Chapter 1-The Big News

He was born and raised in Sweden. She was born and raised in Canada. They met and fell in love in England. He was twenty-four years old. She was sixteen years old. He had a girlfriend. She was single. His name is Felix Kjellberg. Her name is Martina Woodward. This is the story of how they met, how they fell in love, and their lives together.

"Martina Woodward to the office. Martina Woodward to the office please." announced the secretary over the PA.

"That's weird. I never get called down to the office…" said Martina, getting up and heading to the office.

"Ah, Martina! There you are!" said the principal, when she arrived at the office.

"Am I in trouble?" Martina asked nervously.

"Good Heavens, no! You won the trip to the two month trip to the UK!" the principal replied.

"Oh! That's great! I thought I was in trouble!" said Martina.

"Oh no! You won the trip to the UK! Now, you get $10,000 for spending money, $5,000 for transportation fees when you get there, and $6,000 for accommodation fees. Your flight is already paid for, so you won't need to worry about that." said the principal.

"Oh my God! Thank you soo much! When do I go?" squealed Martina, jumping up and down in excitement.

"No problem. It's my pleasure. You leave a week after graduation." replied the principal. Martina skipped back to class and sat right next to her best friend, Jazmyn Connors.

"What was that all about?" Jazmyn asked, clearly in shock.

"I got into a whole bunch of trouble so they're sending me to the UK for the whole summer." said Martina, laughing at herself.

"What did you do?" Jazmyn asked.

"I'm just kidding. I didn't get into any trouble. But I wasn't joking about going to the UK for the whole summer." she replied.

"You won the contest?!" Jazmyn asked in astonishment.

"Jazmyn Connors! Will you be quiet! I am trying to teach!" barked Mrs. Steele-Grey.

"Sorry Mrs. Steele-Grey." Said Jazmyn, looking like a child who just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Martina snickered.

"Shut up." growled Jazmyn.

"Fine. I did win the contest though." Martin smirked.

"Lucky. I'll be in my room eating huge buckets of Ben & Jerry's Vanilla ice cream alone while you're in the UK." sighed Jazmyn.

"I'll keep you posted on what I'm doing and if I see any cute guys for you. I'll also be eating vanilla ice cream alone." replied Martina.

"OK. When do you go?" Jazmyn asked.

"A week after grad." Martina replied.

"Wow. That's fast. I would've thought it would be later than that." she said in astonishment, with a little bit of hurt in her voice.

"I am there for two months you know. They have to send me out early so I can get the whole two months." Martina said rubbing her hand across Jazmyn's back.

"True. True. Everything's paid for, right?" she asked.

"Yes it is. I have get $10,000 for spending money, $5,000 for transportation fees for when I get there, and $6,000 for accommodation fees." She replied.

"Woah. That's a lot of money. Lucky." Jazmyn said back.

"I know. I honestly can't wait!" Martina replied, jumping up and down in her seat.

"I can..." said Jazmyn, glumly.

"So, Martina. I hear you're going to the U.K. for the summer and leaving us all behind." said Calvin Wood, one of Martina's several guy friends.

"Yes I am. I'm sorry that I have to leave you guys for the entire summer. I really truly am. But this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing and I don't want to pass up on it. Plus you do it to us sometimes." replied Martina.

"How?" said Calvin.

"Going to Sweden for a whole month without telling anyone." Jazmyn chimed in sitting down beside Elliot and placing her lunch down.

"It was an emergency. My mom didn't tell us that we were going until the morning of the day we left. If I had more notice, I would've told you guys." replied Calvin. Calvin looked at Martina with a thoughtful look, as if they were having a conversation with each other by looking at one another...

"Martina, please be careful when you're in the U.K. There are a lot of creeps out on the streets there. I care about you more than you may think. I've always made sure you were safe. Please be careful while you're there, for me please?" said Calvin's voice in Martina's head.

"Calvin? Are you talking to me through telepathy?" said Martina's voice in Calvin's head.

"Yes I am. I just found out I could do this earlier this morning. Anyways, will you be careful while you're in the U.K.? Please say yes." said Calvin, telepathically.

"Yes, I will be careful. But only for you. How much do you care about me, Calvin?" replied Martina.

"More than a mother bear cares for her cubs. More than a mother cares for its baby child. I-I've always cared about you this way. I remember when you slipped into that coma two years ago. I never once left your side. I had Logan send me my homework and tell me what I missed at school. I just couldn't bring myself to leave you, thinking that something bad might happen to you. I cried every morning when I woke up and saw you still lying there not moving and unresponsive as if you'd turned into stone. Even today, I still wake up with a lump in my throat from crying so many times when I wake up. I feel a tremendous amount of guilt everyday and keep thinking to myself, 'If I was there when this happened, I could've stop that guy from hitting you. If I had stopped it, you wouldn't have gone into that coma. I continuously blame myself for what happened." said Calvin.

"Oh, Calvin! Don't blame yourself for me going into a coma. Even if you were there, you still wouldn't have been able to stop him. He was too strong. but I do love that you care about me so much. I care about you the same way you care about me. But with this U.K. trip, I won't be able to have this opportunity to do it again. So I have to go on it." replied Martina.

"I understand. But be super careful. I don't want you coming home because you're hurt, I want you coming home because your time there is up." said Calvin.

"I will be very cautious. Don't worry too much about me. I'll e-mail you every day and tell you what's happened, OK?" said Martina.

"That's a great plan. Now, let's actually talk verbally with other people." laughed Calvin.

"What was that all about? You two were staring at each other like you guys were having a deep conversation." said Logan, Calvin's best friend in the entire world.

"I don't know. i kinda zoned out and you know how I zone out." replied Calvin.

"I got lost in his eyes. He's got deep eyes that you can get lost in in the blink of an eye," replied Martina.

"Damn blue eyes..." Martina grumbled to herself, knowing the true reason why they were staring at each other.

"That is true. A lot of people tend to get lost in my eyes." smiled Calvin.

A/N: Sorry about the long waits... I tend to be extremely busy and I'm writing this off the top of my head so, it can be a little hard to think up ideas for what's going to happen next. I hoped you enjoyed the first chapter.