Carol looked up from the table when Daryl rose. "Going hunting again?" She asked.

He shook his head. "Naw. Goin' inta town for a bit. Gotta pick up a coupl'a things."

"Well, don't do it alone. I'll come with you," She offered.

Daryl nodded. "Alright."

Beth met her eyes with a secret smile.


The six mile ride into town was a quiet one, which was okay with Carol. Daryl parked the car near the woods as usual to keep hidden, just in case.

She stiffened when she realized there were walkers milling about the front of the place, her hand reaching for her knife.

Daryl turned his gaze to her briefly for a moment. "S'alright. There's only four of those bastards. Piece of cake."

Carol nodded, drawing her knife and sinking it easily into a walker's skull. She turned around to find that Daryl had already taken care of the other three.

"See? Easy," He said with a grin. "Come on now. We ain't got all day. Let's just go in an' get out."

She grinned back, cautiously pulling the door open to find it empty inside. "Quick and dirty?"

"Just the way I like it." Daryl unzipped his backpack, pretending not to notice the way Carol's face flushed a light pink at his joke. "Where's the list?"

"Here," she said, pulling it out of her pocket. Her eyes lit up when she noticed the large jugs of water sitting on a shelf. "Not on the list, but we should bring these back anyway."

"I guess nobody raided this place yet. Looks like we got lucky," He commented as he shoveled some supplies in his pack. "That's it for the list. Lemme give you a hand with those."

She wrinkled her nose when she noticed the walker blood on her sleeve as she reached out to lift one of the jugs. "Ugh, we've already taken care of the dirty part. But the quick part is a nice surprise. Not often that we get back in less than an hour," she said.

He nodded. "Yeah, the others won't be expecting us for awhile. We could drag this out a lil more. Your offer to screw around still stand?"

"Huh?" She almost choked, then yelped when she dropped the jug. "Ouch! " She muttered. "My ankle."

"Shit." He bounded over to her, setting the jug upright on the floor and kneeling down in front of her to inspect the damage. "Can you put weight on it?"

She tested her injury, moaning slightly in pain and leaning back against the counter for support. "Not really. It hurts a lot."

"Here." He said, reaching out with both hands, then hesitated. "May I?" He asked, looking up at her.

She nodded.

He carefully raised her pant leg. "Well, it's definitely swollen," He said, running a hand over her ankle and squeezing briefly.

She winced.

"Not broken, though, I don't think. Probly just sprained." He sighed. "Lemme get this shit in the car and then I'll come back to help you out. Stay put." He adjusted the pack on his back and tucked a jug of water under each arm before setting out.

His eyes narrowed when he realized that there were several walkers on the side of the building, but he knew he could make it if he ran. He hastily dropped the supplies in the bed of the pickup truck before grabbing his crossbow to take out a few of them on the way back.

Once back inside, he found her exactly where he'd left her. "Bad news. Walkers on the left side'a the buildin'. We'll have'ta be real fast." He frowned. "Can you walk?"

She bit down hard on her lip as she tried to put more weight on the injured ankle, stepping forward gingerly as he moved in to help her, throwing her arm across his shoulders. "Here, lean on me," he said.

They approached the door slowly.

"This ain't gonna work. You gotta move faster, at least faster'n those assholes," He said, trying to keep the frustration out of his voice.

She nodded, shifting the weight to her good leg and attempting to hop to the door.

"Fuck this," he said, scooping her up in his arms.

She let out a yelp as he took off at a run, burying her face in his neck and squeezing her eyes shut against the uneven motion as he ran the distance to the truck.

He balanced her in his arms as he reached out to yank open the car door and set her carefully inside. He had to take out two more walkers with his crossbow before he made it around the other side of the truck to the driver's side but then they were off and back on the main road.

"So much for quick," He muttered, eyes on the rearview mirror to see if they were being followed.

"Sorry," she said quietly. She thought for a moment. "You were kidding about us hooking up back there, right?" She finally asked.

He grinned, still staring straight ahead at the road. "I don't know. We could still pull over. You ever done it in the bed of a pickup truck?"

She smiled, noticing his teasing tone. "No. And I don't ever plan on it either."

"Well, damn," he said in mock disappointment.