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Trick Or Tear?

Halloween season was one of the most eagerly awaited by the birds in the jungle, especially for the family of the Spix macaws, because Blu had been preparing for a party since the first day he had decided to stay in the wild. He had taught his family about the Halloween, especially to all of his friends. Fortunately, Halloween celebrations were held by a thanksgiving with visiting the neighbors while wearing ghost themed costumes and bringing a basket for candies and others. Also, they did a picture night together in an open area of the jungle to remember the moment. They all listened to the guides from Blu, whom was wearing a bird-sized vampire costume.

"Okay, kids, don't cause any troubles, because this place is really haunted. You know that under this tree is the place where the Legendary Owls of Ga'hoole were buried, don't you? There might be a 'spirit' that was disturbed by little kids who played around here. Okay, Mom and Dad are gonna leave you here first, because we will be working on a few things for the party." Blu turned to his wife, "Come on, Jewel. Let's go!" After Blu had left, Tiago approached his mother, whom was wearing a bird-sized witch costume, "Mama, is it true that the Guardians died in here?"

Jewel smiled and rolled her eyes. She warmly stared at her son's face, "Only in your little bird dreams, honey. Be careful with those 'spirits', okay?" Jewel flew leaving her three children alone in the jungle and followed her husband.

"Here we go again, oh what a ghoulish story!" Savannah sighed while crossing her wings on her chest.

"Why the heck do you keep on grumbling, anyway? Do you feel something really 'weird' in this place?" Jasmine said, as she had been noticing some odd signs of her sister.

"Well, being able to see ghosts is very uncomfortable, you know."

"Wait, what? What do you mean 'ghosts'?"

"Okay, let me tell you my experiences, Bia. Once, when I was going to bed, I saw a long-haired grinning woman's face appeared at the ceiling. And then, when I going to the bathroom at night, I heard a creepy giggling voice behind me. Ohhh, so scary! There is a time, when I was reading a book at midnight, somebody knocked on the window many times!"

"Carla, p-please stop it! You know that I-I hate such a spooky story, right?" Jasmine whined.

"-and then, when I was standing in front of a mirror, there was a white smiling shadow passed behind me. Her face was also visible. There was a lot of blood and bruises and-"

"Carlaaaa~! Come on, you're scaring me~! Okay, okay, I'm sorry! Enough with those things!" Jasmine hugged her sister while taking attention to her surroundings.

Savannah just giggled seeing her little sister getting frightened by her ghost experiences. Imperceptibly, the photo shoot was almost done, just waiting for a few more portraits. Then, it was Savannah's turn, she immediately flew onto a nearby tree branch and called her little brother to follow her. "Bobby, over here! Let's take a picture here. Nobody else wants to take a picture on this tree anyway," Savannah said when being questioned by her brother why she was the only one who wanted to pose on a high place. And then, Tiago photographed her. However, when they checked the picture, Savannah saw a peculiarity in it. She saw two red glowing dots which were located right behind her body in the picture. They looked like a wild beast's eyes.

"Sis, why is your face so pale?" Tiago asked innocently.

"Don't you see that there is a ghost in my picture?! There's no worth even if I use such a nice pose but there's an ugly ghost behind it! Oh, man! This is suck!"

"What? Where? There isn't any 'ghost' in this picture," Tiago raised his right eyebrow while examining the picture in his wing.

"It's your own fault, Carla! After all, why do you have to keep on being noisy around here? Papa has said to us that this place is haunted, but everything you did is just playing around here! You just disturbed t-t-those 'spirits', Carla!" Jasmine yelled when she saw her sister continually cursing her own picture. Savannah only frowned, while Tiago laughed at her.

Something's strange, I knew it, Savannah thought, but she ignored it. She continued the photo shoot along with her brother and sister.

However, the oddities were increasingly making Savannah become more curious. As soon as she completed her photo shoot, she immediately walked towards the woods. Her confusion increased, when she saw a fire light walking on the tree's branches.

She continued to watch the fire closely. Although a bit dim, the burned area was the most visible than the others. Savannah tried to approach the fire, and when she turned around ...

A hideous macaw with scary red eyes appeared in front of her.

Here we go again, Savannah thought a bit scared. Although she was used to seeing ghosts, for some reason, the one she had just seen was very creepy.

Faintly, she looked at him, but the red eyed stared back angrily at her, the yellow feathers on his body were full of blood stains. The bird's face revealed a sinister grin. Surprisingly, Savannah just froze in front of him.

The red-hooded bird approached Savannah. He slowly walked to her with his only-one talon, which made Savannah increasingly wanted to run away from him, but she couldn't. Both Jasmine and Tiago didn't realize Savannah's fear at all, they were still busy cleaning up the photograph tools.

As if he could hear Savannah's bad words, his grin became wider. It was so wide that his mouth almost reached the earholes. Blood came out of his mouth, making his face get creepier than before. He growled, making a very frightening voice. The growl then was followed by an evil chuckle, which made his mouth as if it was getting ripped wide open, revealing his mouth with black colored blood.

And before Savannah could even blink, his armored strong talon pinned her small body onto the ground, making Savannah whimpered as she tried to catch her breath. The bird chuckled in evil tone.

"Ae small yet puffy female baby blue macaw alone in zee jungle! This is me lucky day! How CRAZY IS THIS?!" The bird shrieked in overjoyed, as he kept pinning down his prey hard on the ground with his one armored talon. Savannah cried for help while shredding tears of fear.

Jasmine suddenly felt something bad, and quickly she started to find where those weird things were. She extremely got shock when she saw Savannah lying on the cold ground alone while crying. Jasmine knew for sure that 'something' was holding her sister to keep her from flying away.

Oh no! The young blue macaw cried while flapping her wings as fast as she could to save her sister from the death. "PLEASE, LET HER GO! SHE DIDN'T MEAN IT!"

The red-hooded bird heard a flapping noise coming to his way. When he looked up, he saw the young female blue macaw landing in front of him. The bird quickly released the grip from his prey and gave them a space. Savannah sat upright and gasped for air, as Jasmine wrapped her tiny wings around her beloved sister. The scary bird only watched this moment in front of them, his dark-red eyes slowly turned into a pair of beautiful green eyes. And he whispered to himself, "This one's different."

"It's okay. It's already gone, Carla. Don't worry, it's okay. I'm here for you," Jasmine tried to calm her sister down, but Savannah suddenly screamed in panic and flew away.

"AAAHHH! L-L-LEAVE ME ALONE!" Jasmine then looked back at the tree in front of her, the red-hooded bird was maybe invisible to her, nevertheless she could still feel his existence.

"Please, we're really sorry for everything, 'Sir'. She is just still pissed of, that's all. S-she didn't mean to judge you, 'Sir'," Jasmine whispered. Just then, the bird smiled warmly in response.

"It's okay, kid. I understand," the bird said as he slowly faded away in the darkness.

Meanwhile, Savannah was still flying away as fast as her body could carry her. She kept flying, flying and flying...

...until everything became so dark.

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