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"...Abraham and Issac, Joseph and his brothers, Moses and his mother, Ruth and Naomi, all examples of what it means to have supportive families." Reverend Camden was speaking to his congregation on a typical Sunday morning. Perhaps the best example of this can be seen with Mary and Joseph. Being told she would be with child before she even wed, this put Joseph in a difficult predicament. Still, he stuck with Mary, and she gave birth to the greatest gift of all. In today's world, it's easy to be distracted by just about anything, which results in less time with our families. Both men and women spend hours at work. Kids would rather spend hours playing video games and spending time on social media than sit around the dining table or go out on outings with their parents. Relationships with those living outside of house seem more important than ones with those that live in the house. More and more time is spent away from our loved ones, and once they're gone, you can't get them back..." Reverend Camden stopped, looking as if he was in deep thought. Cherish those around you, and build memories that last a lifetime. Playing a game of Monopoly may not seem as significant as giving birth to our Lord and Savior, but that doesn't mean it isn't important. Families can take time to listen, give us a shoulder to cry on, and provide comfort when we need it most. I encourage you as you leave, take some time to tell you families you love them. You never know...when it's the last time.

7th Heaven,
When I see their happy faces smilin' back at me,
7th heaven,
I know there's no greater feel in' than the love of family.
Where can you go,
When The world don't treat you right?
The answer is home,
That's the one place that you'll find
7th heaven.
7th Heaven.
7th heaven.

It was a typical Sunday afternoon at the Camden house. Various family members had been in and out of the house for lunch, some were watching the football game in the living room, and others were out taking a walk. Annie was cleaning up the kitchen by washing dishes and putting leftovers into the refrigerator.

"Need a hand?" Eric said as he walked in.

"Sure. Boring game?"

"It's the Bills. They're always boring," he said as he began rinsing pots and pans.

"Aw. That really was a moving message this morning."


"Yeah. It makes me only wish I said more to my mother and father after I moved out."

"Yeah well, I was hoping that it could be used to have our kids come around and talk more."

"They're all busy Eric, you know that. They've got their own problems, and their own families."

"Yeah, well not all of them."

"You mean the boys? They're at a rough age, and they only just started high school. What about you Eric?"

"What about me? I'm no longer trying to find myself."

"I was referring to Julie." She paused. Eric's younger sister had died several months earlier of leukemia. She had left behind two children and her husband.

"Julie? I told you before Annie, I'm fine."

"Eric, I know you say that, but you still haven't talked to anybody, you haven't talked to me-"

"Annie, I'm okay! Just staying busy helps! I think I'm going to take a walk." Annie was worried. Ever since Julie passed, her husband had tried to stay strong, for Hank, for his niece and nephew, and for his parents. Still, Annie could tell he was still hiding his pain inside.

"Oh okay. Would you like for me to go with you?"

"No, no, I'm-I'll just be back."


"I bet twenty bucks that Buffalo fumbles this half," Matt said looking at the television screen.

"Yeah, well the Raiders are so bad that I bet that they score a safety against themselves," Kevin answered. They both then looked over at Carlos.

"Don't look at me. I don't follow football. Using deductive reasoning, however, I would say that they both stink."

"True...but the Raiders are WAY worse than the Bills," Kevin answered.

"Ha the Bills only WISH they could score a touchdown!"

"Here we go again," Carlos sighed.

"You're not SERIOUSLY arguing about which team is worse, are you?!" Lucy said, suddenly appearing with Mary.

"Again," Mary said, "And the Raiders are worse."

"Told ya!" Kevin exclaimed.

"You're ridiculous!" Lucy said, "Look at you relaxed here, while my feet are the size of clown shoes! I swear, walking should be illegal for pregnant women, and I'm only 20 weeks!"

"Sorry babe, it's not like I made you go on a walk."

"Where are they kids?" Mary asked.

"Playing outside," Carlos answered.

"Well, I think we should go, the girls still need to practice their spelling words."


"I just want to get home and into a bubble bath. And maybe a foot massage later?" Lucy asked.

"You got it," Kevin answered. "You coming Matt?"

"Nah, Sarah's delivering a baby right now, so I have only time to waste."

"We find out the sex of the babies tomorrow," Lucy said, "Do you want to come?" she asked Mary.

"I do, but you know, work."

"Right. I forget weekdays you're busy all day. You coming Kevin?"

"Yup! Later Matt! Don't cry too hard when Oakland loses!"

"Haha. Funny!"

Reverend Camden is seen staring into space. It is revealed to be a cemetery, and in front of him is a gravestone.

Julie Camden Hastings.

Beloved Daughter, Sister, and Mother.


Eric places a yellow daffodil on her gravestone before proceeding to sit down, deep in thought.

Matt is seen once again watching the game.

"TOUCHDOWN! No...fumble...he's right, Oakland does stink." Matt is then interrupted when is phone rings. "Hello, Mrs. Gold. Uh huh. How far apart are they. Yep, looks like we're ready to rock and roll. I'll be right there!"

"Hey Mom," Matt said walking into the kitchen, "Once of my patients is having a baby a few weeks early, and Sarah's away on another call. Would you mind watching the boys for awhile."

"Sure. Not a problem."

"Thanks. Just keep an eye on Isaac. Lately, ever since he last visited the dentist, he likes to try and bite everybody."

"Yeah, okay. Matt, has your father called you by any chance?"

"No, why, is he not here?"

"No, he went on a walk a long time ago and hasn't come back. Have you heard from Simon today?"

"No, I was wondering if you had."

"Hmm, I just want to know he's okay."

"Yeah, me too."