Author's Note:

***Well how did you guys enjoy the first part of Iile?  It was a very interesting experience for me since this is one of the few stories that I've actually completed a lot of chapters for.  Part 2 will follow Boba as he goes from being a child to a young adult and will involve him meeting new allies and learning about life out in the galaxy.  Also part 2 is the beginning of Palpatine's takeover of the Republic and will show how Boba gets involved with his plot.  Kish returns and Boba's friendship with her strengthens.  How does Boba survive being a teenager?  Oh…he gets through it somehow… hehehe.  Don't worry, Part 2 is on the way!

Meanwhile I thought that I would give you guys some comic relief with the uncut scenes from the first part of Iile.  Also thanks to all my loyal reviewers (you know who you are ;P ) and a big hello to my new ones!  Okay… I'm done now :)  


Uncut Scenes

Chapter 5:  A Father's Promise


His whole body was crying out in pain, causing him to thrash and moan in torment.  Hands were pressing down on him, suffocating him, and large shadowed faces loomed over him.  One of the hands ripped off his pants and forced him up against a wall, shoving his face into it.  He couldn't see as the hands forced his legs apart, couldn't see his attacker as he pressed his naked, sweat drenched body up against his own.

Boba awoke with a gasp and sat up in the bunk.

WACK!!!  His head slams into Jango's (who was currently bend over Boba, treating his wounds).

Jango falls to the ground unconscious.

"Umm Dad?"

Director:           Cut!!!


"We didn't know he was your son!" he choked.  "We…we wouldn't have…" he was cut off as Jango opened his hand and dropped him down into the pit.  The guy thrashed in the sand, trying to desperately get his footing and climb out; however the tentacles found him and ensnared his body.  Jango grabbed the other man by his hair and forced him to watch his friend's fate, soon to be his own.  Suddenly the Sarlacc gave a squeak and stopped moving.

Man 1:  (looks down at it)  Ummm, I think the machine just broke down.

Man 2:  Larry!  Get the mechanic over here!

Jango:   Dammit!!!  This was one of my big scenes!!  (stomps off to his trailer) 

Chapter 6:  Silhouettes of Comfort


It didn't take long to find him.  He was outside on one of the platforms overlooking the ocean.  The rain had turned to a fine mist and came down in soft sheets and clung to your body, making it shimmer in the lights of the facility.  Boba was sitting on a ledge of the platform, his legs tucked underneath him and upper body leaning against the metal railings.  His chin was on his arms as he stared out at the water and Kish could tell there had been a change in him from when she had last been to Kamino.

She walked quietly up behind him, looking him over.  Something had happened… WHAM!!!!!

(Kish slips on the water covered platform landing on her back)

Boba Fett:        Hahahaha!!!! (couldn't contain himself)

Director:           Cut!!

Kish:                Medic…

Chapter 7:  Restless Nights


A beeping came from the boiler and Jango stood up and went to make the herb drinks.  Boba's mind was overloading with questions that he wanted to ask his father but didn't know how many he could without Jango becoming irritated at his prying.  He knew that he could always ask Kish but deep inside there was a nagging feeling that told him to keep quiet around her, for there was something about her that made it seem as if she was hiding herself from others for a purpose.  He frowned; this was going nowhere.  

Jango returned and placed a cup in front of Boba and sat back down.  Boba had a bad feeling nagging at him from the back of his mind as he drank down the tea along with his father.  He set the cup back on the table and looked into it.

"Um Dad?"


"Isn't Alderaan herb tea supposed to be dark purple?"

Jango looked down into his own cup at the orange coloured liquid.

"Uh oh…  I think I may have…used the wrong packets."

Their bowels start to rumble uncertainly and they bolt for the bathroom.

Director:           CUT!!!!!

Chapter 10:  She Belongs To Me 


He raced around a corner in the corridor and slammed into something coming the other way.  The force knocked him off of his feet and he fell backwards and hit the ground, grimacing in pain as the shock traveled up his spine into his head.  He looked up at what he had hit and saw Kish staring down at him with a very pained expression on her face and holding onto her chest.

"Ooowww!!! You hit me right in the breast!!  Jesus Christ that hurts!  I need to take five…"  (staggers off to her trailer)


He raced around a corner in the corridor and kept on running…and running…and running.

Director:  Hey kid!  You ran down the wrong corridor!!

Boba Fett:  Oops!  Sorry 'bout that… 

Chapter 11:  Lover's Goodbye


Seiko:               (typing) As his mouth closed around her nipple he felt Zam's hand in his hair indicating that she was awake and aware of what he was doing.  He flicked his tongue over the delicate tip before drawing it into his mouth, making her sigh in bliss.  His fingers grazed over the soft curls between her legs to stroke between her moist ummm….her moist…now what fuckin' word should I use here??... her something something, ummm…shit.

(gets out the romance novels)

Seiko:               Okay, we have a choice of womanhood….mound….creamy petals (yuck!)….folds… What do you think?

Boba Fett:        I don't know!  This is between my dad and Zam!  Why the hell would I want to talk about this?! 

(Fett leaves the room)

Seiko:               Oh some big help you are!!!


Seiko:               (typing) Jango's tongue found its way to the junction between her legs and Zam gasped out his name as waves of pleasure consumed her. 

"Shhh," he whispered against her skin before continuing his erotic torment.  Zam nodded and bit her lip as he thrust his tongue into her, tasting the honey…hehehe… tasting the, the…….BWA HA HA HA HA!!!!

(rolls around on the floor laughing her ass off)

Boba Fett:        What's so funny?

Seiko:               Ha ha ha ha ha!!! (gasp)  Oh nothing!!!  Just having the giggles!!!  LOLOL!!!!!!!!!  Hold on, I'll try it again.

                        (typing)  Zam nodded and bit her lip as he, as he….it's no use!!!!  Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Chapter Thirteen:  Battle in the Rain

Take One:

The air flow to the Jedi's lungs was cut off as Jango prepared to break his neck. Kenobi dragged in a painful breath as he grasped the edges of Jango's armour and with a shove of the force, threw the hunter over his shoulder to the ground. Jango pivoted and lashed out with an upper kick, hitting Obi Wan directly in the balls.

Obi's eyes cross and he collapses to the ground with a wail.

Jango:               (to Boba) You see son?  That is why we wear groin protection.

Director:           That musta hurt…

Chapter Seventeen:  Sentenced to Die

Take One:

A large grating sound echoed throughout the air and they looked up to see one of the large arena gates slowly opening.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Anakin muttered.

The gate banged as it opened fully and there came cries and rumbles from the dark tunnel in the rock. Dust flew about in the air as a rabbit came out into the light… wait a minutes… a rabbit?? 

Dooku:             Hey where's my ferocious beasts? How can I strike fear into the hearts of my enemies with a… a rabbit?? (very confused)

Prop Man:        Oh don't worry sir, this rabbit is very deadly and evil to boot.

Dooku:             I find that hard to believe (looks at it as the rabbit calmly cleans it cute white ears)

Suddenly the rabbit spies the prisoners and it leaps through the air and sinks its teeth into Obi Wan's throat in a mere second.  Screaming is heard.

Prop Man:        You see sir; we got the rabbit from the set of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Dooku:             Ohhhh, okay then.

Chapter Eighteen:  Jango's End

Take One:

The snarl of the nexu made Boba turn back and he saw it reach the top of where Amidala was perched. She took the excess length of her chain and struck out with it, hitting the feline, trying to knock it back down to the ground. It held on and lashed out at her with its paw, its razor sharp claws cutting along her back and tearing off her entire top.

Padme:             Ack! (crosses her arms over her exposed breasts)

Immediately the entire arena falls silent.  Crickets are heard as everyone stares at her chest.

The crowd suddenly cheers and claps, hooting and sexual comments come from both the stands and the balcony.

Jango:                           (covers Boba's eyes)

Anakin and Obi:           Yeah baby yeah!!  Take it allll off!!! ;)

Producer:                     (to the director) Shouldn't we cut?

Director:                       Nah, leave it in, we might attract more fans.

Chapter Nineteen:  Boba's Beginning

Take One:

His hands trembled as he took the helmet in his hands, the piece of armour that had been an extension of his father.  It was as if he had been holding Jango's actual head in his shaking hands, the helmet was so familiar from it being worn around him his whole life. 

He could feel the wall breaking inside him as he stared into the t-shaped visor. 

Suddenly a loud rumbling is heard.  Boba looks up to see a huge mob of fangirls running towards him.

Fangirl One:                  Poor Boba!!

Fangirl Two:                 I'll take care of you!!!

Other Fangirls:  WE LOVE YOU BOBA!!

Boba:                           Uh oh….