and deal."

"Coming from the girl who just a while ago was begging for anyone else."

"I'm still not too keen on having to do an assignment with Norville Rogers."

"For the love of god, don't call me Norville! You know I hate that name. Just call me Shaggy."

"Well, Norville, I hate your guts."

Mr. Oak tossed his book onto the desk and stood. "I'll be right back. No talking, understand?" The man left the classroom without another word, probably to use the restroom, leaving the two students alone.

Once Shaggy was sure the man was out of earshot, he turned his chair toward Daphne. "Mind if I ask you a question?"

"Yes, I do mind."

"Cool, so, why are you such a bitch?"

"Excuse me?!"

"Dude, we used to be friends, and you used to be fun to be around, but ever since the last year of middle school, you started acting like this? What the hell happened?"

Nervously, Daphne shifted in her seat, avoiding the stoner's gaze. "I don't know what you're talking about…"

"Bull crap. You remember. You just don't want to."

Finally, she met eyes with Shaggy. "You're damn right I don't want to remember! No one at this school can know we used to hang out."

"Why? Because otherwise, you wouldn't be able to rub elbows with the jocks and the cheerleaders? If anyone found out we used to be friends, you wouldn't be able to pretend to be a part of a clique that a bunch of self-important kids invented? You wouldn't be able to so thoroughly kiss Lisa's ass if she ever learned of your relation to me."

"Shut up, Norville…"

"Or what?" he challenged, leaning forward in his seat and brushing his dirty blonde hair from before his eyes. "There isn't anything you can do to me you haven't already, sweetheart."

"Alright, maybe I'm sorry. But everything is different now."

"You realize not one of the stuck-up kids you look up to and want to be so badly even likes you."

"Maybe I knew that…"

Shaggy got up and slowly approached the girl. He sat down at the desk beside her and stared at her red hair. It was pinned in place by a small silver barrette on the right side of her head. "You even did your hair up just like Lisa Michaels. What happened to the Daphne that used to hate girls like her?"

The pale girl hung her head low, mumbling, "I don't know…" She reached up and unclipped the barrette, letting her dyed red hair hang free.

"I miss that girl."

"Okay, say I maybe sorta' wanted to kinda' almost make it up to you. How would I go about doing that, hypothetically?"

The guy put on a bright smile and thought for a moment. "Mr. Oak isn't back yet… Why don't we get outta' here?"

"And go where?"

"To the game! Let's go watch the Harkon Harpoons get their asses beat by yet another team!"

Slowly, the girl nodded and briefly showed smirk. She stood and said, "Alright. Yeah, let's go to the game!"

The Harpoons were actually putting up a decent fight, much to Shaggy's surprise. Usually they received a thrashing throughout all four quarters of the game, but apparently, all the time coach Gibson was making them put into practice was really helping. The Harpoons weren't winning, but they weren't far behind the visitor's. Shaggy sat relaxed on the metal bleachers beside Daphne at the very top of the rows of seats, looking down on the field.

"Come on, Kevin! Don't just stand there, masturbating, throw the ball!" Shaggy hollered.

The entirety of the audience groaned and swore when the quarterback hesitated and was sacked by an offensive linesman that was able to slip through his defense. "This game would be a lot better if we were drunk right now…" remarked Daphne without thinking.

"You're right. Come on, I've got some beers in my van. We can go, get plastered, then come on back and see if the concussion Kevin got last month improved his game any," Shaggy said, standing and dusting the rear of his pants off.


As the duo walked down the bleachers, Lisa Michaels took note of them and snickered from the sidelines. She approached them just as they were about to leave the field, her friend Amy in tow, both wearing fleering grins. Daphne turned her head and tried to avoid their gazes, beginning to pick up the pace of her walk.

"Daphne, where're you going? The games not even over yet!" Lisa addressed her with a friendly tone.

Daphne needed an escape. She couldn't let Lisa see her, especially not with Shaggy… "Oh, I'll be back!"

"Hold up, Daphne, who's that you're with?" the head cheerleader asked, her grin spreading wider. Shaggy stopped and turned to her, looking Lisa up and down. Her jaw dropped and her hand hovered before her mouth. "Norville fucking Rogers? What're you doing hanging around this degenerate?"

Shaggy scowled at the girl and said, "Get bent, Lisa."

"Good comeback, spaz." Lisa turned her green eyes to Daphne and smiled. "Y'know, Amy and I were talking about how we passed on you during tryouts and thought that maybe we were a little too harsh on you."

Daphne's heart fluttered and she took a wide step forward. "Really? You're serious?"

"Yeah. We might consider giving you another shot if you, um, I don't know, invite the squad and some of the Harpoons to your house for a party tomorrow…"

Lisa continued talking, but Daphne had stopped listening. She was going into the back of her mind, trying to locate the source of the feeling of déjà vu she was experiencing. Then she found it. Last year, Lisa had done the exact same thing and told her that she would get another chance to audition for the cheer squad, except it was during the summer and the head cheerleader wanted to use the pool in Daphne's backyard. Twenty people came to her house, trashed it and then left and afterwards, when Daphne asked Lisa about another audition, she was told she'd have to try next year like everybody else. She was constantly used by Lisa and her friends, and then after she did everything they asked of her, they always just walked away. Daphne was tired of being used.

"So, we'll probably show up at around five or six, make sure your parents aren't there, they'll just get in the way," Lisa continued.

"No…" Daphne told her timidly.

"And it would be awesome if you could get us booze, too."

"No! I'm done, Lisa. I'm done being your fucking bitch. Why don't you promote one of the other self conscious girls that look up to you to head ass-kisser? I'm sure they'd be more than willing to kiss the ground you walk on and stand at your side the next time your holding your breath, waiting for the results of yet another pregnancy test after you cheat on your boyfriend again."

"You fucking cheated on me?"

Lisa turned around to see Kevin standing behind her, his helmet under his arm, wearing an angered expression. The cheerleader tried to backtrack, stumbling over her words as she tried to make something up. Quickly, she got close to him and wrapped her arms around his thick chest. "Kev, baby, don't listen to her…"

He grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her back. "Who with?!"

"Babe, it's not-"

"It was Mike, wasn't it?"

The quarterback turned on his heels, barreled toward his wide-receiver drove his fist into the guy's jaw. The fight that ensued was brutal, the two players throwing punches like they were paid cage fighters. All the Harpoon team members soon jumped in, trying to pry the two athletes apart, but after a few accidental shoves and some name calling, the rest of the team joined in the melee as well. Cheering erupted from the stands, students hooting and hollering. The visiting team just watched in awe and amazement as the Harpoons ripped each other apart.

Daphne and Shaggy smiled at the sight and looked to each other. "You still down for a beer?" the red-head asked.

Shaggy nodded and said, "Hell yeah. The smell of ball sweat and testosterone is starting to get to me."

No problem! I'm still at the office but, if u don't mind waitin 4 a while, I can come and get u n ur friend after I leave.

Fred slipped his Android back into his pocket after reading the text and placed the tip of a cigarette between his lips. He patted the pockets of his pants, but couldn't seem to find his disposable lighter. "Son of a whore. Where did I put that thing?" he mumbled.

"Looking for something?"

The blonde jumped back at least a foot when the voice slithered into his ear and turned. Velma stood at his right, still dressed in her uniform, but wearing a black hooded sweatshirt over it. Raising her brow with a slight smirk, she studied his startled state. Fred quickly recomposed himself and, in a desperate bid to reestablish his masculinity, unknowingly flexed his muscles beneath his polo and dropped his voice a couple of notches.

"It's about time you showed up… Yeah, let's go commit a crime!" he continued to posture.

"You sound like James Earl Jones Jr. with a head cold."

"I'll still take that as a compliment," Fred said, enjoying the boost to his ego. He looked up to the window they were going to attempt climbing through and then back down to Velma. It stood about ten feet off of the ground.

"Exactly why can't we go through a window closer to the ground?" the gamer-girl asked.

"'Cause this is the only window with a broken latch no one knows about. All the others are sealed up tight," explained the teen confidently. "Trust me on this, I walked around the school during lunch, and this is without a doubt the easiest way to get in. The janitor will have locked all the other entrances by now."

"Wow, you actually did some prep-work?"

Fred knelt down and interlocked his fingers together. He looked to Velma expectantly and said, "Well? Come on. One of us has to go up and I doubt you can lift me."

Velma pushed her glasses further up the bridge of her nose and placed the heel of her loafer onto his hands. She balanced herself, placing her hands against the walls of the building, and began to put her weight on Fred. Slowly he pushed her up until his hand and her foot was about stomach level and the girl reached, stretching for the ledge.

"Alright, push it open," Fred grunted.

Velma pushed upward on the windowpane, but it only budged an inch and a half. "It won't move!"

"Well, try harder!"

As Fred held the girl up, Shaggy and Daphne rounded the corner, beers in hand and smiles on their faces. The two happened upon what they thought was the strangest scene, and Daphne looked down at her beer, making sure that it was actually beer she was drinking and not something stronger that knocked her right off her ass. She then looked to Shaggy to make sure that he was seeing the same thing.

"You see the two kids breaking into school, right?" she asked.

"Yeah, and not to sound like a character out of a movie, that's not something you see every day…" replied the young C-student. "In fact, I don't think I've every seen that once."

Noticing the pair out of his periphery, Fred asked, "Velma, do you have a cousin or something that could possibly dispose of witnesses?"

Velma swung her head around and swore under her breath. Raising his hands in the air in surrender, Shaggy said, "Don't mind us. We're just passing by. We saw nothing."

"Wrong. We saw everything," Daphne corrected. "Why are you two breaking the school?"

"We're planning on stealing something, so… if you could run along…" Velma suggested, continuing to push against the glass.

"Well, you're never gonna' get into the place that way," observed Shaggy, swallowing a swig of beer. He turned and jogged back around the corner. He quickly returned with a crowbar in hand. Handing it up to Velma, he said, "That should be much more help."

The nerdy girl looked over the tool and failed to stifle a laugh. Most of the tool was red, but both of its ends were painted matte black. "Am I supposed to use this to pry open the window, or pry a crab off of someone's head?" She slid the bar into the small opening she'd made and applied pressure. It slid up with a crack and Velma struggled to climb up into the opening. She just sort of dangled there, kicking her legs and whining.

"Oh, come on!" Fred grabbed onto her lower body and pushed her up into the opening. He then took a step away from the window and looked to Shaggy. "Thanks for the help, Rogers. I owe you one."

He lunged forward and leapt up, grabbing onto the ledge. Daphne and Shaggy watched as he struggled to climb, somehow entertained by the sight. The sound of approaching voices, familiar voices, sent chills up the stoner's spine and he dropped his beer.

"Where did that bitch go?!" Daphne heard the distinctly whiney voice of Lisa growing louder as she got closer.

The prissy red-head dropped her beer as well and started to look for an out. "Oh, shit… we gotta' get outta' here! I'm a lover, not a fighter!"

"Come on, you can take tiny little Lisa."

"No, I can't! That chick is crazy!" she said, doing her best to whisper as the posse grew closer. She could almost feel their bloodlust. Daphne stepped back a few paces, took three bounds toward the opening and sprung forward, grabbing onto the windowsill and easily clambering through.

Shaggy was so shocked, for a second he'd forgotten about the ravenous gang wanted to hogtie him too. He quickly followed his fellow students. Once inside the school, he shut the window behind him, ensuring their pursuers had no clues as to where their prey had escaped to. He watched as Lisa and four others strode by, looking for the pair. All that was missing from the angry mob were torches and a monster to angrily chase. Shaggy decided it would be best to go and find the others.

He wandered down the dark halls. The school was much different at night, almost scarier, and Shaggy really wished he could've found somewhere else to hide. He was in the northern part of the building, near the science classroom and lockers. The young man had absolutely no choice but to pull his cell phone from his pocket and turn the flashlight on the back on, illuminating the dark hall before him. Now that he could finally see clearly, he could make out the others ahead of him, looking through the small window in the center of Principal Harkon's office.

Approaching, he said, "Hey, we could use my van to get outta' here. If it'll start…"

"Shaggy. You'll want to look at this…" said Daphne.

The young man joined them at the window and his stomach churned at what he saw. Sitting in his chair, leaned back with eyes pointed up at the ceiling, was Principal Harkon. The handle of a knife jutted from his chest cavity, crimson staining the usually pristine white dress shirt he always wore.

Velma noticeably swallowed and said, "I can always come back for my Vita…"

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