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Time: A few months after 'Things Change.' Excludes 'Trouble in Tokyo.'

Cinderblock,... Starfire Suggests a Game,... A Plan Backfires,... Happy Birthday,...

Fighting villains wasn't an everyday event for the Teen Titans. The jails did usually managed to hold the various criminals for a few weeks, or even sometimes a month, so on the one day of the year when Beast Boy asked their leader, Boy Wonder, for the day off he usually got it. Unfortunately for him this time around several villains were on the loose, and he'd been denied.

Cinderblock, composed of a huge slab of nearly indestructible concrete, wasn't big on talking. On the other hand his fists were more than able to compensate for that deficiency. Said implements of lethal destruction impacted with a certain cybernetic teen's titanium armor, plainly sending the message 'get lost.' Cyborg went flying, doing serious damage to a brick wall ten feet from where he'd been standing.

"Come on, Beast Boy. Stop playing around." The battered Titan loudly grumbled as he stood, letting a few shattered bricks fall to the ground.

The shape shifter just nodded, and changed into an elephant. His charge didn't do much damage to the rampaging villain, but it did serve the purpose to making him stumble. For a few brief seconds the nearly mindless foe was off-balance, and easy prey for the other Titans.

No longer needing to worry about an attack from their almost unstoppable opponent Cyborg lifted his sonic cannon and fired two shots. Starfire, a little bruised from having been struck with a thrown car, paused to toss down starbolt after starbolt. Robin grabbed several explosive discs from a satchel on his belt and let fly with them. Raven seeming stood on the air, and rained down blasts of dark magic.

The concrete slab shook off the attack, and reached for another car. This one struck the orange-skinned alien as well as she paused too long in her own assault. For all her strength and resilience it left marks on her hands as she raised them to block the heavy projectile. It sent her hurtling backwards for a dozen feet before she managed to stop herself. She grinned determinedly, and raised her hands as she readied herself to throw more starbolts.

"Beast Boy." Their leader growled, as he took a worried glance at Starfire. "Stop messing around."

The shape shifter raced at the villain again with a lumbering gait, smashing his head into what was for all intents and purposes a concrete wall. A sharp pain shot down from his skull and reached all the way to the middle of his back, but this time the charge actually knocked his foe off his feet. The green-skinned Titan stumbled back as the impact caused him to revert to his human form, and then rolled away as several explosive discs missed him by no more than two feet.

The other Titans stuck at the temporarily helpless foe. Beneath the onslaught the concrete slab shuddered, but still regained his footing; it reached for another weapon This time it was a small truck that was sent hurtling into the air, directly at a blue-clad girl. Focusing, she raised a black shield that blocked the attack, though the shock of the impact made her flinch. "Beast Boy." She intoned without anger. She tossed a worried glance his way, having noted that the shape shifter wasn't quite himself.

Momentarily dazed from the pain running from his head and down through his spine, the green Titan struggled to stand. A few seconds later he was an elephant once again. Ramming the stubborn foe caused more agony, but the mountain of concrete stumbled and crashed to the ground a second time.

Starfire, with a concerned look at the shape shifter, raced to point-blank range of Cinderblock and rained down starbolts, obviously trying to do as much damage as she could despite the risk. Raven moved to a position directly over the massive villain and also stuck from a short distance, standing side-by-side with the orange-skinned alien. Cyborg's cannon roared twice more, while several discs soared in with devastating affect.

The shape shifter, once again in his human form, rolled away from the series of explosions striking the struggling pile of concrete. He was relieved when the villain gave up the fight and remained motionless. Reaching up, he felt his head. No concussion. He decided. But it's going to hurt for a while.

"What were you thinking?" Robin demanded, glaring at Beast Boy. The leader's incensed expression faded only for the brief glance he took towards Starfire and her bruises; then he turned his wrathful gaze back to the shape shifter.

"Friend Beast Boy did nothing wrong." Starfire spoke, settling to the ground beside the two. "I was over confident and did not evade as I should have."

"That was his job." Boy Wonder fumed. "To keep Cinderblock occupied so we could focus on attacking. If he'd done that we wouldn't have needed to dodge."

"You are being unfair. He did the best he could." She replied.

"No he didn't. He's done better before, which means this time he wasn't up to par." Robin growled.

The orange-skinned alien frowned. "I am a warrior." She firmly stated, eyes blazing at Boy Wonder. "I know the risks of battle. Do not so belittle me as to think I need you to become overprotective whenever I receive a minor scratch."

"This isn't about you." Robin tried to deny the blazingly obvious reason behind his rage.

"Hrmph." Starfire replied. "It is beneath a true leader to lie."

"Maybe someone should call the police to take Cinderblock away?" Raven intoned. "Unless you want to fight him again." She added impassively.

With a last stare at the green shape shifter, Boy Wonder pulled out his communicator and started making the arrangements.

Beast Boy rubbed his head one last time and sighed. No reason to take it personally. The green-skinned Titan decided. He often gets like that with Starfire. Never allowing her in close, yet always freaking out when she's in danger. Basic psychological response in a lot of animals. He paused. Well except for the never allowing her close part. That makes no sense. Standing, he walked a short distance away from the others and waited for the authorities to arrive.

Raven lifted her hood as her violet eyes followed the shape shifter. Good thing he rolls with the punches so easily. She mused impassively. Still, there's something off about him today. And from the way he's rubbing his head I would say he's the one who got hurt the most.

He didn't raise his head as the blue-clad girl approached him, nor flinch when her cold hand rose to touch his head and traced the line of agony that coursed down his back. For a second he was briefly chilled, and then the pain faded to just a memory. "Thanks." He intoned, trying to smile.

"No problem." She intoned back with the tiniest hint of a frown. Something is definitely not right. A quick glance around told her Robin was okay; Cinderblock hadn't tossed anything at him. Cyborg's damage was mostly scratches to his titanium armor, which she could do nothing about. Starfire, despite having been hit by two tossed cars, had only scratches and bruises which were already healing.

"You okay?" She asked apathetically.

"I'm fine." Beast Boy replied, still staring downward.

Raven nodded, and backed off. The shape shifter had a sixth sense when it came to her moods, knowing when she wanted to be left alone, and when she didn't despite her often sarcastic attitude. Right now she could tell he was upset, though not over Robin; he'd been like this before the fight began. Unfortunately, she still didn't know if he wanted to be left alone or not. With a slight frown she stood a few feet away; far enough to give him some personal space, yet close enough so he would know she was there if he needed her.

With a sigh the shape shifter looked up. "Am I the only one who's wondering how someone like Cinderblock managed to escape? He didn't do it without help, and the one most likely to have broken him out is our favorite villain of the day."

"Slade." The violet-eyed girl intoned. Others might've broken the massive thug free, but only one person made regular use of the dull-witted criminal.

Several hours later, still forbidden to leave due to other potential threats running free in the city, Beast Boy jabbed at buttons on a video game controller. His avatar on the huge display several feet away was taking a severe beating. The robotic avatar of his cybernetic opponent launched mercilessly brutal attacks one after the other, driving through the defenses of a bleeding giant fox equipped in a futuristic looking battle suit. A final blow sent the poor creature to whatever destiny awaited it in its video game afterlife.

"Man, that's the sixth time I've slaughtered you." Cyborg gloated, taking a quick look at his opponent.

"Guess you're just on the top of your game today." Beast Boy replied, not caring. He selected 'yes' from the menu display, and started another game.

Raven looked at the shape shifter from where she was curled up on a couch reading a book. No blaming the controller? Or calling him a cheater? She mused, still sensing the sadness inside of her green-skinned friend. Several seconds later she returned to her book; written in a very old form of latin it was taking some effort to decipher. Once the chatter of the two dueling males would've driven her crazy, but now it usually made her feel like she was home. In fact, it was the lack of remarks from Beast Boy that was bothering her, sending a clear message that something was wrong; she just didn't know what.

Starfire bounced into the room. "Glorious day my good friends." She bubbled enthusiastically. "I have been on the computer studying your strange earth customs."

Everyone in the room froze, holding their breath. When the orange-skinned alien spoke of earth customs things didn't always go well; usually no better than when she spoke of Tamaranean customs or food.

"What is this spinning of the bottle I have just read about." She asked, voice still cheerful. "The game sounds most interesting."

It took Raven and Beast Boy several second to figure what game the orange-skinned alien was talking about. Cyborg seemed to know right away.

"Several people sit in a circle." The cybernetic teen explained. "They spin a bottle, and depending on the rules the spinner has to kiss the person it points to."

"Oh." Starfire seemed lost in thought for a second. The pause did nothing to calm anyone down. "Can we play?" She asked hopefully with her voice bright and cheerful, beaming a hopeful smile at everyone.

"No." Robin stated emphatically. He'd been sitting down studying police reports on how Cinderblock had broken out of jail. That Slade might be involved had him obsessed again, but Starfire suggesting such a game was more than enough to draw his attention.

"Please." The alien exclaimed. She moved with a sudden burst of speed, and wrapped her arms around Raven. "Would it not be fun, friend Raven?" She squealed.

"No." Came the definite reply that was too stunned to be sarcastic. As if I could play such a stupid game without blowing up the tower. The half demon told herself with some anger.

"It could be fun." Cyborg replied with a grin, staring at Robin.

"No." Boy Wonder growled.

Starfire turned to look at Beast Boy. "Wouldn't it be fun?" She appealed to him.

He shrugged. "Maybe." Kissing her would be fun if it didn't mean getting Robin furious at me. As in killing mad. He silently mused. On the other hand if Raven played any price might be worth it. He couldn't resist a glance at the violet-eyed girl out of the corner of his eye.

"Three to two." The jubilant redheaded girl exclaimed. She flew into the kitchen area and returned with a bottle. Sitting on the floor she looked expectantly around.

"No. We are not playing spin the bottle." Robin stated forcefully.

"I'm in." Cyborg said, sitting down across from the girl. He was looking at their leader, obviously just teasing him.

"More would be fun, but two is enough." The orange-skinned alien paused. "I think." She looked up at Beast Boy.

"I'm not sure it's such a goo..." He felt super-strong hands grab him by the shoulders and dump him beside Cyborg.

"That's three." Starfire exclaimed, turning to look at Raven.

"No." There was a hint of sadness in the reply. Normal teens do play such games. The half demon mused, frowning slightly. My emotions are under control. It's not like when I first came here. I don't break stuff anymore. At least not as often. And it's not like I'm interested in any of them. It would be platonic. That would keep the emotional aspect from overwhelming me. She gulped as inside she heard a chorus of voices urging her on. Brave and Affection were all for it, it seemed. Happy was beyond enthusiastic. Even Timid was pondering on the question, clearly wanting to play but afraid. Knowledge was curious. Rage was just shocked at the concept, but didn't seem opposed. Usually she needed to meditate, or be in Nevermore, to hear her emoticlones so clearly, but at the moment they were shouting their opinions at her.

"Not a real game." She found herself suggesting. "How about we substitute a peck on the cheek for kissing."

The orange-skinned alien frowned. "Would that still be the spinning of the bottle?" She asked.

"It would be." Robin replied with a sigh of relief, still obviously reluctant, but willing to take the least of two evils.

Beast Boy suppressed a smile, knowing Starfire had forced the team leader's hand. If he hadn't agree she would've just started spinning and kissing people at random. With a mental shrug he pushed the thought aside, and wondered what had forced Raven's hand. That she hadn't just teleported herself to her room was ... He didn't know what to think. But that he might get even a peck on the cheek from her, or have to give her one, had changed the whole day from one of gloom to one of excitement.

What am I doing? The violet-haired girl thought, struggling to suppress the panic that threatened to overwhelm her. Rising she took sat on the ground beside the thrilled orange-skinned alien. But I can do this. I've hugged them, and a peck on the cheek isn't much more than that. In fact it's less. Hugging requires more physical contact than just a couple of square inches of skin on someone's cheek. Confident she could handle it, she waited for the game to begin.

Boy Wonder unwillingly walked over and sat on the floor. "Okay." He gulped with a look of panic. "But just pecks on the cheek." He told Starfire.

The girl nodded and eagerly spun the bottle. It whirled around at least two to three hundred times, wearing a spot on the hard metal floor, before slowing to point at Robin who looked relieved.

"Friend Robin." She exclaimed, clearly happy it was him, and quickly leaned over to rest her lips on his cheek for perhaps two seconds. She sat back with a huge smile on her face. Her eyes were practically glowing.

She probably rigged this just to get a chance to kiss him. Beast Boy mused. For that matter, I wonder what's wrong with him that he doesn't return her affection? He's obviously in love with her. So why keep his distance?

Robin spun the bottle and it pointed to Raven who gulped, turning a bright red.

I can do this. She told herself, focusing on remaining calm. I can do this. She repeated, focusing on her breathing. In a second it was over. He'd leaned over and gently kissed her cheek, and nothing had exploded. She gave a sigh of relief. Just platonic. The violet-eyed girl told herself. But after it's over you can say you did something normal teens do. With another gulp she reached down and gave the bottle a spin. It pointed to Cyborg. Taking a deep breath, she leaned over and silently chanted her mantra as her lips closed on his cheek. Her attention entirely on meditating, she managed it without blowing up the tower. Sitting back, she gave the tiniest hint of a smile, proud of herself.

Cyborg spun the bottle and it pointed to Starfire who blushed while her eyes lit up eagerly. In a second, with no hesitation at all, it was over.

The orange-skinned alien, still beaming, reached down and spun the bottle. It pointed at Beast Boy who gulped nervously.

"Enough." Robin said, obvious unable to take any more after seeing the girl he was in love with, even if he rarely showed it, already get one peck of the cheek from a guy. Trembling, he pulled Starfire to her feet. "I need to talk some business over with you privately." He stated in a voice that spoke of barely controlled rage.

The shape shifter frowned, and spun the bottle with a shrug. The only other girl left was Raven, and it pointed directly at her.

"Guess the game is over." The half demon hurriedly stood and walked out the door. As it closed behind her she felt a burst of emotion that ripped through the controls she usually had in place to block her empathic senses. Anger, sadness, regret, longing, jealousy, ... They stuck her with overwhelming force, causing her to stumble. Beast Boy. She thought, turning around stunned to stare at the closed door.

He picked up the bottle and walked over to a garbage can. Holding it above the container he gave a gentle squeeze, and it shattered. Stupid game. He fumed, as his ears twitched.

"Did you see the look on the poor guy's face." Cyborg spoke to Robin who hadn't pulled Starfire very far.

"I did." Boy Wonder's voice held a hint of amusement. "I feel sorry for him, but I'm still going to rub it in his face."

"Me too." Cyborg replied. "Couldn't have pulled a better prank than if I've planned it."

The two of them gave a little laugh.

The shape shifter frowned. So they think it's funny. Well, I guess it is. Still, anger blossomed in him, and he felt little desire to control it.

Raven gasped. With the controls gone she could sense not just Beast Boy's emotions but everyone's. There was gloating from Robin and Cyborg. Immediately the sadness of the shape shifter became mostly anger that burned like a raging fire, causing her to wonder how he could contain it. In a panic, as it threatened her own discipline, she teleported to her room and sat. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos." She calmly intoned, levitating into the air.

An hour later she settled down, sitting cross-legged on her bed to think about Beast Boy. He was having a bad day, and then the game for some reason cheered him up. The half demon decided. Not sure why. The kisses were just on the cheek, and were platonic. I should've just finished the game and let him give me that last one. She mused. Should've, but it's too late. If I offer to do it now he might take it the wrong way.

Her controls weren't perfect and when she touched people she could feel their emotions. Beast Boy always took her sarcastic attitude in stride, and never let it get under his skin. That was something she appreciated and made him the one she felt the closest to. They were all like brothers to her, but he was the one who understood her the best. The one who knew when to bother her, and when to leave her alone; the only one willing to face her wrath and approach her on a casual basis. When Trigon had been defeated she'd hugged Robin, and had felt what he'd been feeling at the time. He would die to protect her, but then he would do that for anyone, even a villain. Beast Boy, on the other hand, had hugged her. From that time on she'd known he wouldn't just give his life to keep her safe, he would gladly do so because he saw her as more than just a person; he saw her as a friend. That, to put it bluntly, had blown her away.

The violet-eyed girl thought of the gloating sensation she'd felt from the other two. They're going to tease him about being the only one left out. That she knew. And he heard it. Those ears of his. Anger stirred in her at Robin and Cyborg, and it took her a few minutes to regain her calm. Not fair. She decided, still not sure why it meant such a big deal to him, or what to do about it. Closing her eyes she tried to sense him, only to find he was gone from the tower.

Joy is the very basis of his being. Nothing gets him down for long. The violet-eyed empath decided. He'll be back to his normal self tomorrow. If not ... She still didn't know what to do. She might be better around people than when she'd first become a Titan, but she was definitely not a people person. I'll talk to him then. He was, after all, her best friend.

Beast Boy stared at the shattered remains of the bottle, wondering when his feelings for Raven had changed. Despite thinking she was creepy he'd thought of her as a friend from the day they'd met. She'd put herself at risk to help a stranger. An orange-skinned girl from another world. If that didn't show her worth as a person, and of being a friend, then he didn't know what would. When he and Cyborg had entered her mirror and visited Nevermore he'd seen a part of who she truly was. At that point he'd considered her more than just a friend; she'd become a good friend.

Frowning, still staring at the garbage without his eyes actually focusing on it, he wondered when the crush had begun. It was around the time they'd met Kole and Gnarrk at the polar ice cap. Kole had claimed Gnarrk's wasn't so good around people from the upper world, and he'd claimed the same about Raven. Her eyes had glowed white and ... He shrugged. At that point, seeing her there like that, he'd known she was suppressing a smile and something in him had changed. There'd always been some attraction; she was after all a cute girl. However it'd never any different than seeing any other pretty girl. After that he'd taken a really good look at her. She was smart, and her sarcastic humor was strangely enticing. That she cared about people was undeniable; she was, after all, willing to die to protect them. She'd proven that.

With a sigh the shape shifter turned away from the garbage can, trying to suppress his anger. He was, he realized, nowhere near her level. She was smart and pretty with a sense of humor. He was short and green with fangs. He had no chance. So what do you do when you're rejected like that. The green-skinned boy wondered. And what is kissing like? As if I will ever know.

Dressing in regular clothing. Jeans and sneakers, along with a hooded pullover, he left the tower to tour the streets. For a while he wandered, not having any specific place to go. Sometimes he took on the form of a bird and flew, just observing the people below. Usually that calmed him, but today it failed. Watching an intersection, one person in particular caught his attention; a woman and what she was was obvious. With the eyes of an eagle he saw her roam the streets, trying to pick up guys.

A thought passed through his mind, and while he didn't particularly care for it, he was still intrigued. Sort of cute, and willing to have sex for money. The shape shifter gave it some thought. Sex wasn't something he was ready for and he knew it. But kissing on the other hand ... Wouldn't someone willing to take cash for sex be also willing to give just a single kiss for cash? Beast Boy pondered. He landed around a hundred feet from her and returned to his human form, all the while wondering how to approach her.

In the end he just pushed his fear to one side, much like with fighting a villain, and walked up to her. Her eyes tracked him, and noted he was approaching her. In Jump City the odds of him being a mugger were pretty much zero. A certain shape shifter with the eyes of an eagle saw to that.

"Hi." The nervous boy gulped, his face hidden by his hood.

"Hi." Came the amused response. "From the voice I guessing you're not all that old." She pondered aloud, tilting her head to better look at him.

He shrugged. "Not old enough, true. But I was wondering if just a kiss would be okay?" He gulped again, trying to keep the nervous tone to a minimum.

The woman, probably around twenty, gave a small laugh. "Not quite what people usually ask for, but sure." She smiled.

"How much?" Beast Boy managed to ask with another gulp, needing to take a deep breath to calm himself.

"Say a dollar, since it's just a kiss." The woman replied, obviously humoring him.

He fumbled with the money, the gloves he usually wore along with his nervousness making him clumsy.

The woman's eyes opened wider, and she stared at his hand. While fumbling with the money his sleeves had pulled up high enough to show the green skin of his arm.

"Disease." The woman frowned, suddenly frightened as she backed away. "Stay away." She ordered. Turning, she ran.

The shape shifter didn't bother to chase after her to explain, or even yell. She was terrified, and he had no plans to make it any worse for her. He stared at the green skin. What did you expect? He asked himself. You're green for crying out loud. He returned the money to his pants pocket, and resumed the form of an eagle. Wings grabbing for the air he soon soared half-a-mile above the city. In a swoop, he headed back to the tower.

It was just twenty minutes later that the alarm brought him running, along with the rest of the Titans, to the commons room.

"No villain this time." Robin explained. "But just a short while ago a woman encountered a guy trying to pick up women at 22nd Alvard Street. According to her he was dressed in faded blue jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. He was this high." Their leader raised his hand to indicate height.

"Pimps we handle sometimes." Cyborg pointed out. "But why just a guy trying to pick up women?"

"According to the woman he looked like he had some disease. We don't want him infecting anyone."

Beast Boy frowned, realizing he was about to scour the city looking for himself. He could confess, but that would give them all the more reason to mock him. Better to just pretend to search, and in a way it would be pay-back. Their night ruined in return for their laugh at him.

Raven, feeling the shock from Beast Boy, looked at him. He was gone from the tower at the time. She mused, thinking. And those are the sort of clothes he wears when outside pretending to be just a normal citizen. The height was a bit too high, but if the woman was frightened she might've imagined him to be taller than he really is. With a suspicious feeling, she decided it might've been him; having been rejected at the tower, he'd sought out some stranger who would give him a kiss, or more, for money. And the green skin would be seen as a sign of disease among street workers who would be paranoid about such stuff. The why of it still confused her, but he wasn't speaking up and even she wasn't willing to embarrass him over something like this; almost anything else, but not this.

"I'll scan from the air." The shape shifter said. "I'll also look for any muggers."

Soon Beast Boy was soaring above the city again, alone with his thoughts. That didn't work out quite as planned. He mused. Below the city was well-lit, and he could see everything. Well, almost everything. At a mile above ground level he could look for several miles in any direction. With his eagle eyes he could see a person from three or four miles. It was what made muggers in the city so rare. Sure Starfire and Raven could fly, but without the sight he had anything on the ground was just small ants to them, if that. Cyborg and Robin were ground-bound, and for all intents and purposes might as well have been blind.

One randomly picked night a week was all it took. He would soar over the city for several hours. Buildings might hide some spots, but eventually he would pass over them and see what there was to see. It took all of two minutes to swoop down, club a would be thief as a bear, and get back into the air. At first there'd been hundreds each night, but slowly it'd decreased. Now on any given night, in an entire city of two million people, there might be a single mugging.

It was the same with drugs. His senses as a bear exceeded that of any bloodhound. He could smell almost any narcotic from a mile, and pick out a buyer from a dealer by the amount they carried. Anyone that came to Jump City to deal drugs never lasted more than a week. The buyers he ignored, knowing they weren't a problem without a source.

Soaring he sighed, realizing his night was ruined as well. Rather than sleeping he would be patrolling. Better that than being found out. He decided, and scoured the ground, planning to at least make the night a productive one.

Four hours later their leader called off the search, and he returned to the tower. He'd caught two muggers.

Wearily he stood in front of a mirror, scrutinizing the image closely. The green skin. The pointed ears. The fangs. The claws. Definitely not human. "Happy Birthday, Garfield Logan." He said. "Rest in peace Mark and Marie and Garfield." He calmly added.

Lying back on his bed he thought about his parents. After half a life time, even if it was still a young life, he'd forgotten more about them than he could actually recall. One lesson though had stuck in his head. 'Live each day to its fullest.' In Africa they'd been geneticists, and he'd seen nature in all it natural glory. Not just the cute looking animals, but the brutal lives they lived. A lioness could have as many as forty cubs during her life. Obviously if populations were to remain stable the vast majority of them died before reaching adulthood. Even the so called masters of the wild were subject to the harsh realities of the jungle. He'd learned early just how short and precious life was.

'Embrace each day as if it were your last. Laugh and smile." His mother had told him repeatedly. 'Never waste time on being sad.'

'Be thankful for each day.' His father had told him. 'Cherish those close to you, and enjoy each moment with them.'

Sometime it was hard, but that was all that he really had left of his parents. That advice, and the few precious moments that he could still remember. He'd loved them back then, and had been cherished in return. So he did his best to follow their guidance.

The shape shifter settled down to sleep, determined that tomorrow would be a bright new day. But, something inside him was gone; the hope he'd always carried no longer filled him. He could see the future. Robin and Starfire would be a couple. Cyborg would find someone as would Raven. But who would look at a green mutant with claws and fangs as anything but an animal; a creature less than human. Friends he might have, but never anything beyond that. Sadness filled him, and as he fell in a deep sleep he dreamed of the day he'd died and been remade; the day of his eight birthday The day his parents had died and left him behind as something that would forever be alone. Tears poured down his cheeks.

End of Chapter.

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