Prompt: Wings

Rating: T

Title: The Tempting of an Angel

Summary: He is a creature of hell sent out to steal the souls of mortals. She is a heavenly being that found herself strangely entranced by his dark demeanor. Maybe humans are not the only ones he can tempt.

She peers over edge of the cloud, her wings opening and closing in anticipation. She had yet to locate him and anxiousness was getting the better of her. When she was about to lose hope, a flutter a black passes through her vision.

She watches as his powerful black wings come to a close, his boot-clad feet landing gracefully on the ground as his long worn trench coat billows around him. He walks into the door of a rundown looking establishment causing a chill to pass through its occupants.

Using her heavenly vision, Sakura watches as he sits on a chair at the bar and orders a drink. She secretly longs to taste a sip of that forbidden liquid, or taste anything from the human world for that matter. It all looks so rich and… solid.

She had stumbled across this new habit while in the middle of taking part of her old one. Ino had convinced her to start watching the mortals when heaven got too boring.

"It's so much fun," her blonde friend had said in glee. "You never know what they're going to do, but it's always something foolish."

Sakura had taken the blondes advice and while observing an arguing couple, she had spotted him. He had swooped in, visible to her eyes alone. She had seen him begin to whisper into the woman's ear and whatever he had said coaxed her enough to pick up a nearby knife and jab it through her husband's heart.

At first Sakura had been mortified, what being could enjoy such a thing, let alone instigate it, but then she watched as the gasping man's soul had left his body. The wispy white veil that signals a human life rose from the bleeding form. It had started to float up towards the heavens. She found herself egging on the soul, anticipating its reaching of heaven. Right before it could make it, however, the dark being grabbed it in mid-flight. Instantly the soul had darkened to the color of ash, as the demon dragged it down to the depths of hell.

From that moment on, Sakura had been hooked. She couldn't get enough of the man with wings the color of the night sky. She had watched him steal countless people's souls. He had made such a disgusting act seem strangely and horrifyingly beautiful.

Presently, the dark figure leaves the bar and enters a house across the road. Once inside, he enters a small bedroom that houses a sobbing girl. He stalks up to her and clutches her wrist. Pushing a gleaming blade into her open palm, he smirks as she hesitantly accepts it and brings the smiling steel to her scarred flesh.

Sakura watches in horror as crimson liquid spills down the crying girls arm, and her wings begin to shake with anger as the girl begins screaming out, frantically trying to stop the heavy bleeding.

"I don't want this!" She cries as the dark winged being restrains her, preventing the wound from being mended. "I changed my mind, I don't want to die."

That's enough.

Sakura's body acts before her mind can think about the consequences and leaves her perch to fly down to the human world, something that had been forbidden for centuries. She swoops in and knocks the dark being away from the girl, pinning his shoulders to the floor.

Dark onyx eyes drift up to meet with hers, expressionless as if what had just transpired had not taken him by surprise.

"You finally intervened," he utters smoothly.

Sakura's green eyes widen in shock, but she quickly turns from the demon towards the crying girl.

She huddles in a corner, long hair the color of hazelnuts hanging in her face, a steadily expanding pool of blood surrounding her. The most frightening bit is the wispy veil that begins to outline the girl's body, threatening to leave.

Sakura eyes her with pity and rushes towards her. She feels her bare feet become soaked in the life-giving liquid as she steps next to the girl and grabs her bleeding arm.

With a soft kiss planted on the weeping wound, the flesh knits itself together, not even leaving a scar. Sakura sighs with relief as she watches the girl's soul conceal itself back within her body and her large blue eyes look up at her in amazement.

"Are y-you my guardian angel?" she chokes out, as she takes in the appearance of the pink-haired and winged being standing before her.

"Of course she isn't," a dark and foreboding voice states, from behind the angel.

Sakura spins around to see the demon standing uncomfortably close to her. She shivers at his devilishly handsome features and his proximity alike. His dark hair retained its spiked state, despite their previous scuffle and his dark eyes watch her in amusement.

"After this little stunt, she's nothing but a fallen angel, just like me."

It is at this instant that Sakura realizes the full extent of her actions. She left heaven without permission, she revealed herself to a mortal, and worse of all, she touched a creature from hell.

All three key angelic laws, and she had broken them.

She follows the demons gaze to the tips of her pearly wings and gasps in horror at what she sees.

The bottom few feathers had become as darkly colored as the demon's, a sure sign that heaven has now denied her. She spreads out her wings in order to observe the once pure blanket of cream now dotted with inky black.

Slowly, the angel falls to her knees, trembling in sadness. "I'm tainted," she whispers.

The demon kneels down next to her, his midnight wings brushing against the wooden floor. "I was wondering how long it would take you to finally swoop down here. Now that you have," he leans forward so that he whispers in her ear, then a settle but sharp pain shoots through Sakura's right wing, "you are mine."

Her eyes widen as she realizes what he had just done. "No," she gasps out as she attempts to push away from the handsome demon. As confirmation, he holds up a single, pure white feather in front of her face. As she face turns sheet white, the smirk on the demons face grows wider.

"Welcome to hell, little angel."