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A Certain Pokemon Index

Chapter One

The Beginning of a Misfortunate Journey

A boy with spiky black hair ran away from a swarm of enraged Beedrills. "Such misfortune!"

The sprawling woodlands of the Viridian Forest house a venerable selection of Pokemon. Here, the trees grow dense and packed so light rarely slips through the branches. Wild grass grows to the knees. Wind blows through the maze of trees and thrushes, causing confusion upon unsuspecting adventurers. This confusion leads to terror. Anyone unfortunate enough to be left without the guidance of local bug catchers fall prey to Viridian Forest's most unforgiving residents.

Jumping over the pitfalls and dodging low handing branches, Kamijou Touma realized he was one those unfortunate.

Glancing over his shoulder, Kamijou counted a dozen Beedrills.

"Leave me alone! I was just taking a walk!" He cried.

It was summer and the weather was pleasant. Being a resident of a certain hometown, situated on the edge of Viridian Forest, Kamijou decided to take a nice relaxing stroll before accidentally kicking a Kakuna.

The young lad ran through the thick flora he side stepped in sharp turns and leaped through tight gaps between trees. The buzzing of the swarm hounding him felt like a dozen tiny swords slowly inching towards his back. Okay, Kamijou reasoned, it was more like a dozen times two.

After running the equivalent of a marathon, Kamijou reached a clearing. Closely behind him was the swarm of Beedrills, quickly approaching. "Dammit," he cursed. Kamijou knew he couldn't retreat and ran into the clearing, hoping his legs could beat out the wings of the Beedrills.

Kamijou kept running until he saw salvation seated on a rock: a Pokeball.

"Yes!" Kamijou cheered as he picked up the Pokeball. Items such as these were commonly left scattered around Viridian Forest as an offering to the Local Gods for safe passage. With this Pokeball, Kamijou could capture one of the Beedrills and have him to hold off the rest of his swarm. This would provide precious time to pass through the clearing and return to cover.

"Now the tables have turned," Kamijou grinned.

It was a wise plan, he thought throwing the Pokeball; worthy of a Pokemon Master.

The ball fell apart as it flew through the air.

"Such misfortune!" His cry echoed throughout the forest as he returned running at full speed into the cover of the forest. His heart was beating and his legs strained as Kamijou threw every energy reserve in a last ditch effort to outrun them. The Beedrills were momentarily stunned by the awkward display, paused a moment to look at each other before continuing their pursuit.

Even though in this world virtually everyone is a Pokemon Trainer, Kamijou Touma is not one of them.

Glancing behind him, the Beedrills were only a few meters behind. Within seconds they would be upon him with their namesake stingers. Kamijou looked up to the sky beyond the branches and apologized to his mother for not being a better son and to his father for failing to carry on the family name.

Exhaustion had finally caught up with Kamijou. He dropped to his knees and palms. "I'm ready to accept my fate now," he said closing his eyes.

As he waited for his coming doom, Kamijou's thoughts drifted to his many regrets. He apologized to Professor Tsukuyomi whose class he repeatedly failed and required mandatory summer sessions for. Oh, the many regrets he thought of as he waited.

And waited.

"Huh?" Kamijou looked around. There was no buzzing; the silence of the forest greeted him.

Laughter could be heard echoing throughout the Viridian Forest. He laughed until his eyes began to tear and he shouted thanks of appreciation to everyone in his life: mother, father, Professor Tsukuyomi, that weird lady who owns that smelly Meowth that keeps rubbing up on his leg before relieving itself on him. Today, Kamijou Touma would not meet his doom. Perhaps he was not so unfortunate.

"Really now, is this joke really a human? Throwing defective Pokeballs around trying to dominate us? What do you think you're doing here?"

Kamijou froze in shock.

A few meters away from him was a girl... a girl in a Pikachu costume.

She was a young girl, probably in middle school. The yellow fur dominated her costume. Tufts of chestnut brown hair peaked out from under her hood. With a look of disdain, she ran her fingers through her bangs and over the top of her hood. A surge of bluish-white sparks followed her finger tips.

"Did you take care of the Beedrills?" Kamijou asked. With a scratch of his head he said, "thank you."

The girl growled.

The buzzing of a lone Beedrill, a straggler from the original swarm, interrupted the pair.

Bringing up his right hand, Kamijou braced to defend himself. "Get away!" he shouted to the girl in the Pikachu costume.

She tilted her head towards the approaching menace and a jolt of bluish white lightning shot from her forehead. Zapped black, the Beedrill fell to the ground twitching from the paralysis.

"That's... that's quite the costume," Kamijou said in amazement. "Did your mom help you make it? Is that a supercharged stun-gun or something?"

Rolling her eyes, the girl in the Pikachu costume gave him a disdainful look.

"Are all humans idiots?" she scoffed.

"I'm not an idiot!" Kamijou gritted his teeth.

The girl in the Pikachu costume raised a brow. "You can understand me?"

"Of course I can! You're a girl in a Pikachu costume."

"Idiot, I am a Pikachu. But this is a first..." Bringing a finger to her chin she wondered aloud, "should I roast you alive or burn you alive?"

With a rub of her thumb and index finger, tiny bluish white sparks began to flicker from her fingertips. She began to charge up a field of bluish-white electricity around her.

The electricity jumped from her body to the ground, and the sparks ignited the grass around her which began to smolder. Ash and sparks flew around as the air began to fill with the scent of charred flora.

Kamijou clenched his fist. "Hey, just because you have a cute costume doesn't mean you can start a forest fire," he reprimanded.

"C-cute? Wha-...wh-what a moron," she muttered crossing her arms.

"Pokemon live here!"

"I live here."

In a breeze of the wind, leaves and ash the Pikachu girl vanished.

"What the..." Kamijou scratched the back of his head. "Oh well," he thought to himself as he removed his summer school jacket. He began to use it to snuff out the slow burning grass in the crater left behind by the Pikachu girl. "Kids these days need to watch more Smokey the Snorlax," Kamijou sighed.

After he kicked some dirt to bury the blackened grass, Kamijou wiped sweat from his brow. Kamijou smiled to himself knowing he had helped prevented forest fires. "Time to head back," he said as he placed both hands on his back pocket to crack his back.

He didn't feel his wallet. But he did feel a gaping hole.

"What?" Kamijou panicked as he emptied out his other pockets and looked around at the forest floor. The shade from the trees reduced illumination and it was difficult to see anything in the gloomy forest. "Such misfortune," he groaned. This was not the first time he had lost his wallet. Though it only carried a few dollar coins, it was a precious wallet with Gekota's face plastered on the side. It was a gift from his cousin.

"At least you've got good taste in merchandise, human," a voice said.

Kamijou turned around and saw a mass of bright yellow with a pair of red circles sitting on a tree branch. Soon, a short barrage of library and identification cards were thrown at his face. The girl in the Pikachu costume had emptied out his wallet.

"Hey!" Kamijou clutched his fist. "You might be a middle schooler but that's crossing the line," he said, gritting his teeth.

The girl in the Pikachu costume rolled her eyes. "Stupid human", she said. She threw several coins taken from Kamijou's wallet into the hair and caught it with the same hand. "Anything that enters this forest is my property. I'll take this wallet and your change as a fee for passing through. You're allowed to leave since you're not worth owning," and with that she stood up from the branch and began walking away...

...until a rock hit the back of her head.


The girl in the Pikachu costume looked back in anger.

"Little middle school girls shouldn't steal. Give me back my wallet," Kamijou said with a glare.

Narrowing his eyes at the spiky haired lad, the girl in the Pikachu costume sighed. "You picked the wrong Pikachu to fight with," she said lazily as a massive surge of bluish white lightning erupted from her. The branches began to burn and the leaves were scorched to ashes. "I hope you die with no regrets."

The halls of the forest echoed with the a single sound: biri-biri.

"Stop that! You're burning down the entire forest," Kamijou tried to reason, his right hand-held in front of him like a shield. "You're a crazy little brat, you Biri-Biri."

In a flash of blinding light, the girl vanished leaving a burning branch that quickly fell.

Kamijou shut his eyes from the light. Slowly opening them, his vision was seeing double. The burning ash floating the air stung his eyes.

The bluish white lightning and sparks that erupted from the girl's form fell onto the bark and grass. It was a hot summer day and the heat dried the bark and turned the grass brown. The bark became tinder for the flames and the grass only fed it further.

The forest, once dark green, was now quickly becoming a red inferno. Covering his mouth with his sleeve, Kamijou focused his watery eyes for an escape.

"Forget about her," he cursed began running. "That Biri-Biri is an arsonist too," he coughed.

The flames were quick to chase Kamijou. He soon realized he was not alone in escaping from the intense display of heat and light. Swarms of Beedrills carried Kakunas, Butterfrees carried Metapods and the forest floor was filled with Rattatas, Weedles and Caterpies making their escape.

In the mutual panicked rush to escape the inferno, the usually hostile Pokemon paid no heed to the sole human.

He ran alongside the moving horde, trusting their instincts would lead him to safety. Running for a kilometer, Kamijou followed them through the dense forest as he joined in the hive-mind rush to escape. He kept running and running.

Until he glanced back and saw a tiny flicker of yellow in the midst of the flames.

"Huh?" Kamijou's first thought was Biri-Biri but it was much smaller. Breaking away from the Pokemon swarm, he ran towards the bright yellow mass.

His eyes stung as he walked through the smoke-filled corridors of trees. Every step forward urged him to back, the intense heat grew and grew. Soot filled his lungs causing his to hack, his jacket sleeve provided little protection here. Kicking aside burning brush and branches, he slowly made his way towards the yellow figure.

It was a young Pikachu caught beneath a fallen branch.

"Wake up!" he cried as he approached closer.

The young Pikachu was unconscious.

It was a normal Pikachu, an electric mouse Pokemon. It was not the girl in a Pikachu costume but a normal Pikachu, the kind that commonly infests poorly maintained houses and tall grass. The inferno grew more intense around him, as if in mocking laughter. No Pokemon should die because of some stupid arsonist Biri-Biri, he believed. Kamijou quickly tackled the branch pinning the Pikachu down and gently picked him up. Wrapping him in his jacket to project him from the hot ash floating in the air, he looked around for the best path to take.

"Let's get out of here," he said as he began running with the young Pikachu in his arms.

Pushing aside the thrush and wayward branches, he ran and he ran.

Kamijou dodged falling branches and ran through pitch black clouds of smoke and soot. His feet were sore from a day's worth of running and his body began to weight heavy from exhaustion. But he kept pushing on. The inferno around him became ash covered branches and soon became lively green and his legs felt the tall damp grass.

Step by step the area began to look familiar.

Leaping over a small ditch, Kamijou spotted his route leading home.

"Yes!" Kamijou sheered and he clutched the Pokemon in his arms. Finally his luck had come for Kamijou was on the path in Viridian Forest back to his home. He kept running as the trees began to thin and the sky became more and more blue, no longer hidden behind branches.

He ran out past the edge of the forest and dropped to his knees.

It was a beautiful clearing of tall wavy grass. The grass at the forest edge was neatly trimmed. Looking back behind him, Kamijou saw distant plumes of smoke rising against the blue sky but he was a safe distance away. There was nothing to fear from the inferno anymore as he held the Pikachu in his hand tighter.

"We made it," he gasp in short ragged breaths. "We made it..." Kamijou coddled the tiny Pikachu in his arms as his eyes closed in relief.

The tiny Pikachu stirred in his arms.


"What are you doing to my comrade?"

Kamijou's eyes shot opened. The girl in the Pikachu costume stood before him. Her posture was arrogant and her face furious.

But what intimidated Kamijou the most was the small pack of yellow Pikachus that ringed her. The dozens of Pikachus stared at him with various expressions: confusion, intrigue, anger. But none of those expressions, as far as Kamijou could tell, told him they would let him go unmolested.

"Put her down. Now," the girl in the Pikachu costume ordered.

Holding out her right hand, she pinched a dollar coin in between her thumb and index finger.

Kamijou growled, "like hell I am, Biri-Biri. The reason why this Pikachu is hurt in the first place because you went and burned down the forest!"

The girl in the Pikachu costume twitched, bluish white sparks flying from her forehead. The Pikachu surrounding her stepped aside before she spoke with her hand trembling. "I thought I was being merciful to an idiot human. The only reason I didn't electrocute you was because you're the first human to understand me. But my mercy ends here." Steadying her hand one more she said, "last chance. Put her down, gently."

It was a poor strategic situation for Kamijou and he knew it. Behind him was the dangers of Viridian Forest which she could hound him in. In front of him was a small army of Pikachus and a girl leading them who had no regard for the safety of others. Closing his eyes, Kamijou admitted defeat.

"Fine, Biri-Biri. I'm putting her down," Kamijou said. Getting on his knees, Kamijou laid the Pikachu down. The young electric mouse was now fully awake and leaped out of his arms and towards the Pikachu pack.

Smirking, the girl in the Pikachu costume did not lower her grip. "You idiot. You lost your only bargaining chip."

Kamijou was not surprised. "I don't take hostages," he said as he stood back on his feet. "That's not how a man should live."

Narrowing her eyes, the girl did not loosen her guard. "You're a bigger fool than I thought."

Storm clouds and thunder began to gather as the girl in the Pikachu costume began to resonate with a bluish white glow.

"Wh-what the," Kamijou said as he raised his arms in defense. His eyes darted to the darkened sky and the bluish glow of the girl in the Pikachu costume.

"Here in Viridian Forest there is only one Level Five Pokemon," the girl smirked as the coin began to charge with electricity and static flowing from her fingertips. "Die happy. Because the Level Five Pikachu of Viridian Forest is going to give you a warrior's death."

"I was just trying to help!" Kamijou protested.

Ignoring his retorts, the girl asked. "Ever heard of a Railgun?" She began to twirl the coin in her hand before locking it back into a firing position between her index finger and thumb. "You humans have things called monorails. It's similar."

She clicked her thumb like a trigger.

It was a shot impossible to evade. A superconductive magnetic force that would rival the electrical grid of Saffron City was concentrated into a single coin shot like a shooting star streaking in a spear at Kamijou Touma.

The dust cleared and the leaves ceased its shaking and the Pikachus that gathered began to peak their heads from above the grass.

Slowly, the smirk on the girl's lip began to fade.

"H-How... how... How are you still there!?"

Kamijou's right hand was held out in front of him. The Railgun had no effect on him.

"Sometimes I wonder that myself," he laughed nervously. His hand was shaking. Whatever was in his right hand negated the shot, but not the resultant sonic boom and force. Kamijou felt like he got tossed in a laundry dryer.

"I don't know what you are...," the girl began to smile. "But if I'm a one in a million Level Five Pokemon, you must be a one in a million disaster of a human."

She produced a second coin.

"Heh, I'm only a Level Zero Pokemon Trainer anyways," Kamijou admitted with his right hand raised.

"Well, I'm going to...-Hey-what?"


The young Pikachu Kamijou saved earlier was tugging on the girl's tail.

"What is it?" The girl listened attentively to the young Pikachu Kamijou had saved earlier before her eyes went wide. "You were the one who saved her?" The girl exclaimed at Kamijou Touma.

Kamijou sighed in relief. "That's what I've been saying," he moaned.

"Why would a human do such an outrageous thing...," she asked softly.

"As long as no one got hurt, it's all good. Who cares who saves who?"

The girl's eyes went wide for a moment. It was an instant, before she gritted her teeth. Her eyes closed and went deep into thought. The pack of Pikachus around her began voicing their opinion in their own language, constantly repeating their name.

"Pika Pi! Pika Pi! Pika Pi!" The pack of Pikachus chorus.

The girl gritted her teeth at the rebellion to her authority.

"Fine! I'll give the idiot one last chance," she promised the pack of Pikachus after opening her eyes. The coin she kept in her hand was tossed into the air and caught by the same hand. Clutching the coin, a small bolt of lightning jolted from her figure as if to vent her frustration. "Let's go home," she ordered softly. She began walking quietly towards the forest with a ring of delighted Pikachus following after her.

"Who are you?" Kamijou asked as the girl and her Pikachu pack walked past him. "I'm Kamijou Touma from the town near here."

Turning towards him with a distrustful gaze she said, "I'm obviously a Pikachu, you idiot. The strongest Pikachu in the entire Viridian Forest."

"That's not what I meant."

"I'm called the Railgun Pikachu," she said with a prideful smirk.

Shaking his head, Kamijou clarified, "I meant your actual name."

A flicker of red brushed against the girl's cheeks before turning away from him. "N-none of your business. I don't want to see you ever again in the Viridian Forest. Or else I'll personally roast you."

Sighing, Kamijou said, "Later then, Biri-Biri."

Kamijou turned to begin his way home.

"M-Misaka Mikoto."

Kamijou stopped and turned around towards the shivering. "Huh?"

The girl hung her head low to hide her face. "My name is Misaka Mikoto," she said. "I hate that stupid onomatopoeia nickname," she muttered. "So you better not call me Biri-Biri next time," she finished before quickly turning and, in a burst of bluish light, disappeared into the vastness of Viridian Forest. The grass she was on before she flashed away was burnt and smoking.

"That crazy arsonist Biri-Biri!" Kamijou screamed as he began using his jacket to snuff out a potential inferno in its infancy.

Finishing doing work, Kamijou smiled. Summer vacation had just started after all and he still had plenty of time to relax. Perhaps one day of adventure once in a while would do him so good. Taking a few stretches to crack his back, Kamijou felt rejuvenated.

"Well, at least that's over. No more walks through Viridian Forest," he laughed. "Maybe instead of Viridian Forest they should call it Biri-Biri-dian Forest..." Kamijou wondered taking his first step home.

And his foot pressed deep into a soft muck texture.

Looking down at his shoes and spotting a toe sticking out of his worn shoes, Kamijou realized he had stepped in Pokemon droppings. "Such misfor-," he sighed before being interrupted by a wet and gooey feeling on the back of his head. Looking up, he saw a Pidgey that had left a present delivered express from the air.

The Pidgey then landed before him, a letter in its mouth. It was a Messenger Pidgey of the United Pidgey Postal Service, complete with a blue and white ribbon around its neck.

"Huh?" Kamijou picked up the letter before the Messenger Pidgey flew away.

The letter was addressed to him.

Opening it, Kamijou read the contents.

"Dear Kamijou-sweetie,

This is your favorite teacher, Professor Tsukuyomi. I tried calling you to inform you had supplementary lessons today because you're an idiot failing his classes. But your phone said it was turned off. You should check your phone often, silly. I'll see you in the afternoon for my extra special lesson!

Remember, this is your first step towards becoming a Pokemon Master!

Affectionately adorable, Professor Tsukuyomi"

Kamijou checked his phone and found the battery had died. "That Biri-Biri must have fried it with that overcharged stun-gun of hers." Sighing in defeat, Kamijou began his walk home to take a shower, a change of clothes and lunch. He was ragged with mud, burn marks, leaves and twigs, and exhausted. Groaning to himself, Kamijou knew he couldn't relax once he returned home. He had supplementary lessons. He resolved to get home quickly.

Taking a first step with his other foot, Kamijou Touma felt a familiar sensation. It was another Pokemon dropping.

"Such misfortune."

A Certain Pokemon Index

Chapter One

The Beginning of a Misfortunate Journey

Author's Notes