A/N: Yay, my first Hikaru no Go fic! ^__^ I LOVE this series. Touya and Shindo and shounen ai. Me-OW.

"Kiss The Ignorant"

I am so tired of chasing you, you know?

"I never got tired when it was me chasing you."

Yeah, yeah- YOU didn't have to deal with half the crap I did, Touya.

"That's only what you say."

Please. You were insane about it, and you STILL had it easier than I did.

"I still want to know how you got that bad that fast."

/Because it was ME the first times! ME!/

//Shut UP, Sai!//

/But Hikaruuuu . . . /

"You've got that look on your face again."

//Be quiet- Touya will get suspicious!//

" . . . you're ignoring me again, Shindo."

/Hikaru, let's play! I wanna play Touya again!/

//Not a chance in HELL!//

"Shindo . . . "

/You're so meeean!/

"SHIN-do . . . "

//Who's mean?! I'll give you "mean"!//

"Shindo, if you don't stop zoning out right now, you are going to regret it."

/But Hikaru, I want to play Go!/

"That's it- just remember, you asked for it, Shindo."

//Touya would FREAK if "I" played the way you do!//

/But I haven't played anyone in WEEKS, Hikaru! Only you, and that's- /


/ . . . /

// . . . //


//Yes, Sai?//

/Touya is kissing you./

//I know, Sai.//

/ . . . are you going to do anything about it?/

//God, YES!//


* ende *

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