Chapter 7: Mend

There was no project of course.

Miles couldn't even make up that Zig pushing him against the wall was somehow an anatomy lesson gone interesting. Zig gave him soft, nip-like kisses, before connecting with his lips in rougher, passionate ones.

Zig was tutoring him on the many different varieties of kissing. The dark-haired teen had somehow turned affection into an artform: an dance of connecting lips and interlocking arms.

But Miles had to stop, slightly pushing Zig away. He offered a kind smile.

The bathroom was not the place for this, especially with so few minutes until class. Miles wanted to pretend that he still cared to go on time and not just spend first hour melting into Zig's face. It was ridiculous and amazing.

"I suppose I need to leave you some energy to stay awake for today." Zig smirked at him, delighting in seeing how drained Miles looked from falling into their kisses. The rich teen could barely think straight let alone stand.

"I wouldn't object to having a few more..." His mouth cracked into a grin, slightly mischievous.

"Well, I will not deny that request...especially when I saved you from Miss Maya Matlin."

"Whatever would I have done?" Miles faked a gasp.

"Well, it's not like you would ever kiss her...she's a girl."

"And girls have cooties?" He said with snark.

"Yes. It's a quite serious infestation of cooties going on at Degrassi."

Zig knew just what Miles needed. He didn't always need to brood and take things so seriously: Zig had taught him how to joke. Miles was starting to embrace just living life...and especially enjoying Zig.

"You're like my knight in a shining bio-hazard waste outfit - exterminating the radioactive cooties in Degrassi."

"Well, yes. I'm glad you used the proper, technical term." Zig pretended to give a serious, contemplative face, stoking an imaginary beard on his chin.

"It's definitely what I will be learning about during French today."

"Me saving you from cooties...or just daydreaming about how amazing I am?" They both laughed.

"Someone's humble..." Miles stared again into Zig's eyes. Zig was everything his family and friends weren't lately: he wasn't dramatic. He didn't have to worry with Zig.

The bell rung, drowning out anything that Zig could have said. Miles could already here people ruffling their way to class.

"So...what are you going to do about Maya?" Zig asked, touching his hand.

"I was hoping you could tell me. You knew her before I did..."

"If you still want to be friends with her, try being honest. I really doubt Maya's a homophobe." Once again, Zig tried lightening the situation to comfort him.

"She's only friends with Tristan because of how macho and aggressively straight he is. Think of all the girls...he isn't hooking up with." He snickered.

Miles stepped closer, placing one last kiss before they would see each other again. "Thanks, Zig. I don't know what I'd do without you."

He really didn't know what he would do without Zig. Miles might be fairly awkward, but Zig was brining out the best in him. Miles was becoming more confident and talkative...unless it involved giving up talking for showering Zig in kisses.

Miles just had a good feeling about today.

Miles' classes went by quickly. Even when he had class with Maya, she had ignored him.

He could almost forget about their fight. But things could never be that simple at Degrassi. Maya was only biding her time to deal with him. No one was sitting at his table yet for lunch. Not Tristan, Chewy, or even Zig. Maya was nowhere in sight.

"We need to talk." Maya spoke calmly, but still surprised him by sitting across from him at the table. He had fought back the urge to just jump like a madmen out of his seat.

"You didn't say anything to me today during class." He said dryly. Anger was an easy emotion and he too often felt it around Maya. He needed to be a better man.

"Miles...I didn't feel like I was up for it. What is going on with you?" For the first time, she seemed to care less about their fantasy-relationship and more about him.

He didn't know if he was up for this vulnerability: this incredibly open-talk after their fight this morning. But he spoke regardless, summoning a strength to give his friend respect. "I...I'm sorry."

She didn't say anything, expecting him to continue. "I haven't been honest, Maya."

"It's been kind of obvious." She didn't sound angry, but strangely kind. Did she just joke?

"Has it?" He let out a light laugh.

"Miles, I've known you long enough to see when something's bothering you. You can tell me."

"Can I? I don't know how you'll take it." He remained calm, and she surprisingly did too.

"Miles, what happened with Zig this morning?" She stared at him inquisitively, eyeing his face to find something. Miles didn't think she would guess, especially when he had only recently come to terms with it himself.

"Zig...and I..." He couldn't even say the words; his mouth was choking up on them.

"Miles, what's going on? You can tell me."

"We'" His voice came out in a whisper, but as soon as he said them, Maya's eyes lit up as if he had yelled it.

"What?" The shock had shut down anything she could have said.

"Zig and I are dating." He said it again, more confidentially, looking in her eyes for a reaction. He hoped she would accept and this wouldn't turn into open-brawl in the cafeteria. Miles really didn't know what to expect from her.

"How? When did this happen?" She didn't yell, but there was no hiding the shock on her face.

"Recently. There was a party a while back...which is somehow the last time I've drank in a long while..." Miles tried joking, diffusing the tension.

"And you didn't think to tell anyone?"

"I was scared, Maya. This isn't something my family is going to accept. I didn't know how they would react...or even you. I know how you look at me."

"Miles...I'm not some crazy-fangirl obsessed with dating you." Maya laughed: nothing like anger he expected from her.

Maybe her anger wasn't about him not returning her feelings. Maybe it had never been. Miles had been kind of a jerk lately, ignoring her and his friends for Zig. He needed to take the time to still hang out with them.

"I know...or I should have known. I just didn't want to hurt you by telling you we would never work...but I shouldn't have led you on either."

"You shouldn't have. But that's not a reason for me to hate you."

This time, Miles was the one who was shocked. "Really?"

"I know from Tristan how hard it is to be gay. I wish I would have known sooner...and maybe you're not the only one at fault here."

"What do you mean?"

"I fell for you too hard, Miles. You being nice to me doesn't make a relationship. But, I'm fine with you being gay...I just don't get why and how it's with Zig." She asked him nicely, much more like the friend she used to be.

This was the Maya Matlin he had always liked as a friend. She truly cared: sometimes too strongly, but she cared nonetheless.

"So you're not angry at me? We've had a couple of fights this week."

"I know. But I've gotten over it...I just can't stand to see the people I'm close to hurt. I didn't know how to deal with you becoming an emotional brick wall on me."

"Well, I do have a habit of doing that." Miles joked, saying it in a dry, monotone voice as if he were a brick wall.

"You know what I mean," she laughed. "But how is Zig? I don't get how out of all of the guys here, you're with him."

The question was fair, especially given her history with his boyfriend. She didn't sound hateful, but just perplexed. Even Miles didn't fully know what had happened between her and Zig.

"He brings out the best in me." He didn't know how else to describe Zig.

"You're so cute when you're sappy, Miles."

"I'm not cute," He huffed.

"You so are."

"Zig's the cute one."

"Well, obviously you think he's cute. I doubt you're dating him because you think he's a troll." Maya smiled at him; no longer as nervous as she once was around him. She was trying.

"Are you surprised it's not Tristan...that I'm dating?"

"Yes, because I definitely didn't think Zig swung that way."

"I definitely didn't think I swung that way either."

Everything was still so new to him. Dating girls was an entirely different world than being with Zig. Miles' boyfriend was aggressive yet calming, passionate yet gentle. Zig really was his equal and Miles just liked how they complemented one another.

Maya tried asking, "Is it just Zig or other guys that you like?"

"Zig's enough for me to handle. Almost too much." Miles laughed.

Finally, Zig came with his tray, sitting down by them. He smiled at them, already knowing that Maya and Miles would have made up. He had suspected that they would and was glad to see the two chatting away with each other. If things had gone badly, he would have been prepared to take Miles away.

"Miles said you're too much too handle." Maya said to Zig, quickly turning to see the slight blush forming on Miles' cheeks.

Zig joked back, "If by handle...we mean my kissing...I think I'm not giving him enough."

Maya snickered, once again looking at Miles' face becoming even more red. "I'm not surprised that Miles is so demanding."

"How could I not be with Zig?"

Zig spoke, "True...I am the most handsome, totally awesome dude at Degrassi." Miles just loved the way that Zig would jokingly stroke his own ego. It was cute.

"I don't know Zig..." Maya rolled her eyes. "I think Miles has got you beat in the looks department."

"Yes, he does..." Zig glanced at his boyfriend, loving how easily Miles blushed. Maya just smiled at the two of them.

Things were going to be fine with them. Of course, Miles knew that he had hurt Maya in the past. He definitely shouldn't have ignored her. Despite that, both he and her were willing to move on. Their friendship wasn't that easy to just throw away.

Maya was getting used to the idea of Zig and Miles. She especially loved how easy Miles was to tease now.

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