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Chapter 91: Wonderful

Rachel finished singing her song for her callback, hoping things would go well. This time, she was doing another song that connected to her roots: Without You. This was her favorite solo she'd ever sang, and she remembered how much Finn had loved it. He'd told her to do something personal, something that defined her - and this was another song like that.

"Thank you," the producer said at the end of the song. "We'll be in touch."

Had this gone well? Would Rachel get the part? As if Finn knew, Rachel's phone went off with a text from him. "How are you?"

"I'm fine," Rachel texted back. "How are you?"

"I'm good," Finn texted. "I wish you were coming to Ohio with Kurt."

Rachel knew that Kurt was coming this weekend for Burt's scans this weekend. "Yeah, I would, but if I end up getting a second callback, I'll need to come in."

"True," Finn texted. "I miss you though."

"I miss you too," Rachel texted. "I'll come visit for a while this summer, okay?"

"Okay," Finn texted back.

Rachel wanted to text that she loved Finn, but she was afraid to. Shortly after, her phone rang again. She picked it up. "Hello?"

"Rachel, this is Sidney Greene, the producer for Funny Girl," the voice said.

"Hi," Rachel said. This was quick...

"I wanted to let you know that you're a finalist," Sidney said. "It's between you and two other girls."

So Rachel had made it to the final three? She couldn't believe it. "Wow, thank you!"

"We might have another callback to see who'd be best, but I want you to know that you are a finalist," Sidney said. "Thank you for trying out."

"Wow, thank you," Rachel said. When she hung up the phone, she wondered who she should tell first that she was a finalist. Then the answer came to her. Mr. Schue had led the glee club for three years, and if it wasn't for him and glee, Rachel wouldn't be here. She picked up the phone and dialed her former teacher's number.

Mr. Schue picked up right away. "Hello?"

"Hey, Mr. Schue, it's Rachel, how are you?" Rachel said.

"Rachel, hey, good. Yeah, just, uh, getting ready for Regionals," Mr. Schue said.

"Well, I wanted you to be the first that I told even before Kurt, before my dads, or even before Finn that I had my callback for Funny Girl this morning..." Rachel began.

"Wait, did you get Fanny Brice?" Mr. Schue exclaimed.

"Not yet, but it's between me and two other girls," Rachel said.

"Oh, that is incredible news, Rachel. You're a shoo-in," Mr. Schue said.

Rachel smiled to herself. "Aw, I just want you to know that if it does happen, it's because of you."

"Well, if, if I contributed even a little bit..." Mr. Schue began.

"Well, you contributed more than a little," Rachel continued. "I sang Don't Stop Believing for my audition, and when I sang it, I thought about that first week that we were all in Glee Club and how amazing we all were together, and it just brought back so many emotions, it made my performance so powerful, and, well, you were the one that put that all together, so..." She heard sneezing. "You okay, Mr. Schue?"

"Yeah, fine, just allergies," Mr. Schue said. "Rachel, I'm so proud of you. You're one of our biggest success stories, and no matter what happens with Funny Girl, I mean, you're in New York, you're living your dream. Not many people can say that."

Mr. Schue was right. Rachel couldn't believe this was really happening. Even if she didn't get the part, she'd made it this far. "I know, it's a special and wonderful thing, so when I'm at Radio City and I'm accepting my Tony Award and I forget to thank you, well, thank you."

"Thank you," Mr. Schue said.


Being on a date with a girl who wasn't Rachel didn't feel right.

Already Finn was beginning to regret saying yes when Penny asked him out. Sure, she was pretty, and she seemed nice, but Finn didn't have real feelings for her. He'd decided to do the date in a town a few miles away, partly because he didn't want to run into anyone who could possibly tell Rachel. Now that he was living on campus, he didn't need to worry about his mom or Burt seeing him with another girl. Puck had been off at a fraternity event, so he didn't risk running into Puck when Penny came to pick him up.

The movie wasn't the best that Finn had seen. After the movie, Finn went to dinner with Penny, and she wouldn't stop talking. "Your high school seems like kind of a mess," Penny said.

"What?" Finn asked.

"So, a student brought a gun to school for protection and it went off?" Penny asked.

Finn didn't know what she was talking about. "Yeah, I heard that a student confessed to Principal Figgins that the gun wasn't Coach Sylvester's. It was hers and Coach Sylvester covered for her. She brought it for protection or something."

Finn didn't know that. "What?"

"Yeah, that's what the nurse told me," Penny continued. "They haven't made any statements yet."

Finn had to admit, this surprised him. Were there any students Coach Sylvester would cover for? Then the answer came to him. Had it been Becky?

"Why are you being so quiet?" Penny asked.

"Oh, no reason," Finn said.

"Okay," Penny said. "So, have you had a girlfriend before?"

Of course she had to ask that. "Yeah, I had two in high school."

"What happened to them?" Penny asked.

"I didn't have real feelings for the one," Finn admitted, not wanting to talk about Rachel. He didn't want to give off the impression that he was still in love with her. Well, he was, but...

"And the other?" Penny asked.

"Well, she and I got really serious," Finn began. "We almost got married. But then she got into her dream school in New York and I didn't want to hold her back, so I let her go."
Penny didn't look sympathetic. "Ah, well she's gone now, so let's just make this official."

She wanted to make things official? They'd only been out once before. "No, I'm not ready yet."

"Because of your ex? She lives in New York!" Penny asked.

Well, yes, that was why, but Finn couldn't say that. "No, I'm just not ready yet. It's the first time I've dated since graduation and..."

"Well, when I saw you, I was like, 'this is the most handsome man I've ever seen.' I don't even care that you're younger. You are so mature for your age and it's cool what you're doing with the glee club," Penny rambled.

"Well, thank you." He was still feeling uncomfortable. "I do have a test tomorrow, so maybe I should get back to my dorm."

Penny looked excited. "I want to see your room."

She wanted to go to his room? He wasn't sure if he liked the idea of that. What if Puck said something? "I don't know."

"Come on! I don't know much about you! I want to see what your life is like."

Maybe she was right. He drove to his dorm room and led her in. Sure enough, Puck was waiting there. "Who's this?" Puck asked.

"Oh, I'm Finn's girlfriend," Penny said.

"We were on a date," Finn admitted.

"Oh really?" Puck asked. "Because just a few weeks ago you were making googly eyes at Rachel at Mr. Schue's..."

This was exactly why Finn didn't want Puck to meet Penny. He had a feeling this would happen. "Puck, stop it!"

Penny looked around the dorm room. "So, is this her?" She pointed a framed photo of Finn and Rachel.

"Yup, that's her!" Puck said.

"She's got a big nose," Penny said.

Finn didn't like that. "No she doesn't! She's a beautiful woman..." Then he realized he was making a mistake.

"Beautiful?" Puck asked. "That's not something to say about another girl in front of your girlfriend."

Finn glared at Puck. He wasn't making this easy. "Penny, I have a really big test tomorrow, I should probably study." That wasn't completely a lie. He had a test tomorrow. He couldn't even go to Burt's appointment because of this test.

"Okay, see you soon," Penny said before leaving.

When Penny was gone, Finn turned to Puck. "Dude, that was totally uncalled for!"

"Well, getting so upset when your girlfriend says your ex has a big nose sounds like someone who isn't completely over his ex!" Puck said.

Of course Finn wasn't over Rachel. But if another girl was interested in him, he might as well take her up on it. "You can't tell anyone about this."

"Because of said ex?" Puck asked.

"I don't want her to get upset," Finn admitted. "And if you tell someone who knows her, she might find out..."

"Do you think it's a good idea to keep something like this a secret?" Puck asked.

"Puck, I don't want to talk about it!" Finn snapped.


Finn finished his math exam before driving to the doctor's office, hoping he'd get there in time. He felt bad that he wouldn't be there for the first part of the appointment, but his professor wouldn't reschedule the test. Since Burt had an early form of cancer, there were just two surgeries that they'd need to do that would (hopefully) get rid of the tumors. If those hadn't worked, more options would need to be explored.

Finn went into the waiting room and saw Burt, Kurt and his mom. "Well..." Finn began.

"It's gone!" Burt said, giving Finn a hug. "I don't have cancer!"

"So the initial surgery was enough?" Finn asked.

"They were!" Burt said. "I'm not even going to have to do chemo!"

"Wow!" Finn said. "I'm so happy."

"Me too!" Kurt said, hugging Finn.

"I'm going to be there to see you two get married and meet your kids!" Burt said.

"Yes you will!" Finn said. Married. He was supposed to be getting married to Rachel. So why was he dating another girl?

"Are you okay, honey?" Carole asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Finn said. He looked at Burt. "I'm just glad he's okay." He couldn't say anything about the girl situation now. Kurt would say something to Rachel.

"Me too," Carole said.

Finn got out his phone and sent a text to Rachel. He knew she'd be happy to hear the news about Burt. "Rachel, we just got back from the appointment. Burt's cancer was removed! No chemo needed!"

Rachel texted back almost right away. "I'm so happy for you guys! I love you and your family :)"

I love you and your family. How Finn wished he could tell her he loved her, too.

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