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The start (no pairings)

Luffy's POV

I looked over my wolf costume – tail, ears, whiskers painted on my cheeks, tight black jeans and black long sleeved shirt. Ace helped me to pick my clothes, he himself decided to be god of sun and art – Apollo, for that he brought some weird clothing that looks more like bed sheets to me.

Happy with my appearance I walked out of my room, Ace was standing in front of a mirror and looking over himself. "Shishishi, Ace you look good with this dress."

My brother fixed his laurel wreath and glared. "It's Halloween, I wear what I want." He looked over my costume. "You look like a dog, though."

"I do not!"

"Pfft, yea, yea, come here I will wipe those whiskers away and you will be good."

I frowned, but came closer so he could wipe them away, when he finished I remembered Sabo. "Hey! How's Sabo's costume?"

Sabo walked into the corridor too, he was dressed in black pin-striped suit and a bow tie resembling a bat. He was supposed to be Jack Skellington, but instead of wearing a mask, he just painted a long horizon line with smaller vertical ones to be his smile. "Someone called?"

He looked over Ace and laughed. "You look like you're wearing a dress."

Ace looked at me and then at Sabo. "You guys look ridiculous too…"

"Well whatever, Halloween is all about being ridiculous, isn't it? Now let's go or we will be late! I don't want to miss any Sanji's food"

When I mentioned food grins appeared on my brothers faces, we all have similar appetite, so we loved Sanji's food equally. Ace took his lyre and turned to the door. "What are we waiting for?"

Sabo took his car keys and we went out.



We came last and the party was just about to start, I immediately left my brothers and started silently sneaking to one man dressed like a panther. I felt my heart flutter; he dressed up like I asked… With a loud "Auuuu." I jumped on Traffy's back.

He wobbled a little, but kept on his feet, I adjusted my feet around his waist and cast my arms around his neck. Traffy turned his head and looked at me with small, little annoyed but nevertheless happy smile. "You're finally here Luffy-ya."

I grinned and put a small peck on his lips. "Yep." I jumped from his back and hugged him. "I missed you…"

Law hugged me back and chuckled. "But we saw each other last night."

I puffed my cheeks. "I still missed you."

Traffy chuckled again and I felt warmth spread through my chest. "Well then it that case I can say that I missed you by my side too."

I felt my cheeks blush a little and nuzzled into Traffy's black hoodie, the hood had black small cat ears. "You dressed up."

He ruffled my hair. "Well I couldn't leave my wolf stray."

I giggled. "Since when panthers own wolves?"

Law pouted. "So I can't own you?"

My cheeks became pink again. "You can."

He again chuckled. "So for tonight you will do anything I ask?"

I nodded. "Yes."

His grin became huge. "I will remind you that latter."

"You thought something up, didn't you~?"

Traffy put a peck on my cheek. "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. Let's go, Sanji must have finished making the food already."


"Luffy-ya, you shouldn't drink anymore, you look tipsy."

Traffy took the bear from my hand and placed it somewhere aside, I nestled closer to his side. "Okay Traffy."

He put his arm around my shoulders and kissed my cheek. "You look very cute while tipsy."

I felt my already blushed cheeks redden, but I still smiled; Traffy complimenting me is always nice… I don't know how long we sat on the sofa cuddled like that, but when I started dozing off Law nudged me. "Luffy-ya, maybe we should go home?"

A pout appeared on my face. "Shouldn't we wait for the midnight?"

Traffy took off my hair hoop with wolf ears. "Remember our agreement earlier this evening?"

I scratched my chin trying to remember what agreement we did. "Oh! That one! You really want to go?" He nodded and I stood up. "Bye guys!

My brothers looked at me from their respectable lovers and eyed Law with suspicious glares; seriously, I got together with Law way earlier than they did with their lovers, why can't they stop being so suspicious over him?

I sighed, took Traffy's hand and dragged him out of Franky's house. I looked at my taller lover and saw him smirking. "What?"

He put a peck on my lips. "I like when you get irritated for my sake, it makes me feel loved very much."

I pouted. "So me, loving you, every day, doesn't count?"

Law ruffled my hair with a gentle smile. "Of course it does, only at moments like these I feel loved even more…" I smiled at him and we sat in his car. "So where are we going?"

I scratched my head. "Your place!"

He chuckled at my determined voice and started the car. "And why there?"

A grin spread across my face; I wonder what he will do now… "'Cause it smells like you!"

The expression Traffy wore froze, he quickly turned the car to an empty parking lot by the river we were driving along. As soon as he turned the engine off, he leaned to my lips and kissed me with a long, hot passionate kiss. "Don't be so sweet…" He bit my ear lobe. "I won't be able to control myself…"

I grinned; I love making Law lose control, then he stops thinking rationally and acts upon his desires - that's how I made him admit his feelings for me…

My flow of thoughts was interrupted when he started unbuttoning my shirt, he started caressing every new patch of skin that was relieved. He pulled away from my neck he was biting and nipped my lower lip. "Let's change places."

I raised an eyebrow, but in a matter of seconds, our positions totally changed – he was the one sitting in the passenger seat and I was sitting on his lap. Traffy smirked and pulled me down to his lips with one hand while with the other he started bringing his seat lower.

I grinned and took his hoodie off; I want to see his bare skin too; as soon as hoodie was off my fingers traveled through his arms by the lines of his tattoos. I let my hands explore and leaned closer to him to get a kiss.

He grinned when I pressed my lips to his and bit my upper lip, the moment I hissed he used to his advantage to take complete control of my mouth. He twisted and turned my tongue, licked every corner and time after time bit my lip all I could was moan as he controlled me.

When the need for air was too big to ignore we pulled apart grinning and panting. I looked at my hands and giggled, it seems that they got mind of their own and decided that law doesn't need pants. His belt was already unbuckled and his pants were stripped to his knees, boxers were half way there.

Law put a peck on my lips and took my hands in his. "Don't rush, first, let's get rid of yours…"

He put my arms around his neck and started taking my jeans off, while doing so he started licking and biting my neck. I felt air rush through my erection and gasped as Law bit my neck with his teeth. "Luffy-ya…"

Traffy's hands were gone for a little, but then the came back and one of his fingers entered me. "Nhhh?"

"Remember our deal?" He waited till I nodded and then continued. "Well it's time for you to what I say…"

A small grin appeared on my face, but then disappeared as he touched my sweet spot; I had an idea for what he was going to ask and had an answer ready for him. "Ride me."

I grinned and opened my eyes and looked straight into his. "As you wish, master."

I couldn't help, but feel happy as Law's eyes widened at the 'master' part. I took his fingers out of me and got myself a little higher so I could l get him into me. I closed my eyes and moaned as I felt his hot, lubed erection enter me, I got adjusted to the size and slowly got down getting all of him inside of me.

My hands somehow ended up on Law's shoulders, opened my eyes and looked at him, his face showed pure pleasure he opened his eyes, looked at me and put his hands on my hips. "Move."

I grinned and moved my hips up earning a loud groan out of Traffy's mouth, I heard myself moan too and closed my eyes as I slammed down; this feels so good… I raised myself up and down, up and down, at the same pace, soon I felt my erection being gripped.

My movements became more rapid as Traffy pumped up my erection, I put my forehead on Law's and quickened the pace, his grip tightened and with one last pump I came into his hand. I somehow managed to lift myself one more time and slam down on him, making him come inside of me.

I opened my eyes at the same time as my lover opened his I grinned and lazily kissed him. He brushed his thumb across my cheek with a small smile on his lips. "It looks like tomorrow we're going to clean the car."

I grinned and slowly lifted myself up, so his cock would go out of me, it felt kind of empty without him inside, but I knew that the night still hadn't ended and that we're definitely not finished. "It seems like it…"

I put on my boxers and jeans on, they will get dirty, but I didn't really care. Law put a small kiss on my lips and sat back in the driver's seat. "But now we're gonna go home…"

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