A Lewd New World

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WARNING: This fanfic depicts activities of an adult nature between characters who would be minors in the real world. The author of this fic does not endorse such things being done by minors in real life, and in fact strongly discourages minors from reading this, and also from participating in any and all such activities until they are at the age of majority/consent as defined in the laws or customs of their state or principality.

(a bit of first-person occhin weirdness)

"Occhin! Occhin, dear! You're going to be late if you don't hurry up!"

I could hear my mom's voice, and the sound of her knuckles rapping against the frame of my bedroom door rouse me from a pleasant dream. I become aware of a warm light bleeding through my closed eyelids. The sun's rays fall across my face, making my cheeks feel hot and tingly.

Blearily, I blindly raise a hand to cover my face, before blinking weakly against the sunlight. In the second it takes me to regain control of my limbs after that period of heavy somnolence, I am able to take a mental inventory of my members and their condition.

I feel the small callous of a mostly-healed cut on my ring finger, and the slightest tickle of a small scrape on my knee brushing against the coarse linen of my winter sleepwear. Together with the faintly gurgling ache of an empty stomach, those were the only points of note in my whole body.

Yawning softly, I rub the crust from my eyes and shift into an upright position in my futon. I pull the blanket aside and swing my slim, pale legs off of my bed roll.

"Orochiko! Your teammates are already here!"

This time it's my other mother who's speaking. Her voice tells of slight exasperation, and I know the source immediately.

"Yacchan... don't be such a nuisance, darn you..." I mutter, knowing that my troublesome comrade wouldn't actually be able to hear me from where I am. Louder, though, I say to mother, "Yes, yes! I'm coming."

I get up from my futon. Not sparing the surroundings of my small, sparsely furnished bedroom more than a cursory glance, I grab a clean change of clothes and quickly get dressed. If my team is already here, then I don't have time to bathe properly. I do, however, take a moment to dart into the bathroom and give my hair a quick rinse.

Water is still dripping from my hair when I meet up with Yacchan and Tsuttan.

Occhin cooed, and she wiggled her hips. She could feel Naruto's tongue inside her pussy, the blond attentively licking the silky folds of her cunt. Her belly was aching exquisitely as Naruto swirled his tongue around inside of her, tracing the contours of the snake idol's blossom.

The deceptively childish-looking kunoichi was straddling Naruto's face. Her pert round buttocks bounced delightfully up and down just the slightest bit as she mashed her lips against his. Her hands were at the nubs of her breasts, small and nimble fingers deftly teasing at the adorable peaks of her nipples.

Naruto was eating Occhin out, pleasuring the lusty slip of a lass without the slightest ounce of hesitation. His lips smacked wetly, noisily against Orochiko's soft, parted labia. He tasted the sweet tang of her nectar.

His tongue switched back and forth, up and down inside of Occhin. He kissed her cunt lewdly, drank her juices greedily. The walls of her vagina shivered and clenched time and again, and she came on his face multiple times over the course of their session.

Her cunt was both tight and juicy. Naruto could tell that much with just his tongue. He did not doubt that intercourse with Occhin would be an ungodly pleasurable experience, and his cock twinged gleefully in the soft and sensual coils of this kinky little kunoichi's tongue.

Damn... I thought Pervy Babe had been exaggerating about that... Naruto thought, feeling a piece of himself drift away into a land of milk and honey. But this girl's tongue really is the most unbelievable thing!

Naruto's cock shivered, throbbing mightily as Occhin licked every inch of it (and then some) all at once. Even as he bathed his tongue in the juices of Occhin's hot lolita pussy, Naruto could feel her tongue swirling back and forth over his great, rigid length. Her tongue was long enough to dwarf Naruto's cock, and she applied every last inch of it to pleasuring the blue-eyed man.

Naruto groaned into Occhin's pussy, squeezing her soft thighs tightly in his hands. He held the girl by her thighs, pinching and kneading the soft, smooth, alabaster skin between his tanned, calloused fingers. He pulled on Occhin's legs, mashing her cunt all the more tightly against his lips.

"Is this... a man's ability?" cooed Occhin lustily, her blushing petite figure draped lewdly over Naruto's firm, muscular torso. Her body writhed with obvious pleasure, her cheeks ruddy and her breath heavy. Despite her tongue lolling out of her mouth, she spoke with perfect clarity. "Or Naruto's alone?"

Occhin ground the stiff peaks of her nipples against Naruto's rock hard body, moaning shamelessly. Her hands migrated to the blond's ass, slipping beneath his firm cheeks to fondle them wonderingly, curiously. She groped the firm muscle and taut skin, massaging her slim little fingers deep into the tissue of Naruto's buttocks.

Naruto could not answer coherently, with his face buried in Occhin's cunt. So he settled for lightly nibbling her clitoris, causing the lass to squeal and come.

"Ohhhhhhhh❤" Occhin gasped. She shuddered, feeling her womanhood all but explode over Naruto's face. He fondled her thighs delightfully, lapping up her nectar, and Occhin just about lost it, he was making her come so easily.

Then she felt Naruto's penis twitch forebodingly in the grip of her tongue, and suddenly it was coated in a cornucopia of salty, manly goodness.

Occhin moaned delightedly.

Naruto grinned, and he removed Occhin's crotch from his lips at last.

"You know," he said casually, "me and my team came here on a mission."

Occhin hummed pleasantly, shifting her feather-light weight off of Naruto's body. She uncoiled her tongue from the blond's cock, slowly slurping up the man's delicious, gooey mess. Her serpentine yellow eyes glinted in Naruto's direction, the light of a contented smile gleaming within their depths.

"You want information on Akatsuki, right?" the lass hummed, somehow managing to talk coherently even with a mouth full of sticky jinchuuriki spunk.

Naruto chuckled wryly, and he sat up in the bed.

"Yeah, that's right," he said. "What, were you spying on us?" he joked.

Occhin laughed.

"No, no," she said, waving a hand dismissively. "Nothing like that."

She tilted her head back, and Naruto heard her audibly gulp, her throat twitching as it carried the blond's most recent load down the crafty kunoichi's esophagus. Occhin licked her lips, then, tracing her tongue over a single cutely protruding fang. She gave Naruto a playful wink.

"I just put two and two together," she chirped, by way of explanation. "I know Yacchan from cover to cover. I can read her like an open book❤"

Our bosoms mash together, hands traveling greedily over one another's bodies. Fire consumes our flesh, our tongues intertwining and passionately wrestling. We kiss deeply, hot and hungry.

I feel her hands upon my buttocks, grasping and testing them like melons in a market. She judges the heft and shape of my buttocks, massaging soft flesh with a loving attentiveness. Her body is hot and delightful against my own, eliciting an exquisitely torturous ache in my loins.

Our curves meld together, legs tangling. Arms embrace me from behind, a bosom to equal my own pressing into my upper back.

A medic's capable hands move to my bosom, fondling and exploring them. Long, slender figures dig furrows into yielding ivory flesh. My chest tightens, and I feel the sensations shooting through me from my breasts. A shiver shoots down my arching spine. Goosebumps spread across my skin.

Soft, full lips pucker up against the sensitive lobe of my ear. A tongue flits out, tickling me,tasting me.

"You look so fine today, Occhin," the husky voice whispers into my ear.

It's Tsuttan.

A smile curves my lips against Yacchan's, my tongue slavering lustily against Miraiya's. The soaking fires of my loins intensify the slightest bit more, a twisting and throbbing ache of pure carnal longing.

My eyes meet Yacchan's, and I see the glint in them. I perceive her every thought unfolding before my glance, as if for the sole benefit of my perusal.

Even before she speaks, I know what she is going to say.

"She's not the only one, Princess❤"

Naruto chuckled.

"Fair enough," he said. "It's the same way with me and Sasuki-chan."

He gave Occhin a rakish grin, and a roguish wink.

"Miraiya-sensei can't wait to make up for lost time," he added slyly, waggling his eyebrows suggestively. "And it really says something about how strongly she feels for you, when her usual preferences are..."

Occhin giggled. The sound of it was musical and soft, like the burbling of newly thawed brook in early spring. She stood up on the bed, spinning playfully and striding up to Naruto's chest level.

The petite lolita bent over, smiling cutely at the blond. She brought her arms together beneath a nearly flat, undeveloped chest.

"Yacchan is such a perv!" she tittered. "Always going on about boobs and butts and sex. But I guess that's just what I like about her❤"

She winked, and planted the softest of kisses on Naruto's cheek.

Despite himself, Naruto blushed a little bit at the feeling of Occhin's lips brushing against his whisker markings. They were soft and warm, and the sensation of that excitingly chaste peck sent pleasant tingles all throughout his body.

"Yeah..." he murmured, smiling a little bit at Occhin as she pulled back from her playful smooch. "That's what makes her so fun to be around."

His penis twitched a little, a number of very dirty images flashing through the blond's mind.

Occhin met his eyes with a knowing smirk, and she crinkled her eyes in a grin. She snapped back into an upright position, hopping once on the bed and beaming at the blond. She held her hands behind her back and wiggled her toes excitedly.

"But I bet you get that kind of perverted attention no matter who you're with," she posed slyly. "Since you're the only man alive, and all! You probably get all the pussy you could ever want just walking down the street❤"

Naruto's blush deepened, and he laughed sheepishly.

"Pretty much!" he said. "Haha, and it's pretty much my responsibility to give it to 'em, too."

"What an enviable kind of responsibility you have~" Occhin teased.

She hopped off of the bed, landing with her feet squarely on the floor. Her back was to Naruto, initially, and he took the opportunity to appreciate the view of her lovely little rump. Occhin wiggled her hips playfully, feeling Naruto's gaze on her posterior, and she hopped three times in place before turning to face him once more.

Naruto's erection was not flagging in the least, and he grinned at the kunoichi cum pop idol.

"Too true," he said. "My life rocks!" He gave Occhin a suggestive wink and did a cocky pelvic thrust from where he lay on the bed, having long forgotten any lingering compunctions he may have had regarding the woman's childlike appearance. "...Buuut even if sticking it to anyone who asks is my favorite responsibility, it isn't the only one I have."

Occhin nodded, understanding immediately without any need of further explanation.

"You want to know what intel I have on Akatsuki," she said, smiling mischievously. "Fair enough. They ARE quite interested in you. I'm sure Pain-chan wouldn't mind little ol' Occhin giving away some info for free."

Naruto grinned.

"Thanks!" he said. "That's a real help."

Occhin giggled.

"Don't thank me yet, Naruto-kun❤" she cooed. Her eyes glinted with a wicked light. "Not until you've heard what I had to say."

She proceeded to form the handseals for a summoning jutsu. There was a puff of smoke, and a pair of girls whom Naruto recognized as the gate guards from earlier appeared before him.

"Kin-chan, Saku-chan!" Occhin chirped, greeting the pair of Sound kunoichi. "So happy to see you❤"

Kin, the one with the long hair and generous figure, blushed and bowed low before Orochiko. Saku, the one with the short, spiked hair and more tomboyish figure, glanced sidelong at Naruto, drooling more than just a little to see his godly erection unsheathed.

"You summoned us, Occhin-sama?" said Kin obeisantly, not leaving her bow.

"I did," said Occhin with a girlish giggle, nodding and rocking on the balls of her feet. "I've got some very tedious things to talk about with my guest, so I'd like the two of you to entertain him while we talk❤"

This snapped Kin up and out of her bow, and her eyes immediately cast themselves aside to zero in on Naruto's cock. She blushed deeper at the sight of it, and felt herself grow wet when she saw Saku lunge face-first into the blond's lap.

Kin bowed once more to Occhin, filled with giddy excitement and overwhelming gratitude. She wagged her hips side to side for Naruto, and it overjoyed her to feel his eyes on her ass, bare as it was.

"Thank you so much, Occhin-sama!" she exclaimed. "We will not disappoint you!"

And with that said, Kin immediately got up on the bed and sat herself down on Naruto's lap. The tip of his member slid easily into a soaking wet pussy, and Kin eagerly probed herself with the blond's cock.

Saku, meanwhile, had a mouthful of Naruto's balls, and was zealously tasting the base of his manhood. It was no easy feat for the latter Oto kunoichi to breath with both of the Konoha jinchuuriki's testicles in her mouth, but she made it work through sheer force of lust.

Naruto grunted in satisfaction as Kin ground her cunt up and down on his cock while Saku suckled his sweaty balls. Occhin smiled, seeing how obedient her followers were, and proceeded promptly to the matter of business at hand.

"Well, I'm sure you know the basics of what Akatsuki is," said Occhin, feeling her mind wander a little as she watched the two chuunin gladly debase themselves for her and Naruto. "So I won't bother you with exposition on their nature or goals. You just want to know where to find them, after all. Isn't that right?"

Naruto nodded, unable to form much in the way of words at the moment. He bucked his hips and fondled Kin's tits, fucking the girl vigorously while Saku spit-shined his balls.

"Unfortunately, I can't direct you to the leader," said Occhin, "because I don't know where they might be. I do, however, have pretty good info on where you can find the other members, and you can always interrogate them, if you need to. Personally, I would suggest starting with my old partner."

She produced a scroll, seemingly from thin air, and handed it to Naruto. The blond grabbed it tightly, coming into Kin with a lusty groan right as the parchment touched his fingertips.

Kin squealed, and she fell gracelessly off of Naruto's dick. His seed dribbled from her blossom. Saku saw this, and she sprang on her teammate's pussy with a greedy, ravenous leer. She ate Kin out, enthusiastically lapping up Naruto's most appetizing ejaculate.

Occhin licked her lips, watching this. And so did Naruto.

"This have the information we need?" Naruto asked Occhin, rather distracted by Kin and Saku's spectacle.

"Everything that's important."

Naruto cracked a grin, and he raked his eyes up and down Occhin's naked body.

"Let's catch back up with the others," he growled suggestively, getting up out of the bed. Absentmindedly forming a half dozen shadow clones with the task of showing Kin and Saku his gratitude, Naruto let Occhin lead him to the others.

She held his dick to guide him.

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