Alpha and Omega 3:The War to the North


The full Moon rose high up in the sky, revealing the territory of the largest pack of wolves in Canada. I was there, staring at the territory infront of me. My body was ready, blades and claws extended, fangs unsheathed, my red, bloody eyes in its sharpest state. Behind me was the Eastern and Western pack, my supporter. Winston and Tony, the leader of the Eastern and Western pack, approached beside me. 'Are you sure we can take all of them down? They have thrice the size of our pack.' said Winston with a worried tone. 'Don't worry. I'm full of suprises.' I replied with a grin.

I am Darren Leu, a human with a special ability that no one has ever seen before. I have the ability to transform into a wolf. Any weapons or equipment that I wear on my body will turn into something special when I'm in wolf form. I found out when I was 19 and mastered it's true potential at 22. I am a white coloured wolf with light-blue eyes, but flows with the blood of an Alpha. Ever since the day when I watched 'Alpha and Omega' when I was 10, it became my most favourite movie and I wished that I would be able to join in it as a wolf. At 23, my father gave me a knife that my ancestors had passed down. It was a knife with beautiful carvings and has a shape of a fang.

So, I crafted an assassin set for me to help in hunting and fighting. A black cloak with a black cape attached and its end has 10 hanging razor blades, finger claws that has the length of a pencil, shoe claws that has the same length as the finger claw, and last but not least, my ancestor's Fang blade. In my wolf form, the cape will turn my coat into black, razor blades turn my tail into 10 flexible blades, and finger and shoe claws turn into longer wolf claws, twice the length of an ordinary wolf.

My adventure started when I was at Jasper Park, Canada. I was training my hunting skills on Caribows. I spot one, stranded from it's group and feeding on the grass. I crouched on the ground, using the tall grass as my advantage. It doesn't spot me due to the matching of my coat and the shadows the tall grass had made. I moved closer, powering up my hind legs for the leap. At the right moment, I leaped and aimed for its throat. I got a grip on it and tore it open. The Caribow lied infront of me, staring at me lifelessly as it slowly dies, its blood flowing like a river. It broke my heart to see such a sight. So I ended its life by slashing his throat again, just to ease its pain.

I was about to feed on my prize when I heard a howl of distress from a distance. My instinct told me that the call wasn't far from here, so I rushed to it, hoping that I could provide assistance to them...