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Yeah so, here is my ultimate Boba Fett and original character story.  It begins with young Boba and his father, Jango Fett and proceeds right past Return of the Jedi.  Enjoy!       


The heavy rain hit against the window making a constant splattering sound, which echoed through the quietness of Boba Fett's quarters.  He stared at the fat droplets as they slid down the glass, leaving behind glistening trails until they reached the edge of their destination and fell into the dark ocean below.  This was the normal weather of the storm planet of Kamino.  Every day held the same thing; torrential rains and violent winds caused the vast sea that stretched beyond the horizon, to quiver and froth in torment, sending up huge waves which constantly crashed into the base of the cloning colony in which Boba lived with his father.  Boba couldn't remember a time he had been on the planet and had seen a shred of sunlight.  He had to go off planet to feel its warmth and that was a rare thing as it was since he could only leave via his father's ship, the Slave 1.  Boba sighed; he wished that Jango would take him out more often.  Sitting constantly alone in their small apartment was incredibly boring for a ten year old.  There were hardly any visitors besides Taun We, the tall female cloner who once in a while checked in on Boba to make sure that he wasn't up to any mischief. 

Boba tapped the window, sending a few water droplets to sail off into the fathom below.  He followed their trail with his eyes and where they hit against the dark waters he could see an even darker shape beneath the surface.  A huge sea monster was probably lurking there, waiting for its next meal.  That was another thing about Kamino that Boba despised.  There was nothing to do on the cloning facility besides watching the rain or walking about the millions of white steel corridors.  Jango had once sent him off to try and interact with some of the Kamino children but since the Kamino's were far different then humans, their idea of fun wasn't exactly what Boba Fett had hoped.  He had sat in a stateroom for about an hour with twenty pairs of liquid eyes staring at him.  He had tried to talk some of them into playing a game, but they had just given him confused looks and soon after had left him sitting there alone.  Boba sighed and rubbed his eyes.  There were other children aboard the facility but Boba technically couldn't call them human.  They were clones, hundreds of them, and since they were pretty much programmed to just study and learn, Boba had little chance in finding a playmate.  His eyebrows knit together in anger.  He really shouldn't be calling himself a human, since he too was a clone.  His father Jango had been the original in the whole process and Boba and the hundreds, no thousands of other clones, were the result.  In fact, Boba had been part of the payment for Jango.  His father had wanted the first clone for a son, unaltered in any way.  No growth acceleration, no docile drugs, just an exact replica in which he could raise. 

Boba had read in books about mothers and had asked his father about it one day but Jango had said, "You have to understand that you are special Boba.  No one can take it away from you and no one can change you.  You don't have a mother, but you do have a father, and I will protect you and care for you until my very last breath."  Boba smiled fondly at the memory.  So what if he didn't have a mother, he had Jango, and that had to be the best thing in the universe since his father was the most feared bounty hunter in the entire galaxy.  At the thought his grin grew wider.  Someday he hoped to be like Jango, to have that sort of respect and effect on others. 

Boba ran his hands through his blue black hair and straightened his shirt.  Soon Jango would be home from his recent hunt and might perhaps take him somewhere that night.  After all he had been on his own for the past week and Jango would surely know how bored his son was and would want to make it up to him.  Maybe he could convince his dad to let him fly the Slave 1.  His fingers itched to take hold of its sleek controls and to maneuver it among asteroids and through narrow caverns and stormy clouds.  Boba sighed at the though of owning his own starship.  It symbolized freedom, a way to get off of Kamino and to the stars beyond. 

The sound of the door hatch hissing open signaled that Jango had returned.  Boba quickly glanced in the mirror to make sure he looked presentable before jogging over to his bedroom door.  He was about to open it when he realized that Jango wasn't alone.  Another voice could be heard talking to him, a female voice.  Boba's hopes of doing something special with Jango were crushed; she was here.  He sighed again and opened the door and was greeted by his father.

"Hello Boba."

He inclined his head.  "Welcome back dad."

Jango's wet armor glistened in the bright light of the apartment as Jango went over to the table and took off his famous Mandalorian helmet.  Boba turned to Jango's companion and blushed under her gaze.  A sly smirk spread over her face as she watched him.

"Hello little clone," Zam Wessel said, using her nickname for him.  He nodded in reply.  His eyes traveled down her lithe form then back up to her slate colored eyes.  Zam was Jango's partner in bounty hunting and also one of the few visitors that they had.  Boba had once tried to befriend her but it had soon become obvious that Zam had eyes only for Jango.  Boba usually found himself being ignored while she was here and would have to find something to do by himself until she left. 

"You stayed out of trouble while I was gone," Jango stated, more of a fact than a question.

"Yes sir."

Jango looked over at him with approval in his eyes and Boba felt his chest swell with pride.  He loved to know that his father respected him and trusted him to do the right thing. 

Zam moved over to one of the chairs and sat down in it and stretched like a content feline.  The movement accentuated her shapely body and Boba looked over at his dad to see that Jango was watching Zam with darkened eyes.  Boba knew that look and groaned inwardly at Jango's next words.

"Return to your room son, Zam and I have private matters to discuss."

"Yes sir," he said quietly and obediently went back into his dark and lonely quarters.  As the door slid shut he could almost hear the chuckle in Zam's throat at his discomfort.  Boba collapsed on top of his bed and rolled onto his side.  This wasn't the first time this had happened and he knew well aware of what was going on.  He heard his dad move around the outside room, the scraping of his armor as he carefully took it off and stored it in well locked compartments.  He could imagine Zam's eyes following Jango, with their cold enjoyment flickering deep within her irises.  Zam was his father's friend; his father wasn't alone, unlike Boba.  He closed his eyes and pictured her in his mind.  Her hair framing her face, increasing the depth of her eyes, the curve of her breasts as the fabric of her clothing molded to her body and the streamlined shape of her long legs.  Boba found himself longing to wrap his arms around her and bury his face in the warmth ness of her smooth skin.  To have someone to rest up against and to trust and to keep him from being alone.  He chuckled bitterly, there was little chance of him even being able to get near enough to her without her shoving him aside like a pest.  Jango on the other hand…

The sound of Jango's door sliding shut came to his ears.  He could faintly hear the creak of a bed as the weight of two bodies were pressed down against it.  Zam's moans soon echoed through the apartment as Jango slowly roused her to increasing levels of passion.  Boba put his hands over his ears, trying to block out the sounds.  When he had been seven he had awoken to such moans and cries.  Wondering what they could be he had snuck into the refresher chamber to where there was a small hole into the wall which looked into his dad's room.  He had pressed his eye up to it and had been shocked at the sight.  His father had been leaning over Zam's naked form on the bed, her nails were dug into the tanned skin of his back and she was crying out loud as Jango thrust against her and grabbed a fistful of her short hair to urge her head back and had run his mouth over her exposed neck, scraping her with his teeth.  The first thought that had entered Boba's mind was that Jango was hurting Zam and he had been about to run out of the refresher and stop him when suddenly he had looked closer and had found that she was actually enjoying Jango's actions.  Boba found that he couldn't turn away from the sight.  Jango's hand had run up Zam's side and grabbed her right breast and was rubbing her nipple between his strong fingers.  Zam buckled widely beneath him and bit into his neck to keep from screaming out loud.  The look on Zam's face was as if she was in heaven and was trying to remain there.  Her eyes were glazed over with passion as was his father's as he continued to thrust into her.  Jango suddenly growled and his shoulders tensed as his hands moved under Zam to lift her almost right off the bed.  His moans grew in crescendo with hers and his thrusts grew stronger.  Zam cried out his name as he roared in animal lust and joined her in her climax.  Boba had run back to his room at that moment and had flung himself upon his bed and curled into a fetal position.  His body shivered at having just seen what occurred between his father and Zam, the sight of their sweat soaked bodies pressed up against each other as they moaned and moved.  It was at that moment that Boba realized how lonely he was. 

The moans in the other room continued and Boba turned restlessly trying to ignore them.  He stared up at the ceiling, wondering if he would ever have someone like his dad did.  It seemed impossible since that would mean he would have to get off of Kamino in order to find others, and that day seemed like an eternity away.  The thought of having a friend made the longing in Boba's chest to return. 

His father's grunts joined in with Zam's cries and groans as they both went over the edge.   Soon afterward the room fell silent as Zam and Jango fell asleep in each other's arms.  Boba sighed in relief at it finally ending and closed his eyes in peace.  He would wait until Zam left tomorrow before getting up since that way he wouldn't have to face her in the morning and go through the reminders of what she and Jango had done the previous night. 

The pounding of the rain continued against the window and soon it lulled Boba into slumber to where dreams of Zam's naked, glistening body cruelly tortured and played with his mind.