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Dead and Gone

Killian couldn't believe it. Liam couldn't be dead. One minute he was apologizing to him and talking about revealing the King's cowardice the next he collapsed and died right in front of him. It just couldn't be true. He was all Killian had left, he couldn't be gone just like that. He didn't even have a chance to say goodbye. Killian held tightly to his brother as he cried. Six crewmen came running responding to his call for help. Killian slowly looked up at them. "The Captain is dead," he said, his voice breaking as the words clawed their way from his throat and out of his mouth. Killian looked down again at his brother's face. "He's dead," he said again in voice barley above a whisper. As much as he hated admitting it and as much as he wanted to deny it Killian couldn't. He's brother was indeed dead and nothing, not even magic would bring him back.