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Water: 35 l. Carbon: 20 kg. Ammonia: 4 l. Lime: 1.5 kg. Phosphorus: 800 g. Salt: 250 g. Saltpeter: 100 g. Sulfur: 80 g. Fluorine 7.5 g. Iron 5 g. Silicon 3 g. and trace amounts of 15 other elements. All the ingredients of the average adult human body, down to the last speck of protein in your eyelashes. And all those ingredients can be bought on a child's allowance. Humans are built on the cheap.


Kage's POV:

I gave Salem a quick snuggle before standing up, a bottle of bleach in hand as I started to thoroughly clean our apartment, making sure to erase any fingerprints, pick up any strands of hair, and generally wipe it clean of any sign of our existence as DK paced slowly around the table, still getting the hang of "walking" as his grumbles constantly echoed in the air. Akuma was watching the street, eyes narrowed as he watched and announced each and every person that entered the building. I finished, hoisting my backpack over my shoulders as Akuma did the same, letting Salem hop onto my shoulder and purr as we checked out, going to a different apartment block. It had been a few hours since Stein had done the experiment, and we had been laying low so as not to attract the attention of our friends, which might have been a little awkward.

I knew we couldn't avoid telling them forever, but it was best to recover a little before confronting them, and besides, now that DK had his own body we would need a larger apartment, including the fact we were going to have another presence there, namely his weapon partner, whoever it would be. We had since determined that while Akuma and DK could resonate, they both found it slightly awkward –I didn't blame them– to be wielded and wielding someone who they used to share a body with. Déjà vu or whatever. And the power of wielding shadows, that while DK was proficient at, he needed a more permanent and material weapon that his shadow, which could be rendered useless in certain scenarios.

But alas, such was not to be. When we got to the larger one we had rented, Kid, Blackstar, Liz, Patty, Maka, Soul, Tsubaki, all of them were standing with their arms folded crossly in front of the door, making us sigh and look at each other. "I'll just be going now…" DK muttered, fading into shadow and vanishing as we both shrugged and heaved a sigh, approaching our obviously P. friends as they blinked, Maka and Kid sensing our souls, Blackstar hearing our footsteps and recognizing them as they all vainly searched for visual conformation, easily provided since we were in the typical all black. We stopped in front of them, posed identically with our hands in our pockets and me with Salem perched on my shoulder, gazing levelly on our friends as they simply stared back, an awkward silence hanging around us.

Kid's POV:

Kage and Akuma stopped in front of us, their eyes neutral and unreadable, and I caught a hint of defiant pride burning in Kage's eyes as I swallowed hard. "So what did you guys go to Stein for?" Blackstar asked after a long moment, being the typical one to break the silence as Kage and her brother flinched imperceptibly, looking down. "It isn't anything for you guys to worry about, we're fine." She said after a moment, and Akuma nodded. "Yeah, it's all cool." he mumbled, and I sighed, running my hands through my hair as Patty giggled. "And we were worried about you guys for nothing!" she chirped happily as Liz rolled her eyes, beaming to herself and starting to scribble a crayon giraffe on the concrete dormitory as the rest of us sweatdropped.

"You know, we're not technically on your side despite the current events, we're still Nightstalker at heart and that means being partially Kishin. The things we do won't always be to your sole advantage nor what you would necessarily approve of." Kage said suddenly, folding her arms as she stared at us defiantly, and I narrowed my eyes in concern. "What are you saying?" She looked away with a sigh, rubbing her upper arm. "Of course you have every right to be angry at us. We tried a secret operation that endangered our lives and did something to us you all will most certainly disapprove of and we did it behind your backs, without telling you and giving you no chance to stop us. I would say I'm sorry, but I'm not. I don't regret the decision." She said quietly, and by now we were all on fire with impatience and a need to ask her just what exactly was she was talking about. She gave us all a long look, and it made my heart pound. It was like she was saying goodbye to us with that glance, her eyes shadowed with a faint hurt and longing. She inhaled through her nose, then swept her hair back and looked at us evenly.

"Our blood is black. Stein changed it to the same type Crona has."

My eyes widened as the others gasped, and we all stared at them in horror as Kage folded her arms defiantly, not meeting our eyes as Akuma nodded silently, partially taking off his jacket to show us the thin, grey scars on his wrist that were shaped in a long X. "You…you…" I was speechless, and she nodded, Salem nudging up to purr and nuzzle her chin as Kage mechanically petted her. Maka suddenly stepped forward, grabbing Kage by the arms and shaking her. "WHY?! THE BLACK BLOOD ISN'T SAFE, YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE MADNESS IT BRINGS LIKE CRONA AND SOUL CAN, YOU KNOW THAT KAGE! IT ISN'T SAFE FOR YOU!" she cried, and Kage gently pushed her away, but her strength was like iron. "Normal Black Blood isn't, I agree. But it is a manufactured substance, and without Ragnarok or another conscious presence to activate it the madness is sound, and besides, the stuff we made with Stein is designed to not activate Madness and enhance the genes we already have. I suppose you could say its tailored specifically to fit our blood and body and soul type, and technically not even the same substance Soul and Crona have." She said staunchly, and Maka blinked at her as Soul's eyes widened.

"And there's something else we did with it." Akuma interrupted, and we all looked at him as he smiled slightly. "Crona and Ragnarok are separate beings, but they exist in the same symbiotic relationship myself and DK had." A faint tingle of warning ran up my spine as I heard "had". Kage blinked, starting to smile as well, as if she had forgotten something. "Yeah. So we altered the specific DNA strand within the Black Blood that was designed to keep Ragnarok separate from Crona and allow him to manifest physically, and we had…" She trailed off as they both looked to the street, and we all blinked as a rift of shadow appeared, a black boot stepping out as the body followed, a familiar scythe like grin flashing against pale cheeks as DK freed himself from the shadows, wearing a similar outfit to Kage and Akuma, but without a jacket and jeans, wearing instead a more loose T-shirt and trousers as his black hair stuck out crazily around his head, his eyes a challenging red-black.

I blinked, seeing a faint, glowing grey soul in his chest, with the strange smile on it, and his snaggly haircut. "Hey, good to see ya guys." He said cheerily, smirking at us as Liz finally found the breath to speak, numbly pointing to him as she stuttered out "A-alive!" He shrugged silently, smugly, his grin still in place. "Yeah, cool isn't it?" he snickered, and we all blinked and shook our heads. "Anyway, that's all really. We're gonna move into the new apartment and then head out to look for someone to be DK's new weapon partner. Good with you guys?" Kage asked, giving us a thumbs up, and I nodded slowly as she beamed and walked past us, DK following with Akuma in tow as he mock saluted us and entered the building, leaving us on the front step, utterly confused.

Kage's POV:

I leaned back with a sigh, the tree warm and comforting under my back as DK yawned, absently holding his finger above the clear water, water running from it to steadily plunk on the surface of the stream as Akuma lay on his stomach, chin on his arms, his eyes lazy as he watched it chatter and burble its way past us. I flicked my pole out of the water, grinning as I saw the salmon jerking and dancing on the end of the line as both male's eyes gravitated towards it, dangerous hunger showing in their sleepy gazes. I neatly snagged the fish with my shadows, dropping it in the bucket as it recovered and began to swim in agitated circles, pink shining at me from its sides as I sighed and baited my hook again, dropping it into the water with the line lying just barely across my fingers, waiting for the gentle tug.

The atmosphere was lazy, content, the warm afternoon sun shining down on us through the trees as I yawned again, feeling drowsy and content. We had been camping in the area of northern France for the past few weeks, knowing it was as good a place as any to start our search, and so far had turned up…nothing. Not even one nibble. Speaking of…I quickly whipped the pole out of the water, grinning as I saw my second fish of the day jerking and dancing on the pole, a slightly smaller salmon that both my brother and DK eyed hungrily before I dropped it in the bucket. We all had a craving for fish right now, and it had been a while since I had gone fishing. I was still as good at it as ever, and nothing, nothing tasted better than fish cooked by Akuma. No lie. It was unnatural how he seemed to know exactly how to cook and clean a fish to make it the most delicious bit of meat ever to grace a pie plate.

Of course being us, this peace didn't last more than a few seconds before-

"SOMEONE HELP ME!" I looked up from my fishing pole as DK and Akuma sat up, and we all let out a long sigh as DK muttered a curse and lay back down. I grumbled as I got to my feet, tucking the fishing pole into a crack in the tree as Akuma raised an eyebrow. "You gonna go after whoever that is?" he grumbled, and I shrugged as DK growled and stood, brushing himself off clumsily. We started walking calmly through the woods, heading towards the sound of screams and blows as shadows curled up around my feet, eager and waiting for a fight.

Hazel's POV:

I couldn't stop running, my mind was in overdrive and the only thought in my head was FLEE. Branches whipped and cracked, snapping across my face as I whimpered and closed my eyes, covering my head with my hands and running faster, stumbling over roots as my clothes snagged and tore in the woody stems. Suddenly I hit something both soft and hard, pushing it back to the ground with an "oof!" of surprise as my eyes snapped open and I uncrossed my arms. A boy roughly my own age was sprawled under me, his eyes shut in annoyance as he sat up, rubbing his eyes with one hand –I saw his nails were long and black– before opening them and glaring at me.

His eyes were a terrifying red, with black surrounding the crimson iris and a faint X marked in the very center of the red, his inky black hair standing up in all directions as I numbly stared at him, in shock. A spiderweb-thin grey scar went from his forehead to his chin, tracing a diagonal path across his right cheek as he glared back at me, annoyance clear in his horrific eyes. His clothes were pitch black and very loose, like he had thrown them on in a hurry and hadn't bothered to change. He then sighed loudly, letting his head fall back on the ground. "Well, I found the problem and she will not get off me." He grumbled in a deep yet young voice, and I blushed and quickly scooted off him as he sat up, two other people coming out of the forest behind him.

They were both blonde, and I could tell instantly they were twins. They had the same basic build, coloring, and facial structure, with the only difference being the female had longer hair, and obviously a curving chest. Their eyes were a bright, harsh green, like snapping fireworks, and their hair was a tawny caramel, slightly curly and thick. They wore black too, black jeans with identical black jackets and a black t-shirt under it, boots leather and, as seemingly a pro quo with these people, black. "Nice DK, you get run over by a girl and then have to call for help. I'm in awe with the new form." The girl said sarcastically, bending down as "DK" grabbed her elbow and hoisted himself up, busily dusting off his baggy clothing as I simply stared numbly. "Oh shut up…" he muttered, sending a scowl and a glare in my direction before sighing and looking up at the faint sunlight streaming through the treetops.

"Hey, it's a Weapon. Well, Lord Death'll be pissed as hell if we don't step in…" the other boy said wearily, pointing to me and then sighing as his sister and their friend both sighed and nodded, and my heart jumped. "You guys are from DWMA! That's great, we really need your help, they've been kidnapping people from all over and-" I was cut off by all three's merry laughter, feeling hurt and starting to get angry. "It's true! Why don't you believe me?!" I asked desperately, flinging my arms out towards them as the female blinked and her accomplices smirked. "It's not that kid; it's that you think we're from DWMA." DK finally said with a snort, putting both hands on his hips as he sneered at me. Red began to cloud my vision, and I clenched my fists. "Then who are you?!" I snapped, and they all shrugged as one. "I think we can have a nice, safe introduction by saying we are freelancers, and ones that have loose ties with DWMA. Name's Kage, the blonde's my brother Akuma and this genius is DK." The female said, putting her arms behind her head and yawning insolently as she lazily pointed to both her companions.

I blinked, anger being replaced by desperate hope. "Right, then you can help us! I can pay you to help us!" I said eagerly, and Kage raised an eyebrow. "Oh? How much money do you have?" she asked in amusement, and my heart sunk a little. "I don't have any but I can always repay you later-" She cut me off with a raised hand, smirking a little. "We take payment on the spot kiddo, not loans. Get lost." She said smugly, and I took a desperate step forward. "I can work for you or something! My friends too, we have talents, I'm sure we could help you out with something-" I tried pleadingly, and she shook her head, starting to turn away. "We don't need manpower right now, so I think we're done here." She said cheerily, the boys following her as rage replaced my desperation, fueled by it and charged with hope. "DON'T YOU DARE TURN YOUR BACK ON ME!" I snarled, transforming my arm to take aim at her stupid back as she turned again, her eyes widening slightly as she saw the long barrel of my arm.

Suddenly I was restrained, cold, slimy darkness forcing my arm up and head back, feet leaving the ground as something thin and strong coiled around my legs, binding them together and rendering me helpless as my free arm was crushed to my chest, wiggling frantically as I heard mocking laughter from in front of me. It stopped slowly, and I was lowered as Kage's face came into my line of vision. "You got spunk kid. What kind of weapon are you?" she asked, eyes raking over the still un-transformed arm as I shrugged as much as whatever was holding me allowed. "Don't know-" I managed to choke out, and she frowned thinly. "DK?" she asked, looking up as I felt another presence, and something sharp and long gently scratched down my metal arm. "Cannon of some kind definitely. Looks like a…a panzerfaust." he said, and I caught the strange note of excitement in his voice as Kage smirked. "What a coincidence. Hey girl, what's your name?"

"Hazel…" I managed to whisper, and I felt my bonds slowly start to relax. "That's a nice name. Now Hazel, remember how you said you were gonna help us if we saved you and those other people? We're gonna do that." She said soothingly, and I swallowed hard as I made contact with the forest floor again, transforming my arm back nervously as Kage and the others stared at me, excitement glittering in their green and demonic eyes. "Now, tell me exactly what's going on and what you need the army-type people to do." She said, kneeling as I managed to sit up, gasping and hacking and feeling a slight sense of hope, deep within my gut.

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