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"If your last name is really 'Baum', where did the 'Gale' come from?" Charlie asked as she and Dorothy sat talking in her room.

Dorothy laughed, "'Gail' is my middle name. I was born during a blizzard and my father said that the moment I was born, a really strong gust of wind hit the house."

Charlie laughed, "What about Auntie Em and Uncle Henry?"

Dorothy sighed sadly, "Aunt Emily was my mother's older sister and she never approved of my mother marrying my father. Anyone who wasn't a good, solid, farmer was a worthless dreamer as far as she was concerned. After my mother died, my father basically buried himself in his work and I lived with them because my father was away so much, and when he was home, he was busy with the Men of Letters. The last time I saw them was the night before I left for Oz with my father." She frowned, "I wonder what happened to them. Aunt Emily and I were really close, I had planned to go see them after I'd dispatched the Witch. I was afraid to go back before then because I was worried the Witch would harm them just to get to me."

Charlie smiled, "We can search the archives and find out and find out where they're buried, if you want, so you can pay your respects before we go back."

Dorothy smiled, "I'd like that."

********The Next Day*********

Sam looked up from the research he'd been doing to see Dorothy and Charlie walking in, grim looks on their faces.

"Hey, did the search not go so well?" Dorothy had insisted on going to the Lebanon town archives to find out what had happened to her aunt and uncle instead of searching the Internet.

Both women looked at him before Dorothy walked to her room without a word. Charlie sat down across from him with a sad sigh.

"What happened? Could she not find out what happened to her family?"

"Her aunt and uncle died the day she left," Charlie said, sadly. "They and their hired hands were killed by a tornado because they were out searching for her and couldn't get to the cellar in time."

Sam let out a low whistle. He looked up to where Dorothy had disappeared, "She's blaming herself?"

Charlie nodded, "She thinks that if she'd just left a note, they would've been safe." She sighed, "I want to help her, but I don't know what to say. I mean, yeah, I could tell her my story and maybe yours and Dean's, but it seems to pale in comparison."

Sam smiled and patted her on the hand, "Take it from someone who's been there too many times, Charlie, the best thing you can do is just be there for her. No words needed."

Charlie nodded and headed upstairs. She found Dorothy sitting on her bed, crying. In her hand was an old photograph of a young girl, an older man and woman, and three other men, in front of a farmhouse. A young Dorothy along with Aunt Emily, Uncle Henry, and the hired hands, Charlie realized.

She sat down behind her friend, and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Dorothy stiffened, briefly, and then leaned in, resting her head on Charlie's shoulder. They sat there in silence for a long time before Dorothy fell asleep. Charlie help her lay down before stretching out next to her and pulling out a copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, now that she knew the real story, she could see how proud Frank Baum had been of his daughter.

She stroked a hand over Dorothy's hair, wishing she could take some of the pain away, but knew that Sam was right, she just needed to be there. There would be time to convince Dorothy of how proud her dad was of her later. Right now, she just needed someone and Charlie was determined to be that person.

"Chapter One: The Cyclone,".

The End