"You should be more careful!" Zuko yelled.

"If we were being careful, it wouldn't be a sparring match!" Toph retorted, "Was I going too hard on you, Princess?!"

The length of earth that Toph had shot from the ground had pierced his shirt and torn it all the way to the collar, narrowly missing his chin and exposing his stomach and chest. She had not expected him to be so quick, everyone acknowledged the fact that even the best benders slip.

"Fucking Agni!" he snarled loudly, storming away to his room in the Western Air Temple to attempt to mend his destroyed shirt. Everyone was shocked, except Toph, she could feel the anger in his vibrations and awaited an explosion, he had been on edge since the trip had begun. He had many responsibilities since he became Fire Lord, and though he had granted himself a vacation, he knew that the stress would only be absent until he returned.

"Well, I have never-"

"Can it, Katara." Toph snapped. You'd think she'd be used to swearing by now… Toph grumbled to herself.

This was supposed to be an enjoyable stay at the restored Western Air Temple. Now she was angry at the one person she had the gone the longest without seeing. They had been away for at least three years or four years. She couldn't help him find Ursa, as she couldn't leave her school during its popularity boom and he wasn't able to come to the Air Nomad festival with Aang and his Air Acolytes.

The moment Aang arrived on Appa to collect Zuko, she was the last person he embraced, but the longest. The trip was great, all catching up, there was plenty happening amongst the group: Suki and Sokka were engaged, after many hinted conversations on Suki's part; Katara was subtly and non-subtly hinting at Aang that they should be; Zuko and Mai didn't work out, but were still on talking terms. Not to mention Iroh's tea shop in the Fire Nation opening; and Toph was taking an extended break from teaching her own students, passing the responsibility onto Ho Tun, The Dark One, and Penga, her first and best students.

Team Avatar had been separated for long enough, when they landed at the temple, they swiftly set up and got into their old habits of competition.

"Let's eat!" Sokka shouted to break the tension and bringing Toph back to reality.

They all bathed, ate, laughed and reminisced, Suki and Sokka flirting and giggling amongst themselves while Katara and Aang have one of their moments. Toph sat alone, stirring what she thought must have been, a mixture of banana and onion? As Sokka couldn't catch anything worth eating, Aang made something. Figures, Toph thought with a hint of annoyance, scowling.

She dropped the bowl on the ground and stood up, she caught a smell of something else from the mixture, garlic or onion… Pickles? Who knows. She walked away before the smell could seep into her clothing, four pairs of confused eyes watched her leave.

She stalked up to the doorway of Zuko's room and figured out where he was by the vibrations. She spun into the doorway and looked in his direction, seeing nothing, but feeling his movement. Zuko was pacing, he stopped and stared at her. "What? Come to apologise?" he snapped at her, arrogance layering his voice.

Fury flashed across her features, and Zuko regretted his words immediately. "You jerk." She growled, she spun to leave, but Zuko lunged for her small hand.

"Wait! Let's just talk!" he pulled her into the room. Toph stumbled and lost her footing, crashing into the stone bed.

She growled dangerously at him. "Just go back to the damn Fire Nation! Gah!" She cussed at him, standing straight and crossing her arms under her breasts, unintentionally making them more pronounced. Zuko was momentarily distracted, last time he had seen Toph, she had a young body, now she was developed. Full hips, at least a foot taller and round small breasts, he shook his head, equally annoyed.

Zuko was still angry from before, he moved across to her and grabbed her chin, tilting it upwards forcefully but gently, not wanting to hurt her. Toph scratched at his hand, but he restricted them with his second. "What is your problem?!" Zuko growled. He realised what he was doing, but he refused to back down to someone four years his junior.

"What is your problem?!" Toph replied, through the anger, there was an odd sense of déjà vu at the words she spoke.

"Apologise! You ruined my shirt!" he snarled. Her heart raced, she could feel the heat from his bare chest and face burning into her, she tried to struggle.

"Bite me, Pretty boy!" she spat, trying to jerk her head from his hold. She was furious, hoping that attacking his apparent appearance would make him release her.

Zuko stared at the young woman in front of him, something clicked inside his head, he moved, lowered his head to her neck and bit down. Toph gasped aloud in pain, and surprise. She felt her anger morph as he bit again on her shoulder, she moaned this time. He released her hands and wrapped his arm around her small waist, and continued to bite her not intending to leave a mark.

There was a moment as they stood, his arms around her, she finally reacted.

Toph didn't think as she grabbed his torn shirt and pulled it from his shoulders, it landed on the floor. It was as if both of their brains had turned off, Zuko shuffled her backwards onto the concrete bed, laying her down and lowering himself onto her.

Inside their minds, they were in sync, what is happening?! They both thought, neither made a move to stop it.

He undid the first few buttons on her shirt, and kissed between her small breasts, her fingers tangled in his hair. He moved up to her face, her small fingers lingered on his scar tissue, her legs wrapped around his lean waist. She felt everything, yet saw only darkness.

Their lips met for the first time and Zuko moaned gently. She hasn't pushed you away… He realised. His hands ran down her sides and caught on her pants. She had started wearing long pants that stayed loose to the ankle, where they would become tight. They were easy to get on in a hurry, but not off.

With a slight moan and a lot of concentration, Toph lost her pants, her undershorts stayed, how far are you planning on taking this?! His mind yelled, their lips moved together and the heat from Zuko's skin was almost burning her own.

"I missed you." He whispered to her, and started kissing down her neck.

She moved her hands back to his hair, "I may have missed you." She moaned softly, sarcasm lost in the tone of her voice.

He made a decision, "Come back with me, please?" he begged, lips at her ears.

Toph brought his face to hers, their lips met again, when suddenly, a loud voice tore through their mood.

"Toph! Zuko! Where are you?!" Sokka yelled, they broke their kiss in surprise, thinking Sokka was already at the door.

Toph slammed her hand to the ground and measured the vibration. She groaned, they knew he was near, Zuko handed Toph her pants and slipped his vest on. Sokka rounded the corner as Toph stormed out, she huffed and knocked him into the wall. He cried out in pain at first, as a few rocks landed on his head.

"She is still angry?" Sokka laughed. "Gee! Did you even try to smooth it out?"

Zuko's mind spun, he blinked twice and stared down at Sokka, "We were getting to it." he mumbled angrily.