A/N: Here's the last chapter/epilogue. My apologies if it doesn't give you all the resolution that you may have wanted (I have done Sherlock 'confessing' a few times and couldn't think of anything original in that regard - hence the lipstick in the last chapter), but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Thanks for all the support and sorry for the slight delay in posting this! x


Lestrade followed John into 221B and stopped short at the sight of Molly nestled comfortably in Sherlock's lap, deep in a whispered conversation as they went through an autopsy report together.

Sherlock paused in his whispering to look up at him with raised eyebrows, "Problem?"

Lestrade shook himself, "No, none at all," he said hastily, following John into the kitchen.

"That," he said in a low tone and jerking a thumb in the couple's direction, "is something that I never thought I would see and will definitely take some getting used to."

John smirked as he looked back into the living room to where Sherlock and Molly had resumed their whispered conversation, punctuated every so often by Sherlock's deep chuckle or Molly's soft giggle.

"It's nice though," John replied, handing Lestrade a drink and sitting down at the table. "And I still say it's about time," he added as he took a sip of his drink.

"Oh, there's no denying that," Lestrade agreed, taking the seat opposite John.

John leaned back in his chair and eyed the detective thoughtfully, "How long have you known?" he asked finally.

Lestrade took a sip of his drink, "Honestly? A few years now."

"Years?" John said in disbelief, he narrowed his eyes suspiciously, "How?"

Lestrade smirked, "Haven't you ever wondered why Sherlock dislikes Anderson so much?"

John shrugged, "I just figured it was Sherlock," he said, a little confused by the topic change.

Lestrade's smirk broadened into a grin, "Oh no, there's a reason for it," he assured him, leaning forward with a conspiratorial air. "Sherlock had already known Molly for a few months before I'd met him and it was a few months after that that I even became aware of her existence," he paused to take a sip of his drink. "Anderson had just been brought onto the team and was a little bit…cocky, shall we say," he continued, quirking an eyebrow; John hid a smirk.

"He mistook Molly for an intern at the hospital and managed to make a rather clumsy pass at her whilst practically ordering her to get the coffee," Lestrade shook his head, "Sherlock was livid. Well, you know what he's like," he added a shade dismissively as he sat back in his chair, "he treats everyone as inferior but woe betide the man who dares to belittle his pathologist."

Lestrade paused and took another sip of his drink, "Anyway, Sherlock went into a long and particularly vicious tirade of deductions that ended in him forcing Anderson to apologise for his 'misguided and obviously insecure reaction to an intelligent female,'" he quoted, chuckling a little at the memory. "I thought he'd let the matter drop there but for the next month Anderson was harassed at odd hours with mysterious phone calls."

He shook his head, "We never could prove it was him but there was little doubt in anyone's mind," he smirked, "and he hasn't said a civil word to him since."

"I guess we should count ourselves lucky then," John said after a moment, Lestrade raised a questioning eyebrow. "That he didn't decide to take any kind of revenge on us," John explained.

Lestrade looked thoughtful, "I'm not so sure he didn't," he said finally, "now that I think about it, I've been getting a lot of spam in my inbox lately from a dating website and advertisements for, er, body improvements."

John frowned, "Actually, my spam filter seems to have been playing up in that respect lately too."

Both men looked into the living room suspiciously to find Molly asleep on Sherlock's shoulder as he continued to read the report in a low tone.

After receiving no response to a question, Sherlock finally noticed that she had drifted off. His expression softened as watched her sleep for a few moments before he pressed a swift kiss on her forehead.

He froze as he noticed the silence from the kitchen and looked up to the find the two men watching him, grinning broadly as they saluted him with their drinks.

"I see you have moved on from matchmaking to voyeurism," he said flatly after a moment, both men stared at him in surprise. "Don't look so shocked," he admonished them with a sniff, "once I realised you had no designs on Molly it took very little imagination to figure out what you were trying to do."

"So why start dating Molly? I thought you didn't like to be manipulated," John retorted.

Sherlock shifted in his seat, unconsciously tightening his hold on Molly, "Because she's mine," he replied with a touch of petulance. He narrowed his eyes as he regarded them, "And I trust you will respect that in future," he added before turning his attention back to the report.

John and Lestrade shared an amused glance, "Definitely about time," John said.

"And worth putting up with a little spam," Lestrade agreed as the pair chinked their drinks together.