Chapter Twenty-One – Ten Years

I did the epilogue! I would have had it out sooner, but I've been a little busy over the last few days.

Saturday, June 14th 8:00 AM – Grayson family's house

3rd person POV

Starfire awoke to the warm feeling of the love of her life next to her, just like she had almost every day for nearly eleven years now. The Tameranian woman opened her squinted eyes, finding her chosen already awake and staring down at her with his crystal blue eyes as he ran one of his hands through her long red hair.

Though he was forty-one years old as of March twenty-first, he didn't look a day over thirty, probably still even able to pass for someone in his late twenties. He no longer ran across roof tops at night, hidden under the mask of his Nightwing persona, but he was still probably one of the most in shape and athletic men on the planet, which Starfire absolutely loved. His muscles were her second favorite part of his body, directly behind his ass.

Starfire herself was also as gorgeous as ever, Tameranians seemingly to age far better than humans did, never having to deal with those pesky grey hairs. Though she still worked as a translator for the Bludhaven police force, while Richard once again begin became a cop due to her persuasiveness, she had taken up a few local modeling gigs in the state of New York. Everyone was always amazed at how utterly gorgeous she looked for her age, still having a better body than most twenty years olds.

Though there appearances were for the most part the same, a lot had changed over the last ten years. For Richard and Starfire, they were now married, their wedding happening just like Starfire had envisioned, at sunset on the roof Titans' Tower. It was certainly fitting considering the roof would forever be considered their place. The wedding was certainly the best day of both of their lives, not a question about it. It was really two weddings in one. Nightwing married Starfire, but at the same time, Richard married Kori. It was important to them to be married in both of their lives.

More children also came. The twin girls, Alexandra and Alexis, or as Wally called them, A1 and A2, were gorgeous girls, both carrying the traits of black hair and green eyes, just like Mar'i. Also like Mar'i, they were hurricanes, both possessing all of Starfire's abilities, but that didn't stop them from having another girl, Shiand'r, just two years later. She was the oddball of their girls, being a carbon copy of Starfire, red hair, golden orange skin, and the greenest emerald eyes ever. She also happened to be the only one who could fly from birth, meaning she had more Tameranian in her than the rest of the girls.

Richard thought it was hilariously ironic. He had always wanted a boy, but instead God or X'hal or whoever had gifted him with four beautiful girls and he couldn't possibly be happier about it.

It was hard at times, no doubt. They felt emotions like Tameranians, so either they were abundantly happy, pissed to the point that their eyes were glowing, or completely devastated and in tears. There was also cultural differences in play, such as their being two religions in the house hold. Starfire wanted them to learn aspects of both and then chose for themselves, Richard not really caring who they worshiped. Religion wasn't a big deal to him. The girls themselves seemed indifferent on the matter as well, sometimes using God in their speech and other times X'hal. All in all, things went without issue most of the time.

Gar and Raven also had four children, two boys and two girls… except theirs came all at once. Apparently Gar's unstable DNA actually caused him to produce a litter. Six months into the pregnancy, Raven looked like a balloon on the verge of popping and was seriously considering sending him to hell, but when the nine months were finally up, it was totally worth it.

Wally and Jinx had one child together after their marriage, a girl named Kacey West, the current Kid Flash and Bart Allen's sidekick. Although she happily accepted her father's legacy, she did make minor adjustments to the suit, it now being pink instead of yellow, to match her hair of course. Wally wasn't happy about the change to his old costume and made it clear that she would wear the traditional Flash costume when the time came.

Vic and Bee were married shortly after their divorces were settled. It was a small wedding on the beach, only close friends and family in attendance. They had a child, a little boy named Jaden, exactly nine months after their honeymoon. He's already a star athlete and very proud to be the son of the former Justice League member known as Cyborg, who actually became the head football coach for his son's team, while Bee took on the role of teaching the cheerleaders how to "shake their booty." Parents were not happy.

After reuniting, Roy and Jade were married seven months later and welcomed a son into the world a couple of years after. Roy is still in the dog house for not informing her of what was going on during his five year absence, but he honestly couldn't be happier.

Damian, now twenty, took over as Nightwing on a permanent basis a few years ago, while Tim still held the tidal of Batman. Cassie and Tim broke up eight years previous, but still remain good friends. Ironically enough, he found another girlfriend named Cassie a little over a year later. Everyone else then knew her as Wonder Girl, now Wonder Woman. Donna is still threatening to skin him alive if he hurts her, but they are very happy together, talks of marriage begging to arise.

Bruce and Selina are still happily married and still find it fun to play the cat and mouse game with each other, but the truth was, she stole his heart a long time ago.

Jason still dropped by to say hello on occasion. He was seen as neither enemy nor friend, but he would always be welcomed as family if he ever needed it. Everyone was aware he lived in Gotham, but like a stray dog, they had to let him come to them.

All of the former Titans were now current Justice League members, Aqualad being second in command, right behind Batman. Conner, now Superman, and Megan were married and had two kids, both of whom were ultra-powerful and sure to make excellent Titans and Justice League members when their time came.

All in all, things were wonderful, life was great, and the sun shined through the rain, especially this morning as Starfire stared lovingly up into her husband's eyes. "Good morning, Mr. Grayson," she cooed.

He smiled and leaned down, placing a soft kiss on her lips. "Morning Mrs. Grayson. Sleep well?"

Starfire beamed a sleepy smile up at him in response. "Always with you next to me."

Richard positioned himself so that he was directly on top of her, cupping each side of her face with his hands, before giving her a playfully wet kiss, causing her to giggle and turn her head to the side as she pushed him away only to have him pin her hands to the bed and attacker her cheek and neck area with rapid, messy, butterfly kisses, her squealing in joyous glee as he did. Starfire always loved the days he was feeling playful. She was the only one who could bring that rarely seen side out of him and that filled her with pride.

After having his fill of kisses he nuzzled his noise into her neck, something she always did to him, the only difference being that she was insanely ticklish and tried to flee the bed, but he held her in place and continued to torture her. "Richard… please… stop," she begged through her laughter.

He mock sighed and leaned up to look her in the face. "Fine, I'll let you off easy this time, but I thank you owe me."

Her eyes took on a seductive gleam, something she had become quite good at over the years. "Oh? What would you like for me to do to repay you?"

Richard grinned down at her. "Well, I have a few ideas. First we could start with…"

"Mom, Dad, Alexis hit me!" came Alexandra's voice.

"She called me stupid!" the twin defended herself.

Richard sighed and looked down at his lovely wife. "Rain check. The beasts are apparently up."

She giggled. "Yes, I suppose we should get up and handle them."

"Or send them to Wayne Manor and let them annoy Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Selina till school starts back," he suggested.

"Oh yes, that would give us a lot of time just to spend with each other, would it not? Just think of what we could do with all of this time," Starfire flirted, running her hands down his bare chest.

Richard opened his mouth to reply, but… "Mooooooooom! Daaaaaaaaaaad!" came Mar'i's voice. "They are getting on my last nerve and I am seriously about to damage them."

"We are coming!," Richard and Starfire called in unison before reluctantly getting out of bed, Richard mumbling something about how he was never going to get laid again. They put on their clothes before heading out the door and downstairs into the living room, where they found Mar'i floating upside down, reading a book her Aunt Raven had given her for her birthday, the twins fighting over the remote, and Shiand'r, or just Shianne in public, was sitting contently in the middle of the floor playing with Silkie. She was always the calm one and Richard loved her for that.

"Alright you little monsters," he began facing the twins, who fought constantly unless Richard or Starfire intervened. "One of you gets the television for thirty minutes, then it's the other's turn. If you don't like it, then go to your room and watch t.v. You keep arguing and I'll send you to Grandpa's and there will be no t.v because you will be training until you pass out, got it?"

Bruce ran drills with all the girls at least once a week. He didn't care if they could fly, had super strength, and could fire energy beams from their hands, they needed to learn the basics, such as picking locks and ninja like stealth. Mar'i, or rather Nightstar, was the only one who was allowed on patrols, the others still not having Richard's approval, but that didn't mean his oldest daughter was exempt from Bruce's training. Needless to say, he was far stricter than their father, often making them do it over and over again even if they had done it correctly the previous time. They hated it and were in no hurry to be worked to death. "Yes, Dad," the twins said in unison before sitting down on the couch, pouts on their faces.

"Yes girls, behave while I cook us some pancakes," Starfire ordered in her much gentler tone. For the most part, Richard was disciplinarian in the household, assigning punishment whenever one of the girls got in trouble, but then they would just go cry to their mother and she would sweet talk him into lessening their grounding from two weeks to one. She still had that power over him, even after all these years together.

"Can I help, mommy?" Shi asked with her Starfire like enthusiasm.

"Of course you can, my little sunshine," Starfire beamed as she headed off to the kitchen to begin breakfast, her youngest daughter floating behind her, rambling off some form of question as she did. Richard took a seat beside the floating Mar'i on the couch with a content sigh. His daughters weren't trying to kill each other at the moment, the woman of his dreams and the best wife of this planet or any was cooking breakfast, and everything was perfect. As long as he had his family and friends, it always would be.

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Star Fallen - (young Justice fic) Takes place after season two. Dick/Nightwing is clinically depressed after the apparent death of his best friend, Wally West. Not wanting to appear weak, he shuts everyone and everything out, but when a space ship crash lands in the California city of Jump and the team needs assistance dealing with the orange skinned green eyed alien, known as Koriand'r, who is on a tirade through the city, Nightwing comes to the rescue, but when he lays his eyes on the most beautiful creature he ever seen and he gets passed her confused anger, it becomes apparent that she may very well be the one rescuing him.

Oh, Brother - Kori is a sophomore at Gotham Academy, but when she is paired with Tim Drake on a history project, she ends up going to the beautiful Wayne Manor after school to work were she meats Tim's brother, Richard "Dick" Grayson, the school heartthrob and notorious playboy. She is instantly stricken by deep feelings, but there are a few problems in her way, one he's a senior and two, his girlfriend, Babs. Can she overcome these obstacles and make him see that he belongs with her?

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