Martina turned around to see who was behind her.

*Please don't be Calvin! Please don't be Calvin!* Martina pleaded silently in her mind. As she turned around, she noticed that the man had two dog carriers with him. In the first one there was a black and beige pug that was missing an eye. In the second was a pure black pug.

*Those look like Pewdiepie's dogs, Maya and Edgar! Oh my gosh! I think it's Pewdiepie!* she thought to herself, her heart beating rapidly. She turned around fully and saw a handsome twenty-four year old, Swedish man standing behind her.

"Uh... Uhmmm..." Martina stuttered.

*Oh my God! It is Pewdiepie! Oh my God!* she thought.

"You probably know who I am, don't you?" he asked.

"Y-yes. I do. You're the famous Swedish YouTuber/Gamer, Pewdiepie. Wow. It's an honour to meet you. I'm Martina, by the way." she replied.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Martina. Would you like to stay at my place whlist you stay here in the UK?" he asked.

*Calvin won't like it if I did this... Should I? I mean, I just met him and I barely know him! But it's Pewdiepie! Screw Calvin, I'm going to accept his offer.* she thought to herself.

"I'd love to." she replied. They grabbed their luggage, got into Pewd's car, and then left the airport.

Calvin's Point of View

I really hope that Martina's OK and hasn't done anything reckless. It would hurt me if she did...

"Sir? You need to put your seatbelt on. We'll be landing soon." said the flight attendant.

"Hm? Oh. Right. Yes." I replied, fumbling to grab my seatbelt and hastily put it on. Once we landed in London and able to turn on our phones, I whipped mine out and texted Martina.

*Hey Martina. It's me Calvin. Just wondering how you are. I'm pretty sure that either Logan or Jazmyn has told what I've done and where I am. But please ignore the fact that it seems quite stalkerish. I really need to talk to you. Text me when you can.* I texted her.

Martina's Point of View

"So, Martina. Where ya from and whatcha doin here in Britain?" asked Pewds.

"I'm from Canada. I won a summer trip to the UK at school." I replied.

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"Oh. Nice! How did your school afford all that?" he asked.

"They always give away a big thing like this at the end of each year and I got it. I was so happy about it." I replied.

"That's pretty rad! I wish my high school did that..." Pewds laughed.

"Oh, just wondering, do you prefer to be called Pewds or Felix?" I asked.

"When people first meet me, I go by Pewds, mostly cause that's what they know me as. But as I get to know them better, I prefer to go by Felix. Ya know what I mean, Bro?" he said.

"OK. So, do you want me to call you Pewds or Felix?" I asked sheepishly.

"You can call me Felix. I don't really give a fuck." he replied.

"OK, Felix. Haha." I laughed.

Calvin's POV

Good. I made it. Now to find her. Where would she go? Wait! T'll just track her cell phone!

I walked over to the baggage claim and grabbed my bag and headed to the airport's internet cafe. I grabbed my laptop and opened up my pirated cell phone tracking software. I punched in all of the required info and clicked on the "Find Cell Phone Button."

Martina's POV

"So, Felix. What made you move from Sweden to England?" I asked.

"I always liked Great Britain. In Sweden, I felt as if I was seeing the same things over and over again. Ya know what I mean?" he replied.

"Oh yeah. That's how I was feeling back home in Canada." I said back.

"So I decided I needed a change of scenery. So I moved here." he concluded. Felix is a pretty cool guy! I thought he'd be more big headed and egotistical. Huh.

Felix's POV

Wow. I really fuckin' like this chick. She's calm and cool. She doesn't freak out when I talk to her. And she is Canadian! I really like her...

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